Apple Plans To Release Iphone 13 – Even though the iPhone 12 only hit stores a few months ago, Apple is already targeting its next flagship smartphone, the iPhone 13 (or whatever it's called). According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, we expect four versions of the new phone: iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Mini, iPhone 13 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max. But when can we expect Apple to show off its newest phone?

Apple hasn't given any clues about an iPhone 13 event date yet (although there will likely be an Apple event later this month to potentially reveal the AirPods 3). However, based on Apple's history, we can usually predict when the company's iPhone event will occur and make an educated guess based on the release date.

While the pandemic changed course for 2020 and was the first Apple event in September in eight years without an iPhone due to production delays, Kuo predicts a return to the company's signature cadence in 2021.

If so, we can expect to see our first iPhone 13 at an event in September.

Apple usually hosts its events on a Tuesday or Wednesday, and iPhone release dates are usually set about a week and a half after Apple announces new devices. Usually new iPhones are released on Friday, around the third week of September.

Several years ago, CNET studied the timeline of events apples in depth and create an interesting Labor Day hypothesis that you can read about here. Based on the 2021 calendar, Labor Day rules will fix Apple's September event (and the launch of the iPhone 13) to September 8, with a release date of September 17.

We won't know if this is true until Apple announces an event and shows off the phone. However, if you want to plan ahead and save for the iPhone 13, we'd bet on a timeline for September, at least for now.

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Thus, the information we have received from a trusted source. I hope the iPhone 13 will be released quickly at a low price. Because, lovers of this product are very much in demand in Indonesia.

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