14 Pros and Cons of Internet Explorer

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Before we discuss the weaknesses and shortcomings of internet explorer, let's find out more about internet explorer below.

Get to Know What Internet Explorer Is

Definition internet explorer is a website browser that you can use as a place to travel around the digital world, you can get this internet explorer for free and become the default web browser in the Windows operating system.

Get to Know What Internet Explorer Is

Internet Explorer was created and developed by the Microsoft Corporation company so that at this time it can be said to be one of the longest web browser websites compared to others.

After four years of release, the percentage of all web browser users has reached 95%, but currently the number of internet explorer users is decreasing because more and more new web browsers are popping up.

History of Internet Explorer

Microsoft Corporation succeeded in popularizing Internet Explorer and continues to grow today. The number of users was fantastic in its day, reaching 95%.

Internet Explorer was developed from the Mosaic Spyglass web browser. By licensing Mosaic, Microsoft finally succeeded in making a web browser called Internet Explorer.

First, Microsoft saw a huge market share in web browsers. Additionally, the lack of a web browser in the 19th century prompted Microsoft to take the initiative in developing Internet Explorer.

Microsoft didn't want to spend its time writing source code for its web browser from scratch. That's why Microsoft met Spyglass and bought the Mosaic license. But Microsoft still modified the source code in it and created Internet Explorer.

Development of Each New Version of Internet Explorer

Internet explorer is one of the oldest web browsers that has experienced various advances in each version. The development of each version of Internet Explorer is described below:

Version 1.0 Year 1995

Version 1.0 of Internet Explorer was successfully released just as Microsoft found Spyglass and bought the license for Mosaic. By modifying the source code, this web browser is built and bundled into the Microsoft Plus operating system.

Version 2.0 and 3.0 Year 1996

Internet Explorer version 2.0 added support for SSL, HTTP cookies, and support for HTML tables. Meanwhile, Internet Explorer version 3.0 was the first web browser to use CSS.

Version 4.0 Year 1997

In this version, Internet Explorer experienced many tragedies such as litigation between Microsoft and the United States and the first web browser war. The characteristics developed in this version are Dynamic HTML and Favicon.

Version 5.0 Year 1999

Internet Explorer received many new developments and functions in this version. This evolution has made it a key feature in Internet Explorer such as the Search Bar, Favorites, AutoComplete, Integral, and Hotmail.

Version 6.0 Year 2001

Internet Explorer in this version has a long period of time, about five years, to update to the next version. Due to the old version of the update, serious security issues have arisen in Internet Explorer.

Version 7.0 Year 2006

The long development of the previous version prompted Microsoft to add many new features. Examples include multi-tabs, page zooming, search box integration, and improved CSS, DOM, and HTML support.

Version 8.0 Year 2009

This version, Internet Explorer can pass the Acid2 test and get a good score. Microsoft explained that in this version, Internet Explorer improvised support for RSS, CSS and Ajax.

Version 9.0 and 10.0 Year 2011

Internet Explorer version 9.0 again passed the Acid2 test, this time getting a fantastic score of 95 out of 100. This is thanks to the addition of Javascript support, HTML video and audio.

In version 10.0, Internet Explorer received many updates. Such as support for CSS3 grid layouts, flexible grid layouts, multi-column layouts, color gradients, and hardware acceleration.

Version 11.0 Year 2013

Microsoft redesigned its web browser with WebGL support and improved it for high DPI screens. And in this version you will get updates like API Orientation support, CSS Flexbox etc.

Existing Features in Internet Explorer

Below are the features that have a major impact on its users, including the following:

Existing Features in Internet Explorer

  1. Supporting WebGL, this allows graphic designers to render 3D images directly within the web browser.
  2. Supports HTML5 videos, you can watch them by adjusting the bandwidth of the network that is currently connected.
  3. Can open as many as 100 tabs at once, of course this is very useful for us to browse information without having to close the site.
  4. InPrivateBrowsing, users have received security when storing data in the form of usernames and passwords. In addition, you can delete traces of sites that you have visited.
  5. InPrivateFiltering, you can also block content from third parties. This will increase the comfort of its users when using this web browser.
  6. WebSlices, when you subscribe, the address of the site we visit will appear in the Favorites bar.
  7. Tab Grouping, this one feature allows users to group tabs whose news is tied to each other.
  8. Automatic Crash Recovery, this feature can minimize loss of user data when Internet Explorer crashes. You will be able to restore the tab or site you were visiting when an error occurred.

So that's the article that we can convey about internet explorer, now is the time for us to go into the core according to the title, namely the advantages and disadvantages of internet explorer, see the following:

The following are the advantages and disadvantages of Internet Explorer

To find out what the strengths and weaknesses are, read on to the information below:

Various Advantages of Internet Explorer

At this time internet explorer is not so popular anymore for computer users because they prefer other browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and many more. However, Internet Explorer also has extraordinary advantages, including the following:

Various Advantages of Internet Explorer

Add Ons feature

Having this advantage allows you to be able to add many other facilities in the web browser. You can also increase the benefits and performance of this browser. As in the available add-ons features such as a pdf reader, anti-virus, safe search, flash player and also a firewall.

Windows OS provided

Then this website is free of charge and already available on a Windows operating system. If your device has a Windows OS, then it definitely has the facility of Internet Explorer.

So you don't have to download it again when you're going to use it. Even though this web browser is the same as other web browsers, which can surf various types of the internet with the features that are available.

Complete Features

As in the discussion above, it has several features that are complete, making it easier for you to be able to access the various types of information available.

Internet Explorer also presents features that you don't use that can be disabled according to what you need.

Various features are available in Internet Explorer, for example delete browsing history, search box, search suggestions, caret browsing, private filtering, web slices, protection of user preferences and many others.

Present Mobile Version

Just like other browsers, the advantage of Internet Explorer with the facilities that Microsoft has provided is that it has a mobile version, this version will be easier for users to access the internet quickly.

Of course you can access it using various types of smartphones so that users can be more comfortable and happy when using this web browser even easier with the mobile version.

Has MSN and Bing Default

This Internet Explorer has default MSN and Bing in Internet Explorer 11 version. This version is new and has default MSN and Bing which allows users to feel more comfortable when using it.

Many of the benefits are safer, more agile to load sites, has stronger protection, pages that can improve, and much more.

Security Features

Internet Explorer also has a security feature so that it can provide a level of comfort for its users. The security characteristics that exist in Internet Explorer, namely the Framework.

This feature can provide protection in zones with certain conditions and limitations. The advantage of Internet Explorer is that it has additional services that can appear when downloading files.

You can also think about continuing the installation or canceling it. It usually appears when the file being downloaded has a potentially dangerous risk to security.

Can Access HTML and Javascript Files

In fact, Internet Explorer is easier for you to access HTML and Javascript files. For example, Internet Explorer in version 9 and above uses HTML 5 which can improve the experience when you use the internet.

This will allow users to watch and listen to audio and video without downloading additional plugins. Internet Explorer is one of the senior web browsers. This happens because it can support a variety of applications.

Disadvantages of Internet Explorer

  1. The CSS script on the opened web page cannot be read.
  2. Does not support the Windows XP operating system (especially Internet Explorer 9)
  3. Browsing security is still in doubt
  4. There is no tabbed browsing, so users cannot open multiple websites in one browser window.
  5. Slow web loading speed because there is no tab function.
  6. Less persistent, so it is easy to be attacked by viruses and become the target of hacking attacks.
  7. Heavy load at start.

Disadvantages of Internet Explorer


In this discussion, we have also provided various questions and provided answers, see below:

Does Internet Explorer Still Work?

Microsoft permanently ended support for Internet Explorer for some versions of Windows on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. Nearly 27 years have passed since its release on August 24, 1995.

Why is Internet Explorer closed?

The user base started to decrease drastically as other competitors released new browsers with better user interface, faster internet speed and smoother performance.

Where is Internet Explorer?

Internet Explorer can be found under “Windows Accessories” under “All Apps” on Start. It's not pinned to Start or the taskbar. Click All Apps. Click on “Windows Accessories”.


From the explanation above, do you already know and know information about internet explorer? That's the information we can convey, I hope this article can be useful, don't forget to visit again, thank you.

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