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Whatsapp mod among young people today is being discussed and used a lot. One of the others WhatsApp Aero is a mod application which is arguably currently popular.

This type of whatsapp aero application has been widely spread and used by people in various parts of the world. Why do so many use whatsapp aero? Because WhatsApp Aero provides unusual features and the original WhatsApp doesn't have that feature.

There are quite a lot of features on WhatsApp Aero, for example, being able to hide online status and many more. Indeed, the features in the original WhatsApp are slightly different from the WhatsApp mod.

What is WhatsApp Aero?

Whatsapp aero is a type of whatsapp mod that has a variety of excellent features that can be used for free. This Whatsapp is a modification of the official WhatsApp.

Whatsapp aero is a mod apk and you could say the application is not official and is not available on the Google Play Store or App Store. If you want to download it you can use the link on Google.

What is WhatsApp Aero

Hazar bozkurt he is from turkey he is the maker of this whatsapp aero. On WhatsApp Aero, Hazar provides features that are not available on the official WhatsApp.

The advantages and disadvantages of Whatsapp Aero

After you know what whatsapp aero is, you also have to know the advantages and disadvantages first, here's the explanation:

The advantages of WhatsApp Aero

The advantages of WhatsApp Aero are the many extraordinary features that are not available on the official WhatsApp. Maybe some people really feel enough with the features on the official WhatsApp, but there are also those who feel they are lacking.

Therefore whatsapp aero provides unusual features that can be used by its users. But because WhatsApp is not official, you should be careful when using it

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Aero

If you already know the advantages contained in whatsapp aero, before downloading it you also have to know the disadvantages, as follows:

Disadvantages of WhatsApp Aero

  1. Because whatsapp aero is an unofficial apk, no one can guarantee its safety
  2. At any time WhatsApp Aero can be banned by the official WhatsApp if it violates the existing service rules, it is done like that to sanction the WhatsApp mod. But it could be blocked only temporarily, not forever.
  3. Whatsapp aero has a large capacity if you download it and that's why it will make your cellphone memory full.

WhatsApp Aero features

Being a conversation among WhatsApp Mod users, this type of WhatsApp does offer a variety of interesting features. The following are the features of WhatsApp Aero that have caught the eye:

Hiding Online Status

Have you ever felt bored to always reply to incoming messages, but you're online just to see other people's stories?

If the answer is yes, then you can use WhatsApp Aero because by using WhatsApp you can hide your online status.

Schedule Messages

By using whatsapp aero you can also send messages according to the schedule you made, so the message will be sent automatically. This method makes it easier for you to send messages without having to type them first.

View Deleted Messages and Status

One of the fun and annoying official WhatsApp features is the feature to delete messages that have been sent.

View Deleted Messages and Status

On WhatsApp Aero, you can see messages that have been deleted by the sender, but if you are curious about the contents of the message, you can use the feature to view deleted messages. With this feature you can also see the status of people who have been deleted.

Themes and Emoji Offered More and Various

When you use WhatsApp Aero you can find interesting themes, besides that you can also use the emojis found on WhatsApp Aero.

Can Hide Pictures

The last feature is that you can hide pictures or photos in the WhatsApp gallery. So if you want to access these images or photos you have to open WhatsApp Aero.

How to Download and Install WhatsApp Aero

As we know, WhatsApp Aero is an unofficial application, but downloading the apk can be done for free. However, if you don't install it via the Google Play Store application, it's a little more complicated.

So, what are the steps to download and install the WhatsApp Aero application? Here's how:

How to Download and Install

  1. You can download the apk with the link that is already on your PC or cellphone
  2. It must be confirmed in advance if the file has been downloaded completely
  3. To allow whatsapp aero application from unknown sources, make sure that the appropriate option is enabled in the security menu.
  4. Launch the previously downloaded app and install it by clicking on the app icon.
  5. Keep holding until the install is complete. You have successfully installed the WhatsApp Aero application.

Steps to Update WhatsApp Aero

If you use WA MOD, you will definitely get notifications more often to update the wa, because by updating regularly, your wa will be free from bans and blocks.

  1. First you have to open the whatsapp aero program, after that open the three dot icon found on this aero whatsapp on your cellphone.
  2. Then determine the settings menu
  3. Next select the enhancements to start the update on whatsapp aero
  4. Check Upgrade, WhatsApp Changelog and Download Website are just some of the options available.
  5. The current version of WhatsApp can be compared to WhatsApp Aero by selecting the Check Enhancements option.
  6. The WhatsApp Aero update download link will then be downloaded immediately from the Google Chrome web browser site.
  7. If you are using an Android smartphone, just click on the download link and wait a few moments for the file to finish downloading.
  8. Once the file has finished downloading, you can open it and WhatsApp Aero will update itself.

Those are some steps to update WhatsApp Aero that you can use if WhatsApp already requires it to be updated.

WhatsApp Aero review

Whatsapp aero offers various UI designs that can operate applications practically, easily and quickly. Display that is offered is very comfortable.

WhatsApp Aero review

Bozkurt hazzar is the creator of whatsapp aero, he has provided various interesting features used by whatsapp aero users.

The performance of this application server is relatively stable and smooth. Rarely down or even lag. You can send messages and receive messages in real time.

The server on the whatsapp aero application is very rarely down so that it can be said to be quite stable when making calls or sending messages.


Below are questions and answers about whatsapp aero, as follows:

Is WA Aero Anti-Blocking?

This wa aero application is high-tech so it includes an anti-banned mechanism. Thus, the user avoids the anxiety of being blocked unexpectedly.


Whatsapp aero is a type of WhatsApp mod that has a variety of excellent features that can be used for free. Whatsapp aero is an unofficial application but offers a variety of interesting features to use.

Thus the article about whatsapp aero, I hope the above article can be useful and useful for all of you.

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