5 Online Video Editing Applications, Suitable For Beginners

Rancakmedia.com – Online video editing application suitable for beginners. Nowadays many people make videos to upload to social media. It's no wonder that more and more online video editing applications appear.

The application is easy to access and use so it is friendly for beginners. Making videos is now even easier. You can use the gadget's camera to record videos.

To make it more interesting, you can download an online video editing application. Profession video editing even easier and faster. Can be done in one gadget, without having to move the image.

Online Video Editing Application Recommendations

Of course, editing simple videos can be done by anyone and anywhere. You don't have to be a great video editor.

For beginners, it is recommended to choose a video editing application that is easy to use and user-friendly. So, here we recommend the best online video editing application that is friendly for beginners

Online Video Editing Application Recommendations

Video editing activity is indeed addictive. Especially for beginners who are learning, definitely curious to try the tools and features that are in video editing application On line.

Are you still confused about the best application? Here are the recommendations:

1. FilmMaker Pro

Suitable for novice users, aka non-professionals. Even though it has the name 'pro', users can still use various features.

There are various fonts, filters, sound editing, trim or cut videos, funny animations, and add or remove pictures, and so on.

If you download an online video editing application for free, not all features can be enjoyed. In addition, the video that you make will be coated with a watermark.

But if you are curious, you can try the trial option. If it is suitable and according to your needs, you may use the subscription version.

Application NameFilmmaker Pro - Video Maker &
Need Android version5.0 and up
Download size86MB
Released dateSept. 3, 2020
Updated onSept. 3, 2020
DevelopersSquare Camera Shop
DownloadsClick here

2. InShot

Want to make short videos for social media? You can use the Inshot application. This online video app is user friendly. Suitable for use by beginners.

There is a built-in canvas size suitable for uploading to IGTV or Tiktok. Inshot is very easy to use.

You can import, trim and edit videos. Apart from that, you can also add filters, stickers, captions, emojis, and other fun features.

Video Shows

Of course there is also free music and sound effects that can be used. You can use this application for free.

It's just that there are ads that appear when you are editing a video and there is a watermark on it videos.

You can remove ads and watermarks if you use a subscription app. The monthly fee is quite affordable and pocket-friendly.

Application NameInShot - Music Video Editor
Need Android version6.0 and up
Download size74MB
Released date5 Mar 2014
Updated onJan. 6, 2023
DevelopersInShot Video Editor
DownloadsClick here

3. VivaVideo

You can also select videos. This video editing app is easy to use and beginner friendly. We can combine video clips in just a few steps.

This free app includes hundreds of special effects, stickers, filters, animated clips and subtitles. You are free to edit videos into shareable content.

VivaVideo features slow or fast motion controls. There's a choice of nine custom lenses, a library of background music, and a variety of collage templates.

Interestingly, you can share videos with other VivaVideo users around the world. This means that your work can be seen by more than 200 million VivaVideo users.

Application NameVivaVideo: Video Editing Application
Need Android version5.0 and up
Download size134MB
Released date21 Mar 2013
Updated onJan. 17, 2023
DevelopersQuVideo Inc. Video Editor & Video Maker App
DownloadsClick here

4. Video shows

The next recommendation is VideoShow, a very beginner-friendly video editing application.

This application has a variety of tools, visual effects, GIFs, stickers, music, photo filters, sound effects, and live sound editing.

To make you more proficient, VideoShow presents more than 50 video themes and 30 filters. There are hundreds of legal music that can be downloaded for free.

FilmMaker Pro

You can also compress videos easily. You can also adjust the appearance of the video for Instagram or other social media that requires a special size.

Application NameVideoShow - Music Video Editor
Version9.8.9 rc
Need Android version5.0 and up
Download sizeDownload size
Released date31 Aug 2013
Updated on4 Jan 2023
DevelopersVIDEOSHOW Video Editor & Video Maker LTD.
DownloadsClick here

5. WeVideo

You don't have to be a professional to edit videos using WeVideo. WeVideo's developers simplify its use.

WeVideo gives beginners the opportunity to become professional editors. There are various creative elements, such as text, cast, and motion effects that can be used.

You are free to be creative and use the various features available. You can also save your work in the cloud and continue it on other devices.

If you use the paid version of WeVideo, you will get access to more complete features and legal music that you can use.

Whereas if you use the free version there will be a watermark on the video and need to be updated regularly to maximize the available features.

If you want to subscribe, the rates are not too high. Still affordable to pay every month. You interested?

Application NameWeVideo Video Editor & Maker
Need Android version4.4 and up
Released dateJan. 12, 2022
Updated onJan. 12, 2022
DevelopersWeVideo Inc.
DownloadsClick here

Just by using a smartphone various simple videos go viral. Videographers ranging from amateurs to professionals now carry pocket film studios.

So, that's a brief review regarding the best online video editing application. You can download it on Android smartphones, iPhones and iPads. Good luck!



Downloading videos is the process of transferring video files from internet sources or other media to a computer, tablet or mobile device. This allows users to store and watch videos offline without having to be connected to the internet.

Only by using the application that we provide above, your video which started out was just simple, now you can modify it to become an interesting video.

Thus information about 5 online video editing applications that are suitable for beginners, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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