Instagram Lite is launched by Facebook in 170 countries - Facebook announced on Wednesday that it was launching a "lite" version of Instagram in 170 countries, allowing people with poor internet access to the social networking service to share photos and videos.

Instagram Lite will be available for Android-based phones and requires less bandwidth than the traditional version.

The app itself takes up just 2MB – versus 30MB for Instagram – and even runs on slower 2G networks, so customers in parts of India, Africa, Asia and Latin America with older internet infrastructure can access the service.

This is the market where there is the greatest need,” said Tzach Hadar, director of product management at Facebook in Tel Aviv, where most of application developed.

“Uses much less data. So if you have a small data package, you won't be out of breath using this service. However, the goal is for us to have the same experience as you get on Instagram,” he said. Reuters.

Hadar, Facebook's head of research and development in Israel, said 170 countries did not represent a full global rollout, but "it's a step along the way".

He found that apart from TV and Roles – for creating and sharing short video clips – Instagram Lite retained most of Instagram's main features.

The lite version of Facebook itself has been available worldwide for five years.

In addition to the Lite version, Facebook has developed its Express WiFi service in Tel Aviv to enable Internet access in around 20 countries in Africa, Asia and South America.

Hadar said his team is now working on a digital wallet for Facebook. "They have nearly 2 billion people with no or limited access to banking and financial services, and tens of billions of dollars spent just on fees for migrants wanting to send money back to their families," he said.

Another initiative is a Facebook shop for small businesses to sell products online.

Facebook's research and development center in Tel Aviv opened in 2013 after hiring Israeli mobile app maker Onavo for an estimated $ 150 million (approx. Rs. 1.090 billion) – $ 200 million (approx. $ 1.460 billion). Rupee).

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