UC Browser Apk Old and New Version

Rancakmedia.com – As we know, there are lots of popular browsers on social media. One of them is UC Browser apk, now there are old and newest versions, see below.

This application is also not very large in size. As a result, the installation process can be carried out from high-spec mobile phones to large-spec cell phones. Furthermore, alert phones can still install this app.

If you want to experiment with the APK version of the UC Browser application, especially the older variant. You should read the reviews below carefully so that you can complete the download and installation process without any issues or glitches.

What is UC Browser

What is UC Browser

The application used to browse this website was released in 2004 and is compatible with all mobile operating systems. The UC browser, created in Beijing in 2004, has a number of advantages.

For example, there is a save savage feature (to save favorite pages), clipboard, screenshot feature, and a "faster browsing" system if you surf and feel sluggish.

With UC Browser you can visit various websites and social media to watch online.

UC browser itself has received several awards, including the 2013 Market Leadership Award in the mobile browser industry (APAC) category from Frost & Sullivan which is a well-known business consulting firm in the world.

Then, in 2011, About.com presented the Readers Choice Awards. However, UC browser has some issues with privacy and security policies.

Furthermore, according to statistics, UC browser, despite its long existence, has never been able to replace the use of competing browsers such as Google Chrome.

Review UC Browser APK

Before going further with UC Browser and some of its features. It doesn't hurt to start with a quick overview of the app as a whole. That way, you can decide whether to use it or not.

Review UC Browser APK

Because it has many interesting features, this application has grown over the years. As a result, many users switch from the default Android phone browser, such as Google Chrome, to UC Browser, which is considered to provide many benefits.

This application has a very simple interface when used in general. This means you can do whatever you want without first mastering it. People who are using it for the first time can still take full advantage of it.

This version is important to remember if you want to use this browser. Some versions have significant differences and can sometimes only be installed on certain phone models. If you can't use the latest version, you can downgrade.

Finally, if you want to use this processor, you must have at least 2 GB of RAM. If you already have these specifications, you can immediately use them. As a result, there will be no traffic jams or other distractions.

Features Offered by UC Browser APK

The features provided by UC Browser APK are quite diverse, and the majority of villages are well utilized by all. Here are some features that can be used to perform any task.

Features Offered by UC Browser APK

1. Speed Up Browsing

The first thing UC Browser can do is increase browsing speed. This feature is very reliable for those who live in areas where the signal is not stable and they often have to wait too long for the site to open.

So, even though opening all kinds of sites, which are sometimes quite heavy, is not a problem. This is why this browser is more widely used than others because it can open various types of sites more easily and quickly, including sites with videos.

However, it is still recommended to use a cellphone with the required specifications. If the phone has poor specifications, the website opening speed may be reduced, but in general there will be no problem.

2. Speed up Downloads

When using this browser application, your download speed will also increase. When using a computer to download, the download speed is usually accelerated by using Internet Download Manager, or IDM.

You can only use this browser if you are using a cell phone. As a result it can run faster when downloading anything from media to various types of data.

Especially if the server hosting the file is a Google Drive server. Most likely will be able to download quickly and without problems.

Another factor to consider if you want to complete the download process quickly is using a stable connection. Even if you only use a cellphone connection, the download speed can be high as long as the network is stable and the package is suitable.

3. Good Video Player

One drawback of mobile browsers is the inability to play media, which is often sloppy. One of these capabilities is the ability to play videos from certain websites or mobile streaming platforms.

This kind of thing won't exist if you use UC Browser because the video player available in this application is already operational. This means that if you open a website with a video, it will play very smoothly and without interruption.

UC Browser APK Old Version

Also, the app includes a video player, so if the video is successfully downloaded, it plays perfectly. As a result, there will be no problem using the app to watch videos.

4. Ad block

If you want to open certain sites, especially free sites, usually the number of ads will be very high. Those annoying ads can cause problems if you click on them accidentally and install certain apps or get a virus.

Ad Block is one application that can help you overcome this problem. This application is useful for preventing the appearance of many advertisements which are likely to be very annoying when you open the site.

There is a possibility that the site can be opened more safely by using Ad Block. Various types of annoying ads, such as pop-ups and floating ads, can be avoided, allowing you to do anything from reading to downloading.

5. Data Saving

The ability to save data is the next feature provided by the UC browser application. The purpose of data storage is to carry out the storage process by downloading as little data from the website as possible so as not to burden the user.

This feature may not be effective if you are using a stable and unlimited WiFi connection. Those using a mobile data connection, on the other hand, have a reasonable quota. This feature will be very useful as it can be used to save money.

This is why UC Browser always opens any site faster and easier. The reason is simple: this browser can save downloaded data, allowing the page viewing process to run quickly.

6. Incognito Mode

Incognito mode is a feature that allows you to access any website privately. This means no one will know whether you visited a particular website or not. As a rule, all data on this page is immediately deleted.

This incognito section is usually used to access important account pages. As a result, different data will not be stored in the browser because it will be completely deleted immediately, so that one's privacy is better maintained.

7. Small Windows Mode

One of the drawbacks of the Android phone browser is that it cannot minimize processes. If you want to open another application, you must close the application you are currently using first.

There will be nothing like that if you use UC browser.apk because there is a small windows mode feature available. When you use this feature, the page from the browser still reads or hovers when you open another application.

The page size will be reduced, but can be repositioned as desired. If you want to be called again, you can enlarge the page by pressing it. This skill is ideal for those who work with cell phones.

Pros of UC Browser Mini Old Version APK

UC Browser APK Old Version

There are two types of UC Browser that are commonly used today. The first contains the contents of the latest version of the browser, while the second contains the APK version of UC Browser which is an old version or was released several months or years ago.

There are several reasons why the old version of UC Browser APK is preferred over the new one.

1. Compatible with Phones

Compatibility is one of the reasons why people prefer older versions of UC Browser over newer versions. Not all phones are compatible with the latest version released directly on Google Play or UC official site.

Because they are not suitable, these applications are usually not installed properly or are rejected by the cellphone. Even if installable, the internals are usually inefficient, requiring a downgrade to a previous version.

This is why, depending on the type of phone one is using, some people prefer to go with the older versions. If you have an older phone, the older version of UC Browser will likely work better than the latest version.

2. Rarely Error

Using the latest version of an application will almost always result in an error or problem. This can happen if the cellphone used doesn't match the version, or if the latest application is still unstable, causing problems such as errors.

If you encounter this problem, you must first uninstall the latest version of the UC Browser application. Then, install the APK file of the previous version of UC Browser so that it can be opened and used as needed.

3. Not Too Big Size

Old versions of UC Browser are usually not very large, so they can be installed on various smartphones. Old Android cellphones are a common type of cellphone, so they require a size that is not too large to save memory.

In addition, most of the old phones have limited memory, and most of it has been consumed by the system. To continue using the capabilities of UC Browser, it is usually necessary to use an old version of the application that is functionally still running well.

If you must use an older version, choose one that is not too far from the latest release. As a result, most of the content can still run optimally and there are no fundamental differences from the new version.

How to Download UC Browser APK

Pros of UC Browser Mini Old Version APK

Below are some of the advantages of the old version of UC Browser, as follows:

  1. With this Speed Booster you can browse at optimal speed because this is indeed one of the superior features of UC Mini. Not only for internet access, but also for faster download needs
  2. There is a Smart Download feature, which will allow you to download files simultaneously, suitable for those of you who like to download lots of files and can continue downloads that have been postponed too
  3. Not only the camera, but there is also a night mode feature in the UC Browser Mini Old Version APK application, so this browser is really suitable even if used at night even when there is little light, so it won't bother your eyes

How to Download UC Browser APK

If you want to download UC Browser, you need to follow the two steps outlined below:

1. Download from here the latest version that is always updated

Download HERE

2. Download Old Version APK


How to install UC Browser APK

The APK installation process can run normally. The system will not reject the APK file from UC Browser because it is a genuine application which is also available on Playstore.

It's a good idea to follow some of the methods or steps below if you make modifications or use mod-type applications.

  1. Enter first into the settings or settings available on Android phones
  2. After entering it, look for additional settings which are located at the bottom
  3. Enter additional settings then look for the security or security section
  4. Once inside you have to look for the install from unknown source section or installation from unknown sources
  5. This section must be activated first
  6. After being active, you can carry out the installation process as usual by pressing the APK file that has been obtained
  7. Wait for the installation process to run until it's finished
  8. After that, immediately open UC Browser to use it as needed

APK Installation Method

The difference between the new and old versions

Older versions of UC browser apk may be less feature-rich than the latest UC browser.

  1. The latest UC browser is UC Browser Apk Mod version 12.13 which is modified from the color or attractive appearance of the old version of UC browser
  2. The difference, for example, is in the UC News feature which can provide the latest information updates every day.
    And in the latest version of UC News this can be removed because it can be annoying for some users
  3. There are also pro or feature offers to clean from ads and don't miss that, namely stable search speeds and fast downloads
  4. If we talk about the next possible difference, between the old version of UC mini and the old version of the UC browser apk, it will definitely be seen clearly, especially in the size or size of the apk.
  5. The old version of the UC browser mini has a size that does not exceed 15 MB while the old version of the UC browser apk has a size of around 40 MB
  6. Then, from how to download the old version of UC browser mini, it's also quite easy because it can be used on your Android or cellphone, especially because of the small data size but with good download and surfing capabilities.

Tips for Using UC Browser

If you use the principle of the browser, you should read the following simple tips:

  1. It is always recommended to use the latest version because it usually has the most recent and useful features
  2. If forced to use an older version, it is recommended to turn off the automatic update process on the Play Store first
  3. Always download APK files from well-known sources and don't just download from untrusted sites
  4. UC Browser APK is a tool that can be used to easily open various types of sites. Moreover, with this application you can save money because the data that will be downloaded when opening the site will be compressed quite well

The difference between the new and old versions

Apart from that, by using this browser you can also open various types of blocked sites. So you can take advantage of Incognito and the VPN that is already installed in it to open various types of websites that are considered violating but in fact there is no problem with the content at all.

Furthermore, this application can be used to make the download process easier and faster. You can even use it to download various types of videos such as Korean dramas or other videos more quickly and can pause and resume.

List of the Best and Fastest Browser Applications

Using the best browser for browsing the internet can undoubtedly simplify and increase the efficiency of your work. As you all know, there are many examples of web browsers available on the internet.

To meet your needs, try to identify the benefits and features provided by the browser. For example, faster performance, enhanced security, flexibility and downloadable presence. Check out the full explanation in the summary below.

1. Google Chrome

You can use this browser to add extensions or download apps based on your needs. The Chrome browser, on the other hand, is not without its drawbacks. One of them is the use of storage and power which is quite high so it is not suitable for devices with low specifications.

2. UC Browser

UC Browser is a good example of a browser commonly found on Android devices. This browser accepts and displays data in the form of images, text, video, or sound. Apart from being the best browser, UC Browser can also be used to access information provided by web servers.

3. Safaris

Safari is an identical browser built specifically for Apple Inc.'s operating system. that runs on Mac and iOS.

4.Mozilla Firefox

Firefox was formerly known as Phoenix and then as Mozilla Firebird before becoming a free cross-platform web browser developed by Mozilla.

Tips for Using UC Browser

5. Vivaldi

Vivaldi, being one of the best examples of browsers, has also gone through alpha and beta versions. Former Opera executive Jon Von Tetzchner founded Vivaldi.


UC browser itself has received several awards, including the 2013 Market Leadership Award in the mobile browser industry (APAC) category from Frost & Sullivan which is a well-known business consulting firm in the world.

Thus the article about UC Browser Apk Old and New Versions, I hope the above articles can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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