How to use the Avatar Lens application to turn photos into cartoons – As you all know, avatar lens app trending on social media, one of which is the Instagram application. In this article, we will discuss it in full, watch it until it's finished.

The application can be used for iOS or Android users, apart from being used by netizens, there are lots of public figures who use it.

For those of you who want to use this application, it's best if you know in advance what the avatar lens application is, its features and the download link.

What Is Avatar Lens App

The AI Lens application is an application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate avatars such as illustrations, cartoons or paintings from a person's selfie.

This application has successfully earned the nickname as an avatar application that is currently viral, because this application can make the user's selfie results more unique and look very perfect.

Apart from that, many users change the background or background of their photos or add other effects to their images to make them more attractive.

With this application, a selfie photo can be turned into an illustration, cartoon, canvas painting, and many more that you can try.

You can also add accessories to your face, change your face shape, remove blemishes or pimples, change your hair color, even change your pose.

With that, not a few users social media who utilizes applications to edit photos of his face to make him look drastically cooler.

Avatar Lens app for Android and iOS

Applications from Instagram to Twitter are now enlivened with the latest trends, there are many selfie photos that have now turned into avatars.

This growing trend is indeed popular because of the very attractive avatar results. Such photos can occur with the help of the lens application.

You can get the lens application on the Google Play Store or App Store. This lens app can be downloaded for free, for both iOS and Android devices.

The developer of this lens application is Prima Labs, which provides a 7-day trial period.

After these 7 days, the user must pay Rp. 230,000 to Rp. 781,000 with limited access.

The way to use this lens application is quite easy and simple, for those of you who want to turn a selfie into an avatar on Android or iOS, you can use the application.

Advantages of the AI Lens App

This avatar lens application has become a trending topic for netizens on various social media platforms, one of which is Instagram.

The advantage of this avatar lens application is that it can change the background or background and add other effects to the image you are using.

You can do this so that your avatar looks more prominent, so that it can make your selfie photos look more perfect.

Even users can also use this application to have different characters.

In addition, this avatar lens application can also provide advantages such as:

  1. Color intensity to liven up poorly lit photos
  2. Tons of art tools, camera filters, and effects to edit your pictures to satisfaction
  3. Styles range from art to vintage camera effects
  4. Selfie editor to organize each photo before posting to your favorite social media
  5. Useful saturation editing to add character to each selfie
  6. Different colors to match your style and personality

Attractive Features of the AI Lens App

Below are interesting features regarding the avatar lens application, as follows:

  1. Auto-adjust editing will make your selfie photos come alive
  2. Premade photo filters and camera effects make it possible to edit all the blemishes to make your photos more stunning
  3. This application also has a pimple removal feature that you can use to edit images

Download the Avatar Lens Application

For you Android and iOS users, you can use this application by downloading it through the Google Play Store or App store.

But before downloading it, you need to know the specifications of the AI avatar lens application, as follows:

Released date2 Oct 2019
Offered byPrisma Labs, Inc.
Updated onDecember 9, 2022
Downloads100000 on Google Play
Need Android version8.0 and up
Ratings4.2/5 on Google Play
Size46MB for Android
130MB for iOS

Android Download Links Click here

iOS Download Links Click here

How to use the Avatar Lens application easily

If you want to start creating your own avatar using an AI lens, there are a few easy steps to follow.

First things first, make sure you have downloaded the AI lens on your phone, this application is available in the playstore and app store.

Then you can edit photos in the way we provide below:

  1. Download the AI Lens Application on the link we provide
  2. Create an account on lens AI, you can try a week free trial or pay for an annual plan.
  3. Select the selfie you want to change
  4. When your selected photo is imported, select the gender you want to edit
  5. Choose how many avatars you want to have, you still have to pay to use the avatars if you use the free trial
  6. Tap Buy, the app will then generate your AI avatar
  7. Tap on your avatar to reveal the final product

How to Make Instagram Avatar Photos

To use this feature, you must install the Instagram application on your iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet.

You don't find this feature in the web browser version of Instagram. Users who create Instagram avatars will not be charged aliases.

Follow these steps to create an Instagram avatar, namely:

  1. Open the Instagram application and go to your profile
  2. Tap on the three horizontal lines at the top right of your screen to open a new menu
  3. Select a setting from the list
  4. Open an account
  5. Among the various options, you will see an avatar and tap on that tab
  6. Choose start and customize your avatar
  7. Choose a skin tone that is most similar to your natural skin tone
  8. Choose hairstyle, face shape, eye color, eyebrows, glasses, nose shape, face accessories, body, clothes and makeup tap next and done
  9. Choose your body type and clothes
  10. Select done when ready, tap save changes to confirm


Below we have summarized some frequently asked questions about lens application, as follows:

Is the Lens App Paid?

The AI lens application is available for iOS and Android users, if you want to try it you can download it via the App Store or Play Store. However, please note that this app is paid and provides 7 days free trial, and to export AI avatar results, users have to pay for it.


The AI Lens application is an application that uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to generate avatars such as illustrations, cartoons or paintings from a person's selfie.

This is information about how to use the avatar lens application to turn photos into cartoons, I hope the articles we provide above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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