7 Advantages of the MYOB Application and Its Complete Benefits

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MYOB application stands for Manage Your Own Business and is a type of software that is still related to modern accounting calculations that can make it easier for you to run a business.

Until now the MYOB application is widely used throughout the world to facilitate access to accounting and bookkeeping activities for small and medium companies or what we often know as SMEs.

What is MYOB

Mind Your Own Business or what we usually know as MYOB is accounting pc software that is used to organize and process accounting data.

You could say MYOB is an accounting application that can be used by various types of businesses, both small and large.

This application provides a display that is not complicated so that it can be easily used even by people who don't really understand it.

In fact, every company processes data in the same way. However, there are actually several influences that distinguish one company's accounting system from another, one of which is the sophistication used.

The presence of MYOB has a good impact because it simplifies the implementation of the billing cycle. Of course, to understand it, the user must know how this application works in detail. This is because if you make a small mistake, you have to repeat the process from the beginning.

MYOB Software History

MYOB itself was originally developed in Australia in 1991. MYOB started with complaints from managers of small and medium-sized companies who still had difficulties in carrying out the bookkeeping and accounting processes in their companies.

Therefore, MYOB development finally started and received a positive response from its users, as evidenced in the 1999 era it had sold 1 million copies. This shows that MYOB has many benefits for small and medium business activists.

MYOB Benefits

The successful use of MYOB by its users is not without reason. MYOB has many advantages that make it one of the accounting software that is in great demand by users and is selling well on the market. Below are some of the benefits of MYOB:

MYOB Software Weaknesses and Strengths

Easy to use

The advantage of the MYOB application is that it is easy to use. Yes, like most programs, MYOB has icons and clear descriptions for each function.

So that anyone who may have never studied accounting can still use this MYOB software. All you have to do is enter data into the database and then perform calculations easily and quickly.

Accurate and Precise

Accounting calculations become faster and more efficient by using this software. Imagine if you had to manually calculate books and various accounting formulas in one period, it would take a long time.

Therefore, using MYOB is very helpful in terms of time efficiency and also the speed of billing calculations.

Can Help Manage Project Management

If you are responsible for more than one department, MYOB can do that. So MYOB is multi-user, can monitor and process data from projects carried out by the department you serve.

Such as the finance department, marketing department, human resources department and then process them to produce company accounting and financial reports.

No Maintenance Required

Once installed, the software can be used continuously without the need for maintenance work and without even having to pay a monthly fee.

So, MYOB can be used very effectively in the long term without having to pay additional monthly fees for this software.

Cheap Software for UKM Class

The price of this software is usually cheap and affordable too. For unlimited use, the price of 6-7 million for this software is not expensive because it helps you manage your own business.

Integrated Company Database

MYOB also has an integration function with the company database. So all you have to do is enter the database you are editing and analyze, and the results will be displayed quickly and accurately.

You don't need to bother copying files first. The number of existing database software allows the software to be connected to each other, but MYOB software is quite flexible if database problems occur because the database is stored quite safely.

Faster When Performing Accounting Calculations

Accounting calculations are also faster by using this MYOB software. No need to carry lots of thick files and use formula calculations manually. you will perform these calculations faster and more effectively.

MYOB Software Disadvantages

Although it has many advantages and disadvantages, this software also has some disadvantages. Below are some of the disadvantages of MYOB:

No Tax Reporting Function in Indonesia

Because it is software developed in Australia, some features still adopt the Australian style, for example tax features. So if you want to calculate taxes and also report taxes, you have to use other software to calculate your company taxes.

Can Only be done in One Company

MYOB is only suitable for business people who only have one company. So if you have more than one company or subsidiary, it is also called a multi-company.

So it is not suitable for entrepreneurs with many companies. The MYOB application has not been able to meet the needs of business people with many needs.

The format of the balance sheet is different from Indonesia

Not Available in Indonesian

This may not be an important topic but sometimes there are some users or users who sometimes like to get confused about the difference between terms in Indonesian and English. Therefore, the lack of Indonesian in the MYOB software is also a weakness.

The format of the balance sheet is different from Indonesia

From various countries, the financial format supported by MYOB software is the Australian balance sheet format, which is quite inconvenient because the balance sheet format commonly used in Indonesia is different from the balance format in Australia.

Not Support Multi Currency

MYOB also doesn't support multiple currencies, so you have to make currency changes first before entering your transactions. It's quite inconvenient when financial software doesn't support multi-currency features.

Not Support Multi Warehouse Feature

MYOB does not yet support multi warehouse or multi warehouse. This makes it difficult for you, especially if you have more than one warehouse.


The following are answers to frequently asked questions regarding MYOB software, as follows:

What is the MYOB Accounting Program?

MYOB Accounting is a bookkeeping program that consists of many modules in one package.

Can the MYOB APK be used on cellphones?

The MYOB online application also has a link version available for download and use on devices such as Android and iPhone.

Does the MYOB APK work on cellphones?

MYOB Can Be Used for Any Company?

MYOB can be used for companies that use a multicurrency system (many currencies) and multi users (many users).


So that's the understanding of myob that we have conveyed above and also the advantages and disadvantages of these devices, if you feel this article can help don't forget to always visit your site, see you soon!

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