How the Development of Social Media – The following is an explanation of the development of social media which we all really need in this day and age where the technology is very sophisticated. Let's see the article below.

Indonesia is one of the countries with the largest number of social media users in the world. Indonesians make up a significant part of the world's total number of social media users on sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and others.

But how did the number of social media users in Indonesia reach that point? Do Indonesians immediately recognize and use social media?

Was there no media used by the people in Indonesia before? In order to increase our understanding of the evolution of educational media, we will use summaries from many online and offline sources to try to address some of these issues.

So, how is the development of social media in Indonesia? First of all, let's take a look at Indonesia's mainstream media.

Old Media

Old Media

When we talk about “old media”, we are referring to a type of mass media that is less dependent on the internet for its daily operations. Traditional media, such as radio, television and newspapers, are important elements of media consumption in Indonesia and around the world.

Old media, when compared to the growth of new media, according to certain parties, is an unattractive era. However, old media cannot be literally abandoned.

Many of our people have abandoned the old media, but the old media have not been completely abandoned. Existing media products, such as LCD TVs and radios, can take advantage of technological advancements such as audio and video streaming and e-paper to make them more competitive.

As the development of technology is getting better, so is the problem of switching to new media in Indonesia, where infrastructure and economic problems continue to slow things down.

New Media

Sharing media messages via the internet is a big part of the so-called “new media”, which is a different type of media than before.

Historically, the expression "new media" began with the birth of the internet era. New media is a kind of media that was born from the process of digitalization of technology and scientific breakthroughs.

Things that are manual become automatic, and things that are difficult become concise, making it easier for the user. New media is also sometimes referred to as digital communication technology that is digitized and connected to the internet network.

New Media

Dennis McQuail stated that the advantages of new media include interconnection, access to specific audiences, interaction, and diverse applications for different types of individuals.

Interconnectivity means that there is a connection between one device and another, while interactivity means that with new media there are opportunities for interaction between users and other users.

We've examined the new media features in more detail in another post. One of the things that can be called new media is the internet (although not technically the whole internet is new media).

The Internet is a global computer network that adheres to a mutually agreed upon set of standards for functioning. Social media has come a long way since the advent of the internet.

Because of how quickly, easily, and freely people can talk to each other around the world, the world of social media is likely to replace more traditional ways of speaking.

Social media

Social media can be considered as a kind of medium for exchanging information. Social media in general is media that is used to socialize (connect, either directly, in groups, or so on) between users.

“Social network”, “SNS” and “communication network” are some of the terms used in social media. Broadly speaking, social media and social networks use the same mechanism, namely online media that is connected to the internet.

On social media and social networks, there are many people who are connected to each other without being limited by geographical boundaries, distance, or even time with the aim of communicating with each other, sharing something, having ideas, making friends, and even, in some cases, meeting their soul mate. .

Social media


A certain distinction has to be made between social media and social networks, especially when it comes to the media used. In the social media realm, you'll find everything from blogs and forums to chat apps and social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Examples of social media include email, chat, and so on. Social networks, also known as “social media,” are web-based environments where people can engage and build relationships with one another by sharing information, posting comments, sending private messages, and uploading pictures and videos.

You will see multimodal communication from the same perspective. The qualities of social media that we have discussed in previous articles might help you understand social media better, or you can go a step further by learning the definition of social media as given by professionals.

However, because social media is a different form of media, we may still find the role of mass media in this social media, although not completely the same.

While SNS (Social Networking Site) is a more specific term to explain which site is used to carry out these social networking activities. Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Path, Tumblr, etc are examples of social networks and SNS.

Social media activities are supported by the existence of a communication network that connects two or more computer devices that are capable of transferring data, instructions and information using the internet network so that social media users can be well connected to each other as long as the network is used continuously.

To work perfectly. From the presence of social media, of course, there are social media consequences or social media influences that also need to be watched out for.

The web, email, chat, instant messaging, FTP, web folders, video conferencing, newsgroups and other similar technologies have all been used in online media communications to date etc.

Amount of Time Spent On Social Media


Development of Social Media in Indonesia. Along with the improvement of internet infrastructure such as wifi, fiber networks, and others in Indonesia, social media in the country is also catching up with users' speed to go online.

According to the Association of Indonesian Internet Service Providers (APJII) in 2012, around 63 million Indonesians have internet access, with up to 95 percent of their activities involving the use of social media.

Highest percentage of users using social media and highest activity level. One of the main reasons for this is that mobile internet devices are becoming more affordable to the general public, allowing network penetration to a wider range of users.

Expansion of access to social media in Indonesia is helped by advances in mobile technology. Smart phones such as Android, iOS, and so on, as well as other IoT devices such as phablets, tablets, and so on, have made it easier for people in Indonesia to connect to the internet and social media.

Currently social media is not only used as a means of communication and outreach but is also used for political, governmental and other interests, as happened in the case of the 2014 presidential election, where most of the major campaigns were carried out through post-conflict local elections.

Internet and social media. Social media makes it quite simple to create a social reality based on certain information or events.

You can learn a lot more about how the world came to be if you look into social construction theory. There are also ideas such as “media convergence”, “media communication”, and “media equity”, among others.

With a penetration rate of tens of millions, any material, from unusual events to simple things that you never thought of before, can quickly become viral in Indonesia due to the ever-growing presence of social media in this country.

The increasing number of online petitions shows that social media users are not only aware of the role of social media in interacting but also in carrying out movements or supporting certain ideas to regulate the development of the surrounding community, such as petitions to stop education.

Television broadcasts or breaking up certain mass movements, for example. The use of social media is also growing and diversifying. Apart from connecting with others and having fun, Indonesians use social media to advertise goods and do business.

Thus, business owners will get convenience in carrying out distribution operations so that production costs become cheaper.

As previously said, social media is not only used to market products it is also used to promote political causes.

Seeing the extraordinary potential of users in Indonesia, social media companies have started to create official branches or offices to make it easier to connect with the government or with users in Indonesia.

The creation of a formal office makes it easier for people to report problems on social media, and also provides an opportunity for some people to find work.

Impact of Social Media in Indonesia

The beneficial influence on our society is not exerted simply because social media makes it easy to stay in touch with friends and family and connect with social media.

Impact of Social Media in Indonesia

Negative consequences abound, and if left unaddressed, our society may develop in the opposite direction to what we as Indonesians expect.

Amount of Time Spent On Social Media

The social development of the younger generation tends to be affected as one of the negative consequences of social media. In essence, some of the younger generation spend too much time on social media and ultimately do not have the ability to interact directly in the real world.

The courage to make connections with strangers, whether in elevators or on trains, for example, is on the wane. As a result, social bonds deteriorate and getting help becomes more difficult.

Social Media Content Is Easy To Negative Influence

In addition, the increase in social media users who are children makes it easier for children to imitate or duplicate unpleasant information that is widespread on social media.

This makes it easier for them to blend into a mixed age group, resulting in a variety of vocabulary and topics of conversation that are not appropriate for their age.

As a result of these consequences, parents must take extra care in educating their children, even if it means setting aside extra time to watch a child's growth to ensure that future generations have the capacity to grow and achieve their goals.

He has the life he has as part of Indonesian society.


Indonesians are one of the biggest social media users in the world. New media is a distinct type of media that started with the birth of the internet age. Social media can be considered as a kind of medium for exchanging information.

Social media activities are supported by the existence of a communication network that connects two or more computer devices that are capable of transferring data, instructions and information using the internet network so that social media users can be well connected to each other as long as the network is used continuously.

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