The Tiktok application can make money easily – How can you make money from the tiktok application? let's get together to find out all the information in the following article review, yes, happy reading.

Who is not familiar with tik tok app? TikTok is an application that is quite well known with as many as 1M users. You can find various types of videos, for example tutorials, comedy, music, and others. In fact, you can also make money from TikTok.

As we know, TikTok is a social media platform that can share videos originating from China, where billions have been used. Due to the popularity of TikTok, some of its users have also transformed into new influencers so they can make money too.

Then how do you get income from this application? For details, see the explanation below.

Become a TikTok Content Creator

To be able to make money from the TikTok app this, you can just become a Tiktok creator content. However, to become a TikTok creator, of course there are requirements that you must meet. Then what are the conditions, see below:

Become a TikTok Content Creator

  1. Age over 18 years
  2. Have at least 10,000 followers
  3. Have views above 100,000 within 30 days or one month

It's just that the conditions mentioned above are intended only for TikTok users in the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

Virtual Prizes When Live

The second way to make money from TikTok is by getting virtual prizes during live or live broadcasts. If you want the virtual gift feature to appear Live, there are a number of requirements that you need to fulfill, these are the following conditions:

  1. TikTok creator content over the age of 18
  2. Have at least 1,000 followers

Additional information, this live broadcast gift is a feature available on TikTok that allows viewers to provide feedback and show their appreciation for your TikTok videos.

This live broadcast prize is one method of collecting diamonds which can be exchanged for money. This feature is available in various countries.

Get Prizes From Videos

If you want to make money from TikTok, you can activate the gift feature from videos. This video prize is a way for viewers to provide feedback and appreciation for the TikTok content that you have created.

Get Prizes From Videos

By activating the Video prize feature, you can collect diamonds and exchange them for money. This gift feature is available in all countries. However, to activate this feature there are a number of conditions that must be met, including the following:

  1. Over 18 years old
  2. Have at least 100,000 followers

Receive Tips

TikTok users can provide and generate tips on a number of TikTok creator content for the content he has uploaded. If you want to get a tip, here are a number of conditions that must be met by content creators, as follows:

  1. Age over 18 years
  2. Has 100,000 followers
  3. However, this feature is only available to United States-based TikTok users.

Endorsements are different from Instagram

More or less like Instagram, the TikTok application also has endorsements that its users can make. However, if you want to endorse a product, users must be more creative and don't do habits that often occur like on Instagram.

Selling Own Products

The way to make money this time with TikTok is actually not much different from how to make money with other social media, namely by selling your own products.

However, in the opinion of Michael, a content creator too, selling on TikTok does not require promotions as complicated as on Instagram or other social media. For example on Instagram, to sell products, product photos or videos have to be good, and of course it's not easy to do, the same goes for Youtube.

Inviting Others to Download TikTok

Michael said TikTok is now connecting to a number of its users to invite others to download the platform via a link. If the person you invite downloads TikTok and continues to use the platform, the user who spreads the invite can earn money.

“So he created an affiliate, there is a link. you can check it at Teknobie/com/tiktok. If you click on it, there is an affiliate. So if someone downloads something, then that person is there, say, one day, two days, three days straight, you can earn money. Not big if I'm not mistaken Rp. 10,000, but not bad. Imagine an influencer and succeed in inviting 1,000 people, that's amazing," he said.

Creator Fund

Michael said that the latest TikTok method, namely the Creator Fund, is still being developed. This feature will be similar to YouTube where content creators can make money from advertisements on their videos. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet available in Indonesia.

“If you are a content creator or youtuber, you have to be passionate. So TikTok would do something like 'Youtube'. So when you make videos, there is revenue share with ads. This is called the Creator Fund. I don't know, but if it's true, there must be a lot of creators who are passionate and intend to create it,” concluded Michael.

Build an Influencer Agency

Building an agency is a way of making money on TikTok by connecting brands that want to promote with TikTok influencers. In general, these agencies act as intermediaries, coordinators, and even manage advertising contracts.

Build an Influencer Agency

For example, finding the right influencers, agreeing on advertising concepts, managing partnerships. This method is suitable for those of you who have content marketing and video marketing skills. There's nothing wrong with trying your luck by opening this influencer agency.

From here, you can take advantage of opportunities by offering prices that are relatively cheaper than those offered by TikTok.

Music Promotion

For those of you who are in the music world, TikTok can be a very effective way to make money. One of the most effective songs to promote on TikTok is the song To The Bone by Pamungkas.

Navigate to Another Platform

If you have content on other platforms, there is a fairly easy way to do it, simply by linking content on other platforms such as Instagram and YouTube.

In this way, more people will visit your other platforms after watching your TikTok videos.


These are the questions and answers we have summarized below:

How much money do 1000 TikTok followers make?

With 1,000 followers, a TikTok account holder can earn around $2 or around IDR 28,000 per post. Of course, if you can regularly upload video content and gain followers, this number can grow even more.

Why Can't Our TikTok Make Money?

Causes of TikTok Lite Coin Not Working. we forgot to enter the invite code. The amount of cache on the phone that is being used. Problem application.

Why Our TikTok Can't Make Money

What are the Advantages of Live on TikTok?

Well, one other advantage of this application is the live streaming feature. Live TikTok is often used by users for sharing, even selling. From this live TikTok, users can also get gifts that can be exchanged for money.

Coins on TikTok for What?

What are the uses of TikTok coins? The main function of TikTok coins is to financially support streamers who stream live videos on TikTok. Viewers can donate their TikTok coin balance by purchasing cute emojis during the live streaming session.


TikTok is one of the most popular apps for 1 million users. You can find various types of videos such as tutorials, comedy, music, and more.

In fact, you can also make money with TikTok. Let's find out together all the information in the explanation of the article above.

TikTok users can tip and generate the content they upload from a number of TikTok content creators. How to make money on TikTok this time is actually not much different from how to make money in other media.

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