Download Interesting Birthday Greeting Application on Android – In this article we will discuss about birthday wishes app which you can use to congratulate friends, girlfriends, or family.

The birthday greeting application is perfect for you to use so that your birthday wishes are not just ordinary words.

With the many applications available along with their features, it's guaranteed that you won't run out of ideas for making birthday greetings.

About the Birthday Wishes Application

The birthday greeting application is an application that allows you to send birthday greetings virtually.

The birthday greeting application really helps you to send birthday wishes easily and quickly, without having to bother making birthday cards or sending them manually.

You can add text, images and designs to personalize the greeting card, then send it to friends or family via the app or email.

Advantages of using the Birthday Greeting Application

Below are some of the advantages that you can get from the birthday greeting application, namely:

  1. The advantage is saving time and effort
  2. Makes it easy to customize birthday greetings
  3. Can be accessed anytime and anywhere
  4. Economical and highly efficient

Tips for Using the Birthday Greeting Application

Here are the tips you need to follow to make your birthday greetings more interesting, namely:

  1. Create a unique and interesting birthday greeting
  2. Use the appropriate background color and font
  3. Add a photo to make the birthday greeting even better
  4. Send your birthday wishes in a timely manner

Interesting Birthday Greeting Application List

With various kinds of birthday greeting applications, now you will no longer run out of ideas to give birthday greetings to friends, spouse or family.

Here's a list of interesting birthday greeting apps:

1. Canva

Application NameCanva: Design, Photos and Videos
Need Android version6.0 and up
Download size26MB
Released date27 Nov 2017
Updated onJan. 24, 2023
DownloadsClick here

Of course you are no stranger to the Canva application, this application is indeed very popular. Apart from making CVs, posters and more, you can also make birthday greeting cards here.

You also don't need to worry about what kind of design you want to make later, because Canva has provided various greeting card layouts that you can choose as you wish.

But if you have the desire to design it yourself, you can also design it easily in this application.

2. Postagrams

Application NamePostagram
Need Android version8.0 and up
Download size174MB
Released dateJun 9, 2011
Updated on31 Dec 2022
DownloadsClick here

In this application, you can change photos from social media such as Facebook, Instagram applications or through your photo album and then edit them on Postagram with good quality.

Every card you use, you can complete with photos and messages filled with 140 characters.

3. TouchNote

Application NameTouchNote: Gifts & Cards
Need Android version5.0 and up
Download size68MB
Released dateJun 21, 2010
Updated onJan. 24, 2023
DevelopersTouchNote Ltd
DownloadsClick here

The next application is TouchNote which you can use to open birthday greeting cards. You can download this application on your cellphone Android and iOS.

By using this application you can use your own photo as a basis or background to make a birthday greeting card.

In this application there are also several filters that can make your birthday greeting card even more interesting and good that you can customize yourself.

4. Greeting Cards app: All Occasions Greeting

App nameGreeting Cards All Occasions
Need Android version5.0 and up
Download size19MB
Released date20 Dec 2015
Updated onJan. 11, 2023
DownloadsClick here

By using this application, you can add photos and text to the birthday greeting cards that you want to use.

There are tons of templates that you can use apart from making birthday greetings, such as making greetings for holidays, new year's, and so on.

5. Ink Cards

Application NameInk Cards
Need Android version8.0 and up
Download size162MB
Released date25 Jul 2017
Updated onJan. 20, 2023
DownloadsClick here

The last birthday greeting application is Ink Card, you can use this application on Android or iOS devices which are equipped with 500 attractive templates that you can use.

So that with these various templates and designs you can make a variety of birthday greeting cards according to your wishes.

Best Types of Birthday Greeting Cards

If you want to give a practical birthday card, you can buy it directly through the stationery shop or gift kit.

But you need to know there are several types of greeting cards that you can choose from, namely:

1. Pop Up Cards

This birthday card is a card that when opened will present a pop up image which of course gives a very luxurious impression.

The pop up image can also be displayed in 3D, so that the recipient can feel a more real impression.

2. Tag Cards

You often find this Tag Card greeting card on the identity of clothing or goods being sold, and it turns out that you can also use this tag as a greeting card, you know.

This card is perfect for those of you who want to put a birthday card in a gift, using this card tag is very practical because you only need to attach it to the wrapped gift.

Card tags can also be hung using small chains, ribbons or can also be attached directly to the outside of the gift.

Having many types of shapes, colors, and designs makes tag cards popular. Because you only need to adjust to the character of the recipient of the gift.

3. Acrylic Birthday Card

You may already be familiar with Acrylic materials, which are usually used for storage of makeup or other items.

And now you can use it as a birthday greeting, which usually makes this type of greeting card made to order.

But you also need to pay more attention to details if you want to use a birthday card from Acrylic, because Acrylic material breaks easily so be careful.

The method that you can use to keep your words from Acrylic safe during the delivery process is to use bubble wrap so that Acrylic can be kept safe.

4. Dried Flower Cards

The last type is the Dried Flower Card, if the birthday person is a special person this card is perfect for you to use.

On the cover of this card there are also dried flowers which make this greeting card even more special and very romantic.

Usually the choice of customized flowers is also very diverse, such as white edelweiss, wheat flour, natural caspea, and others.

The choice of flowers is usually random, depending on the stock available. Another alternative that you can do is use your own dried flowers and attach them to the greeting cards you use.


The birthday greeting application really helps you to send birthday wishes easily and quickly, without having to bother making birthday cards or sending them manually.

Thus the information about downloading an interesting birthday greeting application on Android, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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