How to Use Telkomsel Watch Quota, Here's How! - The following is an explanation of the Telkomsel viewing quota, which you might not know how to use. Naturally, as a Telkomsel customer, you often buy internet quota or bundles.

So, for most customers, when buying a quota from Telkomsel, they will also get incentives in the form of quotas and one of these incentives is usually the Local Watching quota.

However, many Telkomsel customers don't seem to fully understand the benefits of this special quota. For this reason, this article will provide comprehensive details about Telkomsel's Local Watching internet service package.

Multiple providers internet service others, including Indosat, Tri, Smartfren and XL, provide similar bonuses on their packages.

However it is important to note that each service provider has its own set of rules that govern how its services can be used. The same goes for the next data set.

Telkomsel's local viewing quota is subject to the same rules and regulations as their other services. In addition, many customers have problems with the quota itself. You can get a better picture by reading the full explanation below.

Telkomsel Local Watch Quota

Telkomsel Local Watch Quota

As we have discussed above, Telkomsel has a new internet package called Watch Local. Maybe many of you think that this package is identical to the Telkomsel Local internet package. There is some overlap in the meaning of the two quotas.

Internet access in the area where you registered your card is called “local quota” and can be used for everything from checking Instagram to watching videos on YouTube to playing online games.

Even though the Local Watch quota also applies to Telkomsel number registration areas, the quota is limited to movie streaming services only.

Meanwhile, you only need to buy an internet subscription package through the MyTelkomsel application and you will automatically get a Local Watch quota bonus.

Unlimited extra quota, OMG Video and Combo Sakti are several Telkomsel 4G quota packages that provide large amounts of extra local viewing quota.

Benefits of Telkomsel Watch Quota Packages

If you are wondering, yes, this additional data plan can be used to watch movies and stream other movies, both locally and online. Meanwhile, which video streaming sites can be used with the quota bonus?

Some examples of online streaming services that count as your monthly local viewing quota are:

  1. MAXstream
  2. TikTok
  3. Disney+
  4. Hotstar
  5. Genflix
  6. HBOGO
  7. iflix
  8. RCTI+
  9. Sushiroll
  10. UseeTV GO
  11. Video
  12. VIU
  13. Netflix
  14. Amazon Prime Video

You can watch your favorite movies and TV shows on demand using the services mentioned above. Or Video, one of the greatest football streaming apps, allows you to watch every match in the Champions League, Spanish League and even the English Premiere.

How to Use Local Watch Packages

For those of you who are still scratching your head about the Telkomsel Local Watch quota bonus, we are very grateful for your attention. Therefore, taking advantage of this quota is very easy as long as it meets the following requirements:

Benefits of Telkomsel Watch Quota Packages

  1. There is still time to use the remaining local viewing quota.
  2. The quota usage deadline has not passed.
  3. The location of using the Watch Local quota (not outside the area where you registered the package).

Assuming you've done the steps mentioned above, all that's left to do is set up your streaming software. The applications that can take advantage of the Watch Local quota are listed above.

Telkomsel Streaming Constraints

We also noted at the start of this talk that there were some clients who were having difficulties with the implementation of the bonus quotas mentioned above. Below is a detailed description of the problem, including its origins and proposed solutions:

Quota May Not Be Used

The first problem arises if the local viewing quota has not been used. This can be seen when the customer's main Telkomsel quota has run out and the customer tries to use the Watch Local quota for streaming but cannot be used.

If this happens, it is likely caused by several things, including:

  1. Consumption of non-registration area quota
  2. Quota usage time has ended.
  3. There is no Telkomsel 4G service available in that area.
  4. Use streaming software that offers in-app purchases to gain access to premium features.

If you already know the cause, you can choose the right solution:

  1. If you buy Telkomsel internet service, you can get bonus data quota to watch local programs.
  2. Take advantage of this quota when you are in Telkomsel's 4G coverage area.
  3. To access premium content, it is recommended that you subscribe to the streaming service in question.

No Quota Reduction

The second problem is that the Local Watching quota doesn't go down when used. Then one or more of the following may be the cause:

  1. Telkomsel's main quota has not been used up, so streaming activities will continue to use this quota.
  2. Getting a Local quota bonus that can be used for anything, including video streaming, is a good idea.
  3. Telkomsel's quota system has flaws that lead to inconsistent results.

The question then is, how to deal with it? You can try the following solutions if you encounter a problem like this:

  1. Hold on until your local quota or area quota runs out.
  2. If your main quota or local quota has been used up but the bonus quota for local movie streaming and other usage has not been reduced, please contact Telkomsel Call Center.


The following are questions and answers about Telkomsel quota, including:

Can Telkomsel Watch Quota Be Used for Whatsapp?

Apart from YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, MAXstream, Disney+ Hotstar, Viu, Lionsgate Play, Amazon Prime Video and Vidio, all of them can be accessed with Telkomsel viewing quota.

How to Use Telkomsel Local Quota Can Be Used Anywhere?

Telkomsel local quota is a data package for internet that can only be used within the scope of the operator's package concerned.

So that the use of internet quota outside the customer's hometown cannot be done. Activating the package in Bogor will not work in Jakarta.

How to Use Local Watch Packages

How to Overcome Unusable Data Packages?

Make a call to the USSD code *888#. If your Telkomsel internet package quota runs out but the credit doesn't run out, then you can't access the internet. In addition, if you use a postpaid card, make sure there are no unpaid credits.

What Makes the Internet Slow?

It has been proven that ads slow down your internet experience. This is because ads often include both still and moving images. Ad blocking plugins are available for all major ads and can significantly increase internet speed.


Information about Telkomsel's Local Watch quota can be seen at In short, the Local Watch quota is an additional facility that you get when you buy a certain Telkomsel data quota and use it to watch movies online.

Keep in mind that the Watch Local data package bonus is only available at the location and Telkomsel number listed on the package registration.

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