5 Applications to Check Body Temperature on Iphone (iOS)

5 Applications to Check Body Temperature on Iphone (iOS) – A thermometer as a tool to find out body temperature, which is quite expensive. However, there is a way to use the Iphone application. Here are some body temperature measurement programs that can be an alternative:

List of Applications to Check Body Temperature on Iphone:

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Fever Tracker

Body temperature measurement application as the most referenced. The argument is quite strong because Fever Tracker is made by a team of highly credible doctors.

Fever Tracker allows the wearer to accurately measure body temperature in Celsius or Farenhait units.

Thermo – Smart Fever Management

Similar to Fever Tracker, Thermo – Smart Fever Management offers a real-time body temperature measurement feature on mobile phones.

This program works by connecting to a Wifi or Bluetooth network. Not only calculating body temperature, Thermo – Smart Fever Management can also monitor health if someone feels certain symptoms.


Extend Your Mobile, Experience the World. ICelsius is a temperature probe that turns your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch into a digital thermometer.

IMPORTANT – Requires separate hardware available from http://www.icelsius.com to operate. Application can work in base model if no probe is connected.

Compatible with both wired and wireless (Wi-Fi) iCelsius probes!

The current app downloaded from the App store will read the temperature, create graphs and set alerts.
Please visit www.icelsius.com for more information!

A stainless steel guide makes it possible to measure the temperature of liquids such as baby formulations, cooking ingredients, wines, teas, household appliances and hundreds of other applications.

It can also be used in schools or for science teaching, for equipment calibration, food quality control, cold chain control.

This app is continuously being improved based on user input.


• Live View – displays useful temperature data in one shot
• Graphics – with touch pan and zoom support
• Siren – Generates a siren when the temperature is outside the configurable limits (low and/or high).
• Snapshot Record – Ability to record single readings along with titles, images and notes.
• Continuous Record – Capable of continuously recording readings as well as adding notes, taking pictures and unpinning charts.
• History – Access all your past notes.
• Recipes – For cooking and barbecue, select preset recipes or create your own.

check body temperature via hp iphone



The thermometer shows the current outdoor temperature, humidity and pressure based on your position. It gets weather data from the nearest weather station.

You can move between degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit and select a position on the map.

Real Thermometer

Are you still worried about not knowing the temperature index? This program can instantly turn your cellphone into a good thermometer!

Are you still worried about not knowing the temperature index? This program can instantly turn your cellphone into a good thermometer! Let you keep track of the ambient temperature, feel like and real-time weather conditions!


  • Simple interface, clear picture
  • The default GPS locates the current position, but manually select another area to see the weather and temperature
  • Automatically shows temperature for the whole day, current temperature, body temperature, no need to refresh
  • Support Fahrenheit temperature and Celsius temperature selection
  • Supports three skin options, there's always one you like
  • Advertising support, can be increased to versus advertising

Check Body Temperature With Iphone

5 This program can be used to calculate a person's body temperature, as a form of anticipation to be free from fever. By using an infrared (IR) sensor, the thermometer in the program can identify and calculate body temperature starting from -20 degrees Celsius to 100 degrees Celsius.

Although not as accurate as a thermal scanner, the feature of testing body temperature via the IR sensor is considered to be able to make it easier to detect signs of fever in a user.

Those are 5 applications on iPhone that can be installed to check body temperature online."

Check Body Temperature Through an Iphone Cellphone

Ever wanted to calculate body temperature but didn't have a thermometer? Now if you are an iPhone HP user, then going through the 5 applications above can be a recommendation.

The way to use it is quite easy and concise, you don't need to attach it to your limbs, you just have to point to the infrared side because it will take out a temperature gauge and tell you if you really have a high fever.

Not only can you check body temperature, this application can measure any objects around you, even room temperature.

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