Download Ruok999 Macro Mod Apk – As you know now there is a way to download ruok999 macro mod apk, you can refer to the article below to find out at a glance about ruok999, the features and also the risks of using ruok999.

Many beginners complain when they first play Free Fire, because of the level of difficulty and competition.

In an arena, rookies of all skill levels sometimes mix together because the game makes no difference.

It's understandable if novice Free Fire players immediately die when they jump into the game. If you don't like this thing happening all the time.

About Ruok999 Macro Original

You can try using a cheat application like Ruok999. This application will make it easier for you to win matches in Free Fire.

Overview of Free Fire

Garena Free Fire is one of the best survival shooter games that can be played on cellphones, Android or iPhone.

This battle royale game will force you to fight with 49 other players online on a remote island.

The game lasts only ten minutes, but is packed with action. The aim or goal of playing Free Fire is only one, namely to be the only survivor who survives to the end.

In solo mode, all players except you are enemies, you have to kill you if you want to win the match.

When the game starts, 50 players (including you) will board the plane. As soon as you reach the island, you can use your parachute and direct your landing to collect the best weapons and equipment.

After getting the weapons, armor and equipment you need, you can immediately attack other players or hide to develop strategies.

Don't forget to pay attention to the safe and danger zones, stay in the safe zone as long as possible;

1. Free Fire, Battle in Style

Actually this game is very simple, you only have four things to do in order to win the match in this game. These four things are:

  1. Look for equipment (weapons, armor, armor, etc.)
  2. Stay in your comfort zone at all times
  3. Take whatever you can from the corpse you just shipped
  4. Be the survivor who survive till the end

Don't forget, if you can find an airdrop containing extraordinary items, it will be very easy to continue the game. But be careful, because there will be many players who are also eyeing the airdrop

2. 10 Minutes, 50 Players

The game is highly competitive and chaotic, as 50 players will be placed on an island to kill each other for 10 minutes.

In addition, some are also narrower than other islands, so players can meet each other and there are gunfights and extremes.

3. Squad 4 People

Apart from the solo mode, you can also play as a team in Free Fire. To be successful as a group, these four team members must work together to achieve a common goal.

But it's not as easy as one might imagine, good teamwork is needed so that a squad can get Booyah. Communication between players makes it easy for you to work together during matches.

4. Clash Squad

There is also a Clash Squad mode, where 2 teams of 4 people will fight each other. Clash Squad, in contrast to other game modes, relies on the player's ability to effectively budget your money to buy weapons and defeat your opponents.

What is FF Ruok999 Macro Apk

5. Realistic and Smooth Graphics

Even though many people say negatively about Free Fire, especially when compared to other similar games, this game still has realistic gameplay and smooth graphics.

In essence, it can still compete with similar games designed for more powerful devices.

6. Lightweight, Compatible for Low Devices

Free Fire's compatibility with low-end hardware is one of the reasons it is so popular. Free Fire doesn't need a high-end device with god-like specs to work properly.

About Ruok999 Macro Original

Then, what is the Ruok999 Macro application? So, this application is an application for Free Fire cheats. Of course, this application will make it easier for you to win every game in Free Fire.

Even for those of you who are not too proficient in the game, this application is very helpful. The auto headshot feature is one of many great additions to the original Ruok999 Macro.

Players will be able to more easily spot enemies by shooting you in the head with this new feature. Medic kit will be useless because the enemy will die immediately.

There are many other features that Ruok999 Macro has which will be discussed one by one in the next subtitle.

Since Ruok999 Macro is not available on Google Play or the App Store, it is understandable that many new beginners will look for a link to download the app.

Free Fire It's not as easy as you think, especially if you've only played it a few times. To master Free Fire, you need a lot of time and patience. Don't forget that the device's sensitivity settings also have an effect.

With this application, you don't need to be a pay-to-play player to win matches at Free Fire. You can do everything even if you only have ordinary skins and weapons.

The original Ruok999 Macro is really good, as evidenced by how easy it is to win the Free Fire game using it.

Overview of Free Fire

The Origin of the Ruok999 Macro Name

Honestly, where did the idea for the name of this app come from? Rouk999 Macro: what does the name mean? Many players, especially beginners, are still curious about the origin of the name of this famous cheat application.

So, the name of this application is inspired by a top player from Thailand. The Free Fire player's name is Ruok, and he also has a YouTube channel.

This player is said to be very great, because of his incredible shooting accuracy. He often does headshots like normal shots.

So do not be surprised if one of the features in the Ruok999 Macro application is an auto headshot which makes a shot at the enemy directly hit his head.

Guaranteed 100 percent, this feature is enough to make you win matches in Free Fire.

What is FF Ruok999 Macro Apk

The apk for macro ruok999 will be reviewed, this application allows the sensitivity of the aim of our weapon to be adjusted according to our specific preferences, whether it is aiming directly at the enemy or aiming in another direction.

We no longer need to force ourselves because the shot we launch will hit our enemy's face. In other words, this ruok999 macro apk is an auto headshot cheat that we can use when using the ruok999 apk application.

If you are interested in finding the original download link for the Ruok999 macro apk, you can find it at, where downloading and installing it is as easy as following the on-screen instructions.

Ruok999 macro apk has many features, all of which can be customized to meet your specific needs. If you are curious, check out the full list of features available in the apk. This is a screenshot of the original ff.

Risks of Using Ruok999 Macro

Main Features Ruok999 Macro Original

Ruok999 Macro is used by cheaters in Free Fire for various reasons. This application does have many excellent features that make it very easy for players to cheat and win matches in Free Fire.

There is no need to talk about morality, because if we talk about it, using this application is illegal and violates the terms and conditions imposed by Garena.

Who cares? As long as it's not caught, either by other players or Garena, of course there's no problem using this application.

So, for those who are curious about what features are in Ruok999 Macro, you can read the full explanation below:

1. Auto Headshot

The first and most coveted feature for many novice players is the auto headshot. we're not sure what that means.

So, when you use this application while playing Free Fire, all the shots you shoot will hit your head right away.

As you already understand, shooting enemies in Free Fire isn't as easy as one might imagine, especially if the distance and weapons don't support it.

Even if you hit your opponent in the head, it's harder to just hit your body. This is rare. However, thanks to the original Ruok999 Macro, any shot you take off will be head-turning.

No need to aim at the enemy's head, just shoot with the origin, because even if it hits another limb, the result will still be a headshot.

2. Set Sensitivity Easily

The next feature of the original Ruok999 Macro is the availability of auto sensitivity settings. You need to know, sensitivity is important when you play Free Fire.

Without proper sensitivity, you can't maneuver properly, the result is of course defeat. However, with this application, you are free to choose the sensitivity you need, starting from the sensitivity of X250, X2500 to X25000.

In Free Fire, the higher the sensitivity number, the smoother you move and shoot. So don't be surprised if your shots that you always miss will change drastically at first.

Your shots will be more accurate as a result of fine tuning the sensor. Of course it can hit the enemy's body, and it's not impossible that the headshot rate will increase.

To hide the use of a cheat application, you can use this feature. Yes, using the headshot feature is very easy, but if you keep doing it it will raise suspicions. Of course you don't want other players to report your account right?

3. Set Sensitivity of All Weapons

There may be an option to adjust the screen sensitivity automatically, in which case this feature is intended to be used solely to change the sensitivity of the weapon itself.

You can adjust the sensitivity of the weapon appropriately, so you can produce accurate and deadly shots.

There are many weapons available in Free Fire, all of which have different settings and how to use them.

Of course the way to use AK47 and Scar is different, especially if the equipment you get is also different. Use original Ruok999 Macro to solve this problem.

Through this application, you can adjust the sensitivity of all weapons in Free Fire. Of course, once set, the sensitivity of the weapon will be according to what you want, so you can use it comfortably.

How to adjust weapon sensitivity in Free Fire through the Ruok999 Macro application is very easy. you just slide the bar right or left to get the right sensitivity. Don't forget to do a trial run to produce the best output.

4. Anti Banned

Ruok999 Macro, in case you didn't know, is an illegal application. You also can't find the original Ruok999 Macro on Google Play.

Due to its legality, Free Fire strongly recommends not using this application while playing games. The risk that you will most likely accept is getting tires from Garena.

This means that the Free Fire account that you use together with the Ruok999 Macro application will be blocked by Garena. You may never get the account back.

However, there is good news for you, because the original Ruok999 Macro is also equipped with an anti-ban feature. That is, this feature will reduce the possibility of Garena detecting illegal activity. By doing this, the account will not be banned.

As a result, using the Ruok999 Macro is no longer a concern. Thanks to the anti-ban feature, you can feel comfortable without fear that Garena will block your account.

If you're still unsure, try using another Free Fire account first; if all goes well, you can go back to using your main account.

5. Small Size

No need to worry, you don't need a smartphone with a large internal memory to be able to install Ruok999 Macro.

As a result, even on older HP phones with less internal memory, this app can be installed without any problems.

If you knew how small this app is, you would be surprised. Yes, the original Ruok999 Macro is only 1.78MB in size. So don't worry about clogged internal memory on your new smartphone.

6. Light, Not Burdening RAM

Ruok999 Macro is not only compact, but also consumes very little power when running. You don't need a smartphone with high-end specifications to run this application smoothly.

At least, you only need a smartphone with 2 to 3 GB of RAM which is relatively affordable. Because of that, Ruok999 Macro can run smoothly with Free Fire.

You won't have any issues with lag, force closes, or anything else. This application will not overload the smartphone's RAM at all.

7. Easy to Use

Finally, Rouk999 Macro is very easy to use, even for beginners who are using the application for the first time. This application has a simple appearance but with powerful features, you can activate the features you need easily.

Enabling features like auto-headshot and sliders to adjust screen and weapon sensitivity is as easy as checking a box. After that the application will immediately activate, you can check directly in the Free Fire game.

Risks of Using Ruok999 Macro

As an illegal application, of course, many ask about the security of using Rouk999 Macro. Naturally, this application is insecure due to its ambiguous origin.

Of course, Android will label it as an app that can't be removed, though that can be resolved. Then, what are the risks of using Ruok999 Macro?

Ruok999 Macro may have slipped through a loophole in Garena's security system, but that doesn't mean he can't be detected. Even though it is equipped with an anti-ban feature, the risk of getting banned or blocked by Garena still exists.

Main Features Ruok999 Macro Original

Download Ruok999 Macro Original

Below is a way to download ruok999:

  1. Application name Ruok999 Macro
  2. Developer JHESKY FF
  3. Version 1.0
  4. Size 1.78MB
  5. Minimum OS Android 5.0+

Download Links: Click here 

Above we have provided the download link for the original version of ruok999 macro, we do not recommend that you download the mod version of ruok999 macro because the mod version has unknown flaws.

How to Download and Install Ruok999 Macro

How to download and install Ruok999 is actually easy, even though it doesn't come from Google Play. For those of you who are going to install an unofficial application for the first time, see the tutorial below:

  1. Download Ruok999Macro
  2. While the download is still in progress, open HP Settings
  3. Enter the Privacy and Security menu then tick Unknown Sources
  4. After the download is complete, open File Manager > Internal > Download then install Ruok999 Macro APK
  5. Wait for the installation to finish
  6. If so, open Rouk999 Macro
  7. Select the feature you want to activate, for example, Auto Headshot
  8. Set the screen sensitivity from X250, X2500 to X25000
  9. Set the sensitivity of the weapon, slide the bar as needed
  10. If so, just click Login Free Fire

Maybe using the original Ruok999 Macro for Free Fire cheats is dangerous, because the risk is an account ban by Garena.

Download Ruok999Macro

For those of you who just want to try it, you can use a second Free Fire account, so you won't regret it too much if it's blocked by Garena.

How to Install the Ruok999 Macro Apk Application

Actually, it can be installed automatically if the device is using the current Android version, but each smartphone device will be different

And for more general ones, please activate it in the Allow section so that when installing the application it can be successful. More below.

  1. The first step, please download the ruok999 macro apk above
  2. Then enter in the Settings / Settings
  3. Select in the Security / Security section
  4. After that slide or activate Allow from unknown sources
  5. Then all you have to do is look for the ruok999 macro file, sir, and please install it
  6. Done

More or less like that how to install the original ruok999 apk, then all you have to do is use it, but if you don't know how to use it, you can see it as follows below.

How To Use Ruok999 Macro Apk

How To Use Ruok999 Macro Apk

For how to use it, it can be said that it is very easy, and all you have to do is activate a few settings while in the cheat application, for more details, you should be able to follow the steps below.

  1. Please open the ruok999 macro apk that you just installed
  2. Then there will be several services that must be set
  3. Select Sensitivity starting from sensi X250, sensi X2500 and sensi X25000, make sure to swipe right to activate it
  4. To activate the weapon, please swipe to the right until it's full, you can only do a few weapons, or you can activate all of them
  5. then tick in the PS Ruok999 config section
  6. After that, all you have to do is log in to free fire
  7. Then later it will be directly directed to the free fire game
  8. Done happy playing

For how to apply the ruok 999 macro apk application, it can be said that it is very easy, just as above, the initial method is to successfully activate the auto headshot mod cheat

The Origin of the Ruok999 Macro Name

Is Ruok 999 Apk Macro Safe

Actually, if anti-ban already exists, it doesn't mean that the original Ruok999 can be safe, indeed, if there are no players who report it to free fire, it will feel safe to use at any time

But if many people feel aggrieved, that person will report that you are using fraudulent methods.

If you continue to use this Ruok 999 apk, you will be flagged by ff and suspended for 2 days, 3 days or 7 days.

Is Ruok 999 Apk Macro Safe


The apk for macro ruok999 is that this application allows the sensitivity of the aim of our weapon to be adjusted according to our specific preferences, whether it is aiming directly at the enemy or aiming in another direction.

Thus the article about downloading ruok999 macro mod apk, I hope this is useful for those who read it and can add the information you are looking for.

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