How To Make Shortcuts On iPhone To Save Time – Most iPhone users are looking for how to create shortcuts on iPhone which is useful for increasing work efficiency in a simple and effective way.

In this article we will provide a complete guide on how to create shortcuts and show how these shortcuts can help you increase productivity and efficiency in your work.

Before we discuss it in detail, you need to know what a shortcut is first, watch it until it's finished.

What is a Shortcut

The shortcut app is a software used to create and manage shortcuts on your computer or mobile device.

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The shortcuts application can be used to add new shortcuts, change default shortcuts, or manage existing shortcuts.

Shortcut applications can be used for different types of software or applications, such as document creation software, graphic design software, or programming software.

Shortcut apps can help you execute the same action more quickly and efficiently than having to click on the same menu or icon over and over again.

Shortcuts application can also be used to set global shortcuts on the computer, which means you can set the same shortcut to use for different types of applications or software.

Some shortcut apps also allow you to create custom shortcuts for specific apps or even to manage shortcuts created by other apps.

Shortcut apps can help you increase your efficiency and productivity, but it's important to learn how to use them properly and understand the context in which they're used.

Because of this, it's best to read the documentation or help of the shortcut application used before starting to use it.

Types of Shortcuts on iPhone

Below are several types of shortcuts on the iPhone that you need to know, namely:

  1. Keyboard Shortcuts: Shortcuts used by pressing keys on the virtual keyboard, such as Cmd+C to copy text or Cmd+Tab to switch applications. This can be used in applications that have cut, copy, and paste features.
  2. Siri shortcuts: Shortcuts used to execute voice commands through Siri, such as “Hey Siri, open the calendar app.” These shortcuts allow users to control their device with their voice, such as opening an app or sending a message.
  3. Accessibility Shortcuts: Shortcuts used to execute commands that may assist users with disabilities, such as “triple click home button” to enable VoiceOver.
  4. These shortcuts allow users with physical limitations to easily control the device.
  5. Shortcut Shortcuts: Shortcuts that users can create themselves through the Shortcut application, which can be used to execute various actions such as opening an application or sending a message.

Shortcuts function on iPhone

The function of the shortcuts on the iPhone is to make it easier and more efficient to access and control the device. Shortcuts can be used to execute various actions, such as:

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  1. Quickly open applications or menus
  2. Copy, paste and delete text
  3. Resize or position windows
  4. Enable or disable features such as wifi, bluetooth or light screen
  5. Control devices with voice commands via Siri
  6. Assist users with physical limitations by enabling accessibility features such as VoiceOver or Zoom
  7. Make frequently performed actions faster and more efficient by creating custom shortcuts with the Shortcut application.

How to Create Shortcuts on iPhone

To create a shortcut on an iPhone device, make sure that your device is running on at least iOS 13. A special shortcut application has been provided by Apple by default on the device.

However, if you experience problems with the application, you can uninstall the application first, and download it again through the App Store.

Here's how to create shortcuts on iPhone that you can do, namely:

  1. Open the shortcut application on your iPhone
  2. Then tap the + button on the top right corner of the screen
  3. Then press add action to select the action you want to perform
  4. Now that your iPhone has displayed a list of available apps and actions, it will also suggest some actions based on your iPhone user
  5. Next the app will display the selected action on the new shortcut screen
  6. You can also change your chosen action by tapping on one of the highlighted actions
  7. You can press the + button to add another action, it's important to note that by default, your previous action will appear on the screen. But you can see all the available actions by tapping the close button
  8. Then when you're done with the action you want, you can test your workflow by pressing the play button
  9. Then tap next and enter a name for your custom link
  10. Then hit done to save the shortcut

Saved shortcuts will appear in the My Shortcuts section in the Shortcuts app. You can also duplicate saved shortcuts or delete them with a long press gesture on a particular shortcut.

You can also rearrange shortcuts to organize them according to your priorities. You can also bring a shortcut to the widget for easy access directly from the home screen.

Apple also allows you to share your favorite shortcuts with anyone to allow users to use the same automated workflow on their iPhone devices without having to manually add another step.

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Tips for Creating Web Shortcuts on iPhone

Not only how to create shortcuts on iPhone devices, you can also create web shortcuts on these devices.

This is useful for creating shortcuts on frequently visited web pages, such as websites or blogs.

To create a web shortcut, first open the web page for which you want to create a shortcut. Then select the sharing button and select the Add to Home Screen option.

Next, you can type the desired shortcut name and press the Add button. Shortcuts have been created and can be used to easily open those web pages.

Apart from that, there are also several sites like Shortcut and Shortcut Subreddit or Shortcut Gallery which provide various useful shortcuts to use.

Therefore, start to think about your daily tasks and look for shortcuts that can help you streamline your time and work.

Tips for Making Shortcuts on the Keyboard

The way to create shortcuts on the iPhone keyboard is quite different from the other ways, so it's important to understand how to set shortcuts on these devices.

The following is a guide for creating shortcuts on the iPhone keyboard, namely:

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  1. The first step is to open the settings or settings on your iPhone device
  2. Then select General and select the keyboard option
  3. After that, select shortcuts and select the + sign to add a new shortcut
  4. Next, type the sentence you want to create a shortcut for in the Phrase box and type the desired shortcut code
  5. Then return to the shortcuts menu to ensure that the new shortcut has been added to the shortcut list
  6. If so, then the shortcut is ready to use


A shortcut application is a piece of software used to create and manage shortcuts on a computer or mobile device.

That's information about how to create shortcuts on iPhone to save time, I hope the article we provide above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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