Homesafe Apk Trackview Mod and Original Versions for Family Safety – Homesafe Apk comes as a solution to various problems related to tracking. Especially the people closest to you to make sure they are safe wherever they are. With this application, it will certainly make it easier for you to track the whereabouts of the smartphone of the person you are looking for.

As long as they carry their smartphone, you can find out the person's whereabouts during that time. But apparently not only that, with Homesafe Apk you can also monitor targets being tracked via video. So we know how things are, with whom, are you in a safe position or not, and so on.

So wherever you are you can continue to monitor. Of course this will be very useful for those of you who still have toddlers who still really need parental supervision even though there is a baby sitter at home.

Even with you who often work out of town and are forced to leave the children at home. To find out much deeper about this application, let's peel it one by one.

What is Homesafe Apk

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From the name alone, you can actually guess that this is an application for safety. Concerning the people you care about, whether it's the closest people or family members. There are two versions, namely the Mod version and the official version issued by TrackView which is the official developer of this application.

Homesafe Apk Mod Version is an application that is an application that has been developed by a third party. Of course, as a development or modification of the official version. When viewed from the existing features of this application is very easy to use. The features are also quite complete and of course very useful for its users.

In terms of technological sophistication, this application can be said to be quite sophisticated because developers are really able to be a solution for many people. Of course, those in the past could only wish that there was a sophisticated application that could do tracking but was easy to use.

You don't need to have a super expensive device to be able to use this application. Enough from the smart phone that you have today. Android and IOS devices can enjoy various free and premium features in this application.

All tracking problems can be solved with this application. Lost cell phones, family members, lovers, people you want to meet or even someone who owes you money can be found with this app.

Featured Features on Homesafe Apk Trackview Mod

What are the features in the homesafe apk trackview mod application, here is the list:

1. GPS Every Time

In this sophisticated era, knowing the whereabouts of other people in real time is certainly very helpful. Whether it's in work or other interests. Especially if you really need this person right away. For this reason, this feature is very reliable in tracking people online real-time. Today, almost everyone makes their cell phone the first electronic device that they always carry everywhere. Whenever and wherever the activities they do.

You can know right away where the location of the person you are looking for is just a few taps from your smartphone. That way you won't miss many opportunities to talk about business opportunities, big profit opportunities, and others that require accuracy and speed. Various fields of work where every minute is so valuable and allows you to gain or lose in an instant because you can carry out monitoring real-time to business partners.

Even things that involve trust. Bosses and subordinates, husbands and wives, children and parents or even creditors and debtors. All can be overcome with this sophisticated tracking application. If this feature is used properly and appropriately, it will certainly be used for these various purposes. That way, good relations can be maintained so that they can remain harmonious and even mutually beneficial when dealing with business matters.

2. Features To Scan QR Code

This feature is also one of the superior features that Homesafe Apk has because it is included as one of the most important things related to security. You can scan QR quickly anywhere at any time so that your personal security access becomes more optimal. Almost all public areas currently have their own QR code so that it will make it easier for the people you care about to track your whereabouts if you go missing, experience a disaster in a public area, and other bad possibilities that require you to be found immediately.

This feature will make it easier for your family, the people you care about to be able to find you immediately. It will be very important and help in a crucial moment. As long as your cellphone is still active, the GPS is active, so wherever you are, you will be found easily and quickly. This feature makes it easy for you to find out what activities the people you care about are doing. That way you can monitor their activities properly.

3. Records of Visit Activities

This feature is no less useful to use. This feature makes it possible to find out the visiting activities carried out by the person you are tracking. So if the person you are tracking or when their cellphone is lost you can know the activity of the last visit made. By knowing it, the cellphone or person you are tracking will be found more quickly. Of course this will be very useful in terms of time and energy efficiency when you have to do conventional searches without this application.

The way it works is by the appearance of a notification of the last activity on the lost cellphone. The cellphone that you are tracking at that time. That way the cellphone will be easier to find because of this notification.

As a guide for the last activity carried out before the cellphone was lost. The process is quick and easy so that when your phone is lost you can find it immediately without having to report it to the authorities. Especially if you are a forgetful person who sometimes often forgets to save your cellphone. Of course it will make it easier especially if your activities are busy and you visit various locations that day.

Advantages of Homesafe Apk

Display Homesafe Apk Trackview

Simple Appearance

A simple display tends to be easier for users to understand because there are not too many buttons or readings which will actually make it difficult to use. The appearance of the application is simpler so that new users will also have no difficulty trying all the features in this application. The buttons provided are written in clear and easy-to-read writing according to their respective functions. That way ordinary people can use this application without difficulty.

Unimportant confusion can be avoided with this advantage. That way you can use it easily without even having to explore every button that has been provided in this application. That way you can more easily and quickly use the various features provided. The faster you do tracking, the faster your problems that you have to use this application can be resolved. Especially when it comes to cell phone or person tracking.

Size Filesits Light

The file size of an application is of course very influential on the performance of the application even with the data memory capacity of your smartphone device. With a small file size on this Homesafe Apk, any type of cellphone is most likely to be able to download this application. That way, of course there will be more and more people who can use all the sophistication contained in this application.

That is why, regardless of the cellphone brand, it is likely that you can download this application easily and quickly. This of course makes it very easy for those of you who only have mobile devices with low or limited data memory. The size is less than 20 MB so that it can be accessed by far more smartphones. This of course will really help those of you who really need a tracking application and are constrained by only a little more smartphone memory or very limited data memory.

Advantages of Homesafe Apk Mod Version

The problem of funds that must be spent to download an application made by a developer certainly makes you as a user have to spend funds every time you use their application. That is why, in this case Homesafe Apk can be the right solution so you can use the various features of applications made by developers for free. Including what should be paid. That way you can save funds to carry out important tracking both for business and personal purposes.

Besides that, there are several other advantages if you download Homesafe from a third-party developer. Here are some of them:

1. The tracking menu is much more complete

If you look at this application it is more complete than the premium one. Of course one of them is because in paid applications some features cannot be accessed for free. This is of course beneficial to be able to use a more complete tracking feature without having to pay.

2. No need to root again

This root activity is quite time consuming, sometimes it is often constrained. By using this Homesafe Apk, the time for root activity can be cut because this application does not require root every time it is tracking.

3. There is a GPS

This facility ensures that you can keep tracking wherever you are. So there's no need to worry when your cellphone's GPS or the cellphone being tracked is having problems. That way you can keep tracking anywhere anytime when you need it as long as you can still access the internet even on an HSDPA signal though.

4. Easier and faster in tracking

Access speed for tracking on this application is fast and easy. For this reason, the tracking process in real time can really function properly. Accuracy for tracking becomes more precise and certain.

5. Display is simpler so that it is easier to use (User Friendly)

There are many sophisticated applications, but it turns out that the appearance is too complex, the menu buttons are too many and complicated, making it difficult for users. Not only makes the tracking process longer but also complicates the tracking process. In fact, it often discourages new users from using the application and replaces it with another application that is easier. It's different with this homesafe application which has a simple appearance so that new users can immediately become proficient in using it.

6. Free usage even for paid premium features.

This is the most coveted by many people. Especially those who are not businessmen or are not interested parties to track a particular person or entity. Even though this application is quite important and useful, it feels like if you have to pay, of course you will think again about using the application. Therefore, if there is a free application that has a tracking function, of course it will be very useful to use it as tools this is very useful if one day you need to do this tracking.

But don't be happy just yet, besides the advantages there are also disadvantages if you choose to download the Mod version which is the result of a third party developer. Here are some of them:

Results made by third-party developers

Because it is the result of a third-party developer, of course this application is a modified application. Of course, based on the original version, the features are certainly not much different.

The installation process is a bit more complicated because it has to be done manually

For manual installation, you must have a stable signal so that the installation process goes well. Next, enter the settings menu, select the security and privacy option and enable unknown sources and grant permission. Then go to the file manager to find the file. If it's there, you click install then wait for the process to finish and this application can be used.

There is a malware virus

This is included if you use a free application which is the result of third party development.

The application is still illegal

This is also clear because it is not an application from the official developer. That's why for downloads you certainly won't be able to find it in the Playstore or the Apps Store.

There is no guarantee of system security

This is also a risk that must be borne if you choose to use the Mod version. You must be prepared with various risks.


Rancak Media does not recommend using the MOD APK version. Because, MOD APK is a modified version or an illegal version. Downloading a modified version of the application is also risky for your device. we do not guarantee its safety for your cellphone, besides that MOD APK can also be detrimental to developers or official application developers.

Download links for Android and IOS

This time the author will provide a download link for those of you who want to use the Homesafe Apk trackviewer Mod. Because this application is made by a third-party developer, you can't find it on the Playstore, but we will provide it for you via the following link:


Tutorial Install Homesafe Apk Mod version

Homesafe trackview on playstore

Here we provide information on how to install this application manually:

  1. Make sure you have downloaded it at the link above. Make sure the internet connection is stable so that there are no problems when doing manual settings.
  2. Enter the settings menu then select the security and privacy option.
  3. Enable unknown sources don't forget to give permission.
  4. Then enter the file manager and look for the application file that you downloaded earlier, then click install and wait for the process to finish and you can also try using it. Make sure the tracking device has the TrackingView apk application installed.
  5. The next process in use is not much different from the official version which we will describe in the next section.

If you want to use the official version, you can easily download it on the Google Play store. Make sure there are two mobile devices in use. Device 1 as Tracker and other devices being tracked. For this reason, there are differences in the application with the features contained in it where the mobile device that is used for tracking parties has fewer features than the randomized one.

Applications that must be downloaded on the HP Tracker

Next we refer to it as device 1. To download it you can enter the Google Play store then type TrackView Viewer, it looks like this:

To make it easier, you can download directly via the following link:


Applications that must be downloaded on the cellphone that is being tracked

Next, don't forget to also download the partner's application on the cellphone device that will be tracked. For Android users, you can search for it on Google Playstore by typing Track Viewer from

We can see the difference from what was downloaded on a tracking device from the letter V in the TrackViewer logo for the tracker's cellphone, while the tracked cellphone doesn't have the letter V. Here's how it looks:

To make it faster, you can directly download it at the following link:


For those of you who have an iPhone branded cellphone, you can download it through the Appstore or for a faster process, you just click the following link to download this Track Viewer application with the following link:

Download AppsStore

Complete Tutorial For Using Homesafe APK

If you have downloaded Trackview viewer on the first device to track and Trackview homesafe app on the target device to be tracked then you can already use it. Here are the steps:

Screenshot of TrackView YT Chanel
  1. Sign with Google, log in using the Google account that you are using. One account to use on two devices at the same time both on the tracker's and target's mobile.
  2. On the first device, if you have successfully logged into your Google account, you can enter the target device. There will be a description to install the camera application which also uses the same google account.
  3. Meanwhile on the target device that has the TrackView Homesafe app installed. If it is installed and installed properly, "Allow Homesafe to Access" will appear: Location, storage, camera and microphone. You can click "Continue" then "Allow" to allow the HomeSafe application to access the location of the device.
  4. Next, you will be directed to log in to the same Google account as the tracking device. If it is already connected, the viewer will be able to see everything on HomeSafe devices, namely devices that are randomized, while Homesafe here only acts as a camera.
  5. That way the 2nd or tracked device will not be able to see or track the 1st device as a viewer or tracker.
  6. Later on the first device as a tracker can perform remote monitoring, device location, and other features available on TrackViewer. For example, if you try to use the "Remote Monitoring" feature, then on the first device you will be able to see real time video recordings that are visible on the second device being tracked. Even with other features.

Easy is not how to use it? You can try it by installing TrackViewer and Homesafe Apk on two mobile devices belonging to you and your child, for example.

You as the tracker and the device the child is holding as the target or the device being tracked. Make sure all the settings are set correctly so that the tracking process can run smoothly without any obstacles.

To make it easier for you to download the Homesafe Apk application, you can visit There are also many other viral applications that many people are looking for and it's really good quality that you can download there too.


What's the difference between Homesafe Apk Mod and the Original Version?

  1. The original version has limited features, while the Mod version is more complete.
  2. The original version is safer in terms of devices, while the Mod version is at risk because there is a malware virus.
  3. The original version of the developer is clearly responsible, while in the Mod version there is no developer responsibility.
  4. The original legality version is guaranteed while the Mod is not.
  5. The original version is easy to get because it can be found in the play store, apps store and others. The Mood version has to be a guerrilla search for its application and it's a bit difficult to make sure which one can be trusted.

Is this application safe to use?

  1. Safe if only limited to the interests of family or husband and wife only.
  2. It's not safe if the person you are targeting is a public figure, official, influencer or the like who of course can sue you for violating their privacy.

Is this Homesafe Apk paid?

  1. For the Free Mod version.
  2. You can download the original version for free, but if you want to use more complete or professional features, you can upgrade to premium and this is paid.

What are the Details of Homesafe Apk?

  1. File size 19MB
  2. The version in the download link is version 3.8.04
  3. Developer: TrackView
  4. Released June 2, 2022

Can we track more than 1 target at a time with this Homesafe Apk?

  1. Can't.
  2. If there is more than 1 target, just make sure all the devices we want to track have installed the Homesafe Apk and we can track them in turn.

What Android version can use Homesafe Apk?

  1. Android Version 2.2 (Froyo)
  2. Android Version 2.3 (Gingerbread)
  3. Android Version 3.0 (Honeycomb)

Are there other applications similar to the Homesafe Apk?

  1. Snap Map
  2. Life 360: Find Family And Friends
  3. iSharing: Find Friends & Family
  4. Find My Kids: Location Tracker
  5. GeoZilla-Find My Family
  6. Find My Phone-Family Locator
  7. My Family – Family Locator
  8. Glimpses
  9. Geonction Family GPS Tracker
  10. Prey: Find My Phone & Security
  11. Zenly – Your World

The final word

So, that was the long explanation that we can describe in this article about the differences, disadvantages and advantages of the features contained in homesafe apk mod and original version. Hopefully, all of my friends who are looking for an application that takes care of their family wherever they are, this review can help you. Thank you, I hope this is useful Ciaooo..!!

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