What is CorelDRAW? With Functions

Rancakmedia.com – The following is an explanation of what CorelDRAW is? CorelDRAW is a graphic processing software that is useful for helping designers work. Let's see the article below.

Corel Corporation, located in Ottawa, Canada, manufactures this software. According to the company's official website, Corel solutions enable more than 90 million people to be more creative and productive.

Corel was created in 1985 and has more than 30 years of expertise in the business. Quoted from a brochure entitled "A Brief History of CorelDRAW Celebrating 20 Years of Innovation in Design" (PDF), the first version of CorelDRAW was published in 1989 and entitled CorelDraw 1.0.

Windows 2.1 operating system is required to run this software. CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 is the latest version of CorelDRAW. CorelDRAW version 23 published in March 2021.

CorelDRAW Graphics Suite 2021 is accessible across platforms and devices, including Windows, Mac, web, iPad, and mobile devices, with even more expanded capabilities and features.

Understanding CorelDRAW

CorelDRAW is line or vector based graphics processing software. The last item is a composite of many lines, either straight or curved.

CorelDRAW isn't the only vector-based graphics processing software out there. As for related software, such as Adobe Illustrator, Beneba Canvas, Macromedia Freehand, Metacreations Expression, and Micrografx Designer,

CorelDRAW is a tool that can be used to develop drawing and text applications quickly and easily.

CorelDRAW includes options and layouts for various products. CorelDRAW is well known by graphic design employees because it provides various conveniences, both in terms of features and the complexity of its capabilities.

Use of CorelDRAW

Although primarily a vector-based object processing software, CorelDRAW is capable of performing various activities that are closely related to graphic design.

Regarding some products that can be made with CorelDRAW, including the following:

  1. cover.
  2. Layouts.
  3. Advertisement.
  4. Brochure.
  5. Calendar.
  6. Leaflets.
  7. Decal.
  8. Banner.
  9. Poster.
  10. Invitation.
  11. Name card.
  12. And many more.

Quoted from the book Information and Communication Technology SMA/MA Class XII by Eko Supriyadi and Muslim Heri Kiswanto (PDF), CorelDRAW is object-oriented and screen-oriented software.

When creating an image, one of them is when creating an enlarged or enlarged image. No matter how much magnification is done, the image is not distorted. Consequently, when it comes to combining designs, designers have greater leeway.

Main Features of the CorelDRAW Application

You already know the features and capabilities of CorelDRAW. Let's take a closer look at what it has to offer.

Here's the information for you: summarized from the official CorelDRAW website.


you may have to collaborate with other illustrators on some projects. How to make cooperation simpler in the process?

That's where the characteristics that facilitate group work come in. There is no limit to the number of users who can read and update design documents while using this application. That way, the coordination process can run more smoothly. No more misunderstandings.

Advanced Typography Tools

Do you regularly have to create fonts? If so, then CorelDRAW is an application worth paying attention to.

The X and Y axis font thickness can be changed. There are no more limits to bold and thin letters.


A vector graphics application, CorelDRAW, is available for Windows and Macintosh computers. This had the unfortunate effect of limiting illustrators working solely on paper for the time being.

How does he convert the scanned artwork (which is a bitmap) to vector? No need to worry because PowerTRACETM is already included in this application. With it, you can easily modify bitmap graphics by searching for vectors.

Also, the ultimate effect isn't quite right, you see. After witnessing these amazing capabilities, it's safe to say that CorelDRAW is a very advanced design application.

For this reason, you really have to polish your talent carefully. In addition to the provenance of the design, additional details and insights must also be considered.

Tools in the CorelDRAW Application

CorelDRAW also includes tools to do design work in addition to its great functionality.

Pick Tool

First of all, there's the pick tool. Selecting items on your canvas is a breeze with this handy tool. In this article, if you select words or phrases, you use the Pick Tool.


Indeed, CorelDRAW is a professional graphic design application. Even so, you can still use it to create basic shapes.

There is an option to create simple shapes like stars and arrows. Another possibility is to create neatly organized compartments in the style of a math notepad.

Pen Tool

Basically, the Pen Tool operates as its name suggests. This is a “pen” that you can use to draw on your canvas.

How to use:

  1. To add a new point to your canvas, simply click anywhere (X point).
  2. Drag your mouse anywhere to make a line from point X to anywhere.
  3. When it comes to creating.
  4. In a straight line, click the appropriate place.


  1. Do not release your mouse in the appropriate position.
  2. Hold the click while moving your mouse up and down to modify the curve.
  3. Click and release the button when you are done.
  4. Two arrows will appear which you can modify to vary the angle of the curve.
  5. With ingenuity, this tool is undoubtedly invaluable for your graphic work.
  6. Of course, adjust its use according to your needs.

Shape Edit Tool

Want to create a form you've created? Shape Edit is the tool you need. Through this tool, you can fix crooked lines. Also, you can turn straight lines into spirals.

Text Tool

CorelDRAW's Text Tool is just that: a tool for writing. You can choose from a variety of typefaces and use them in your work.

In addition to writing, this tool also has a table tool that makes it easier for you to design tables.

CorelDRAW Application Prices

Do you want to use this app now that you see its benefits and features you have to spend some cash to achieve it. CorelDRAW is available at the following prices:

  1. The subscription plan costs $ 399 USD per year (Subscription plan).
  2. 785 dollars in the United States (price plan).
  3. Purchasing this app directly poses a risk finance significant.

What if you find that you don't want to use it? You don't need to worry, because CorelDRAW has the answer. You have 15 days to try the trial version of this app.

CorelDRAW Alternative Application

Besides CorelDRAW, there are a variety of different graphic design programs to choose from. Quoting eduCBA and 99designs, alternative applications for CorelDRAW are:

  1. Adobe Illustrator.
  2. Inkscape.
  3. Affinity Designer.
  4. Apache OpenOffice Draw.
  5. DrawPlus.
  6. skencil.
  7. and others.


Below are some frequently asked questions and related answers for Corel Draw.

Is CorelDRAW a Graphic Design Program?

CorelDraw and Photoshop are two graphic design programs that are widely used for adding a visual aspect to a project.

However, even though both are graphic design software, they have various variations. Here are some examples: In January 1989, Corel launched its own company, Corel.

CorelDRAW Application Program What application program does it include?

The publishing application is included with the CorelDraw application package. Printing and publishing professionals can benefit from the capabilities of CorelDraw. CorelDraw can create images with very good quality. CorelDraw is an application for processing text and graphics.


So, to become a competent graphic designer, modern software is not enough. It is impossible to produce high-quality work without in-depth knowledge of various creative concepts.

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