10 Best Money Making Video Watching Apps for Android and iOS

Rancakmedia.com – Did you know that currently exists video watching app who can make extra money for you? By watching selected videos, completing tasks to watching advertisements, you can make money.

Getting money from the internet is indeed quite popular and continues to grow, even now there are applications for watching videos to get money that you can use for free and use is not difficult.

Each money-making application has a different work system, such as answering surveys, honing IQ, playing games and watching short videos to make money.

The rewards you get from making money are also not half-hearted, starting from tens of thousands, even if you're lucky, you can get millions of rupiah from just one application.

Only to get rewards or money from the application requires a process to be able to withdraw.

Recommended Applications for Watching Videos Get Money 2023

Actually there are lots of video watching applications that you can use, but not all applications are proven to pay for their users.

The following are video watching applications that you can use that have been proven to pay and are widely used by many people, including:

1. TikTok (Android and iOS)

TikTok is one of the most popular social media platforms today and is widely used by content creators and businesses to reach many visitors.

Moreover, the algorithm system in this application is quite interesting because it can direct your content to FYP.

Currently the best money-making video viewing application goes to the TikTok application, where you can get money from watching short videos starting from Rp. 50,000 up to Rp. 1,000,000 per day.

The working system of your TikTok application is that you have to collect coins with various missions such as watching videos and getting the most coins, namely from the invite friends system.

Coin rewards from inviting friends for each account are different and the most get up to Rp. 72,000/person.

Just don't enter right away because the friends you invite must actively watch short videos on TikTok for about 1 month.

The more videos that are successfully watched, the more coins you will get. And from these coins you can exchange them into money.

There are 3 payment methods in the TikTok application, namely using the GoPay digital wallet, DANA and then using a bank account.

2.Snack Video (Android)

Snack Video is a platform similar to TikTok, this application can display short videos with interesting content.

Users can earn money just by watching videos from content creators that appear on the homepage on various topics.

Apart from that, you can also earn money by providing links, inviting people, or following other account profiles.

3. MyBeb

MyBeb is an application for watching videos originating from the nation's children, namely the country of Indonesia which is highly recommended for use, as well as to support local product creations made by the nation's children.

Besides being able to make money and channel hobbies on social media, with MyBeb users can get lots of new friends, even like credit or free e-money.

MyBeb is a social media innovation that provides many prizes for its users. Thus providing a pleasant and profitable experience for the users.

Various features are available in this application, starting from uploading photos and videos, liking, commenting, and getting prizes for every post that appears. Apart from watching videos, you can also get prizes just by inviting friends.

4. Helo (Android and iOS)

Helo is quite an interesting money-making platform through missions or tasks that users have to complete.

The more tasks completed, the more coins you will get. Which means more money is generated from exchanging those coins.

How to make money through the Helo application is quite easy and can be done anywhere without having to leave the house.

You can earn money by watching videos or inviting friends. The fee that you will get can be Rp. 62,000 if you manage to invite one friend to install Helo.

5. LikeIt Lite (Android)

Applications for watching videos like LikeIt Lite can be a solution for those who want to earn extra money in a practical way.

This platform is still relatively new, having only been released in early May last year. After you download this application, you can take advantage of features that can make money.

How to get money from this application is also very easy, that is, you only need to watch videos, like the videos you see, and watch video content creators.

Each task that you successfully complete will be assessed with 5,000 to 10,000 coins which can later be exchanged for a DANA or GoPay balance.

6. BuzzGo

The BuzzGo application is also an alternative as a money-making application which is very easy to use.

You only need to read the news available in this application, be it in the form of article or video content.

This is perfect for those of you who like to read news or watch videos. This application provides an opportunity for Smartphone users to earn additional income very practically.

Only by registering with me you will get a prize of 20,000 coins. You can also do the missions that have been provided and get bonuses that can be withdrawn via DANA, OVO, and others.

7. Vidkas

Vidkas is a money-making video viewing app that offers content in the form of high-quality videos and memes across many categories.

You can not only use this application as a means of entertainment, but to get additional income very quickly and practically.

To be able to get coins which can later be exchanged for FUND balances for free, you can do some of the missions provided.

The mission starts from watching videos, inviting friends, checking in, wheel of fortune and so on. You can download this application for free without being charged.

8. VideoBuddy (Android and iOS)

VideoBuddy is money making app through a video download service that is watched over the internet. In this application, there are features that make it easier to complete missions to make money.

Users can also search for videos with the desired quality. VideoBuddy also has the uniqueness of not displaying ads so users won't be disturbed while watching videos.

9. VidNow (Android)

VidNow is a money-making application that is viral and is claimed to be able to make money in a fast time.

This application was just released in early 2021, users can earn money by completing the missions or tasks that have been provided.

For each task that has been successfully completed, the user will receive a prize in the form of a coin that can be exchanged for cash.

Disbursement can be done using a digital wallet or e-wallet such as DANA. The minimum value of money that can be disbursed is if it reaches Rp. 250,000.

10. VidStatus (Android)

The next video viewing application recommendation is VidStatus. You can use this application to get additional income quickly and easily.

The way this application works is very simple and can be done anywhere, even if only from home and while there is a smartphone and internet connection.

Users earn money while watching status videos. The status videos that appear in this application are the statuses of the people in your WhatsApp contacts.

If you successfully complete tasks and missions to completion, rewards will be given to users in the form of coins.

Apart from that, you can also get an additional reward of Rp. 20,000 if you manage to invite friends to play on VidStatus.


Actually there are lots of video watching applications that you can use, but not all applications are proven to pay for their users, above we have provided applications that are trusted and proven to pay,

That's information about the best money-making video watching application for Android and iOS, I hope the articles we provide above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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