5 Ways to Upload Photos and Videos on Instagram via PC

5 Ways to Upload Photos and Videos on Instagram via PC. Instagram is a social networking site for sharing photos and videos owned by Facebook company. Social media Instagram is very popular with young people because of the various advantages it has.

Sophisticated smartphone users with both Android and iOS operating systems are familiar with the Instagram application.

Used by various groups, ranging from students, unemployed to officials and top world artists. Not only on smartphones, IG can also be accessed via a PC or computer or laptop.

Upload Photos on Instagram, Via PC, Desktop etc

1. How to Upload Photos on Instagram from the Desktop

Based on a screenshot shared by Matt Namara.

Here's how to upload photos and videos from your desktop to Instagram.

  1. Click the “+” sign that will appear in the top right bar along with Home, Direct Messages and so on.
  2. Select photos and videos to upload from the user's computer.
  3. users can change and select the desired filter, there is also an option to disable comments.
  4. Upload to Instagram.

This feature cannot be used to upload photos and videos to Stories or Reels. Because this feature has not been issued to all Instagram users. At the time of testing, this feature was not yet available on the author's desktop.

Because this feature is reportedly still in the testing phase, it is likely that a lot of changes will occur when this feature is officially launched for users.

2. How to Upload Photos on Instagram PC Through the Web for Instagram Application

The first is to use an extension in the Chrome browser, namely Web for Instagram.

Here's how to upload Instagram PC photos with Web for Instagram

  1. Open Application Browser, use the latest Chrome browser.
  2. Then you have to install the Web for Instagram extension on your chrome.
  3. Then log in to the Instagram application.
  4. Then you click the "Upload" menu then navigate to the photo with the format. JPG in storage or hard drive.
  5. Furthermore, to upload photos on IG on a PC, it can also be used to view Instagram stories.

3. How to Upload Photos on Instagram Using the Gramblr Application

Here's how to upload photos on Instagram PC with Gramblr:

  1. If you don't have the Gramblr application, please download it first.
  2. Then you install it on your PC or laptop.
  3. After that, you first create a Gramblr account and enter a valid Instagram account username and password
  4. If you have done the instructions above, then you are free to upload Instagram video photos from your PC or laptop.
  5. Then upload.

4. How to Upload Photos on Instagram from a Windows PC

How to upload photos on Instagram via a Windows PC is divided into two, namely how to upload photos on Instagram from a PC using Bluestacks and how to upload photos on Instagram from a PC on Google Chrome.

How to upload photos on Instagram from PC using Bluestacks

Basically, Instagram can be used on both smartphones and PCs. It's just that there are some drawbacks when using a PC, one of which is not being able to upload photos, you can only interact in the comments column.

However, by using the Bluestacks application, you may be able to run mobile applications, such as Instagram, on a PC with a Windows or MAC operating system more quickly. With Bluestacks, you can upload photos and even upload videos to Instagram using a PC.

Here's how to upload video photos to Instagram

  1. First Install Bluestacks on PC.
  2. Login Bluestacks using google account.
  3. Next, install the Instagram application into Bluestacks. You do this by opening the Google Play application. Store in Bluestacks, then find the Instagram application and download it, wait until the installation process is complete.
  4. Login to Instagram using your account.
  5. then you can upload photos and videos on Instagram via PC.

How to Upload Photos on Instagram from a PC in Google Chrome

You can upload photos and videos using Google Chrome or without using the application at all. This method is very easy and you don't need to install other applications or software.
Google Chrome can be used on a PC with any operating system, both windows and MAC.

Here are the steps for Uploading Photos on Instagram from a PC on Google Chrome:

  1. On the Google Chrome Browser, you open Instagram.com, log in using your account.
  2. After that, press Ctrl + Shift + I, after that a SideBar will appear to the right of the Browser.
  3. Press the “toggle device toolbar” icon (with a tablet and smartphone icon).
  4. Next, on the drop-down menu, change to "responsive" with any smartphone device.
  5. Reload Browser by pressing the circular arrow icon located at the top left of the "Tab".
  6. After carrying out these steps, you can already see Instagram on the PC that you are using, there are buttons for uploading photos and videos.

5. How to upload photos on Instagram from a PC in Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox has been known since 2002 or 18 years to be precise, and was created by Blake Aaron Ross, who was 19 years old at that time.

Initially the name used was just Mozilla. After his colleague named Dave Hyatt joined, the name Mozilla was added to become Mozilla Firefox.

This browser is also compatible for PCs with Windows, MAC, and LINUX operating systems. This browser also consists of 90 language options, which can be selected and used, according to needs. To open and post photos as well as videos use Mozilla Firefox on PC.

Steps to use Mozilla Firefox on PC:

  1. Enter the Instagram account that you open in Mozilla Firefox
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+I, then press the “responsive design mode” icon
  3. In the dropdown menu, select the smartphone device you are using
  4. The final step, reload the Mozilla Firefox browser
  5. Now you can upload photos and videos via Mozilla Firefox like on a smartphone.
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