Here's How to Claim the March Mobile Legend Redeem Code

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Game ML (Mobile Legends) has again issued a free redeem code. So that it doesn't expire, hurry up and claim the latest ML redeem code March 28, 2021.

It is known that this Mobile Legend game was developed by Moonton. Gamers, which were released in 2016, were also successfully invaded by gamers, and this game has even become one of the most popular games in Indonesia.

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Interestingly, Moonton has issued an ML redeem code which gamers can immediately exchange for free rewards. This time, the rewards that can be obtained are double EXP, double gold, free skin, fragments, and so on.

Because the ML redeem code is limited in nature, so this code cannot all be claimed 100 percent. Therefore, it's as soon as possible to claim the redeem code so you can get free rewards that can be used to beautify your favorite heroes in ML games.

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Latest ML Redeem Code March 29, 2021










bewithu (unlimited)

iloveu (unlimited)

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How to Claim the ML Redeem Code

Mobile Legends game application on a smartphone. [Shutterstock]
Mobile Legends game application on a smartphone. [Shutterstock]

For Mobile Legends (ML) game players, hurry up and claim the latest redeem code that came out on March 28, 2021 so it doesn't expire. The method for claiming the Redeem ML code on March 28 is as follows.

  1. First of all, visit the site
  2. Then, enter one of the newest ML redeem codes into the 'Redemption Code' column
  3. After that, enter your account or your Mobile Legends game username ID
  4. Click the 'Send' button
  5. Then, enter the verification code
  6. Next, click the 'redeem' button until the words 'Success' appear
  7. Then, login to your Mobile Legends account that has been binded
  8. Wait until the reward item is sent directly to game mail
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Keep in mind, if when claiming the redeem code there is a problem or it has expired, it means that the code has been claimed by another account so it cannot be used anymore.

Therefore, make sure you immediately claim the latest redeem code, especially for Mobile Legends (ML) game players. Thus the information regarding the latest ML redeem code March 28 2021. Hope this is useful!

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