What is a Moonton Account in Mobile Legends and how to fully activate it

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Mobile Legends has a special feature that you can use to save the game account. This link can also prevent and protect accounts from irresponsible people.

What is a Moonton Account

Moonton is a mobile game company founded in 2014 in Shanghai, China. The company is known for developing very popular games.

Games that have been developed by Moonton are Mobile Legends: Bang Bang, Magic Rush: Heroes, and Legacy of Discord – Furious Wings.

What is a Moonton Account
What is a Moonton Account (Source: Pandhuya Niking via unsplash)

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a very popular MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game in China and around the world, and has become one of the best-selling mobile games on Google Play and the App Store.

Moonton also continues to develop new games and become one of the leading companies in China.

The moonton account is an account that you can connect with a Mobile Legends account after Facebook, Google Play and also VK accounts.

Benefits of Creating a Moonton Account

Below are some of the benefits of creating a Moonton account that you can get, as follows:

  1. You can play moonton games
  2. You can access special features in the Moonton game, such as buying items or inviting friends
  3. Can save game progress and manage account settings
  4. Can connect with other social media accounts
  5. Then you can take part in events and competitions held by Moonton
  6. You can also access the moonton game on all devices or computers
  7. You can use special features that are only available to users who have a Moonton account, such as character personalization features or communication features with friends
  8. Finally, you can enjoy a safer and more secure gaming experience from hacker attacks by securing your Moonton account in the right way

How to Register for a Moonton Account

Below this rancakmedia.com have summarized how to register for a moonton account that you can do, as follows:

  1. First, open your Mobile Legends application
  2. Wait until the loading process is complete
  3. If so, open your Mobile Legends profile in the upper left corner
  4. Then click the account settings menu or account settings
  5. After that press the login button on the existing account
  6. Click and hold on the moonton account
  7. After that, wait until a form appears that you can fill in completely
  8. Then enter your Gmail account that is still active
  9. If you have entered your password with a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters along with numbers
  10. After that, confirm again by entering the password that you created 2 times
  11. When finished, click the send button
  12. Then open your Gmail account
  13. Check the message that just came in
  14. Select the email message that has been sent by Moonton
  15. Then hit the activate now button
  16. Wait a few moments for the notification process to be carried out
  17. Make sure your moonton account has been successfully verified
  18. If so, then your moon account registration has been completed

How to Activate a Moonton Account to Mobile Legends Bang Bang

After you have successfully activated the moonton account, you can link your moonton account to Mobile Legends so that the two accounts are mutually connected and users can use it when they want to play it.

How to Activate a Moonton Account to Mobile Legends Bang Bang
How to Activate Moonton Account to Mobile Legends Bang Bang (Source: RODNAE Productions via canva)

Here are the steps you can use to activate a Moonton account:

  1. First open your Mobile Legends application
  2. After that, open a Mobile Legends account in the top left corner
  3. Then click the account settings menu or account settings
  4. After that press the button on link account
  5. If you have selected the moonton account menu
  6. Next, you will be asked to enter the email address and password that you created earlier
  7. Click on the sign-in menu
  8. Then log back into Mobile Legends
  9. And after that the moonton and Mobile Legends accounts will be successfully connected

How to Unbind Moonton and Mobile Legends Accounts

You can do this when you want to disturb your cellphone or other things so that the data on your game isn't lost.

Here's how to unbind Moonton and Mobile Legends accounts:

  1. Open your cellphone settings menu
  2. Select an application that is already installed
  3. Enter the Mobile Legends application, Google Play Services, and Google Play Games
  4. Then click the clear cache menu to delete all previous functions
  5. Clear cache again for the three files because they can open Mobile Legends
  6. Then make a nickname on the Mobile Legends account
  7. The Mobile Legends account has been successfully unbind from the moonton account

Benefits of Binding Mobile Legends and Moonton Accounts

Lots of gamers recommend just using a Moonton account. Of course this has its reasons, especially when it comes to secure data storage.

The Mobile Legends game that you are playing actually has stored various kinds of data, starting from skins, ratings and so on.

By registering a Moonton account, it is felt necessary to connect it with Mobile Legends so that all data storage remains safe.

Benefits of Binding Mobile Legends and Moonton Accounts

Actually the main function is to prevent data loss even if you reset the cellphone.

Of course, no one can control something like this because it is related to physical damage to the cellphone or system failure.

The Risk of Not Unbinding a Moonton Account

Actually everything is related to registering, associating and untying the data depending on the wishes and needs of each.

The risk that you get if you don't break the link between the two is that it doesn't have a big impact on HP devices, especially in terms of memory maintenance.

But it's a different matter if the cellphone has changed hands, for example because you sold it because it wasn't very large unbind.

Apart from that, it is also at risk of being very detrimental to the owner if this really happens.

Considering all levels of wealth such as heroes, skills, and others, it is quite difficult to build a Mobile Legends game.

If you don't want to give it to other people, then you can unbind it and it's actually not that profitable for users to do.

How to Change Moonton Account Password

The password for an account is very important, so you have to compose a combination of uppercase and lowercase letters and several numbers.

However, not a few of them also sometimes forget the password combination they made, so they need to follow several ways to change the password or password.

Here's how to change your Moonton account password that you can try, namely:

How to Change Moonton Account Password

  1. Open your Mobile Legends application
  2. Then click on the profile menu
  3. After that open the menu settings I or account settings
  4. If you have clicked on the change account menu and change account
  5. Choose on a moonton account
  6. Click the forgot password button
  7. Enter the same email in the two fields provided
  8. Then click the Submit button
  9. Next, double-check the contact information for your email refill
  10. Click the link to change the password if necessary
  11. Then select the change now menu
  12. Next, enter your new password
  13. Then click the confirm menu


Moonton is a mobile game company founded in 2014 in Shanghai, China. The company is known for developing very popular games.

This is information about what a moonton account is in Mobile Legends and how to fully activate it, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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