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This is bad enough, considering that the site is quite popular among PC game lovers. It is undeniable that playing games on a PC or computer gives a different taste. Therefore, nowadays more and more people are switching to PCs.

Advantages of PC Games Compared to Mobile

Advantages of PC Games Compared to Mobile

As we all know, the development of smartphones is so fast and rapid. Various innovations have sprung up, including the presence of thousands of selected games that players can download for free, both free and paid.

The popularity of PC games, on the other hand, has cemented itself in the minds of its fans. Moreover, since then many gamers have shared the excitement of playing PC games through your YouTube channel. In your opinion, what differentiates PC games from console and handheld versions?

1. Screen

Everyone can easily see the advantages of this one, where the PC has a wider screen. That way, every aspect of the game is easier to see. A smaller screen is found on smartphones.

2. Graphics

Until now, there has been no mobile game that can match the graphics quality that comes with a PC. This image makes PC games look more natural and beautiful, making them more pleasing to the eye.

3. Storyline

The meaning of the storyline is the storyline that builds a game. There isn't as much storage space on a smartphone as there is on a desktop computer, so the storyline isn't as complicated as on a desktop pc. Even good online games turn out to have very simple plots.

4. Difficulty level

This factor is closely related to the longer and more complex storylines of PC games. The reason for this is that a long road will inevitably include many journeys, each of which will present its own difficulties. Because of that, the level of difficulty is much more challenging, sometimes it even feels absurd.

5. Gameplay

PC games tend to offer unique gameplay, so players can explore games more freely. This helps players feel more comfortable playing PC games longer and don't get bored quickly.

6. Updated DLC

For true gamers, of course, they really feel this, because DLC has more content in the game. In-game content can be anything from cosmetics and weaponry to areas and story additions not available in mobile games.

7. Price

One of the factors that differentiates between mobile and PC games, especially in terms of price. Players usually invest a lot of money to play on their own completely when playing on PC. Thankfully, now there's Steam Download Unlocked for PC as a practical answer.

Get to know Steam Download Unlocked For PC

Get to know Steam Download Unlocked For PC

Steam Download Unlocked is a relatively new concept. Alright, before discussing further, here's a short summary of sites that are currently increasingly being visited by PC game lovers.

Steam download unlocked for PC is a platform that allows visitors to download many games for free. With so many choices, this platform seems more like a library.

Due to the high volume of users, Steam Unlocked sees tens of thousands of visitors per day. As a result, from year to year, its appeal is getting wider.

Pros of Steam Download Unlocked

Free download download games are readily available on many platforms nowadays. However, the steam download unlocked for PC offers various advantages, such as:

1. Multiple Collections

In its role as a library, this platform naturally presents a wide variety of games for its customers. The collection continues to experience additions, along with progress in the game world.

This site not only has games for adults and esports, but also has games for kids of all ages.

However, it is best to stick with support, especially during game search and installation procedures.

2. Simple Display

One of the factors that keeps visitors loyal here is the light and simple user interface. It's very easy for gamers to navigate the platform and find the game you're looking for.

The Steam download unlocked for PC has broken down each action into various menus, so players can access what you need.

The ability to perform searches quickly thanks to the presence of a search box in the upper right corner is an added bonus.

3. Easy Installation

Due to the more complex nature of the files, the installation procedure for PC and mobile games is somewhat different. Not infrequently, players have to download third-party applications to speed up the game installation process.

To make things easier, you can use unlocked steam download. Just by implementing a few procedures, the game will be installed and players can test their enjoyment right away.

4. Game Request Menu

Want to download your favorite game, but it's not on the Steam Download Unlocked for PC site? Relax, players can request games from the developer by pressing the Request Game menu.

This menu is acknowledged by many parties to be quite helpful for both parties, even though it seems shallow. Players can get the game, while the collection from Steam Download Unlocked will also increase.

5. Complete Details

Another benefit of using this download site is the complete description of the game. After the user clicks on the image of the game to be downloaded, the screen will display the details, including:

  1. The storyline and how to play the game
  2. Features in the game
  3. Link
  4. Installation instructions
  5. System requirements that must be met, so that players can play the game without problems
  6. Game Collection on Steam Download Unlocked

Game Collection on Steam Download Unlocked

A review of unlocked steam download for PC isn't complete without going over the collection on the site. Here are some games that players can download without limits:

1. Action

Due to their challenging difficulty, action games have become popular among those of you who like to play online games. In this game, players have to develop hand-eye coordination and other motor skills.

To complete the level before the timer runs out, great care must be used with accuracy and timing. Gamer characters can suffer heavy losses if you arrive late at the scene.

The action games available on Steam download unlocked for PC are:

  1. Clash Force
  2. Deep Space Waifu Academy
  3. The Caribbean Sail
  4. Boot Hill Blaster
  5. Secrets Of Arcadia
  6. Ninja Sakura, and 800+ other action games

2. Adventures

As the name suggests, this game is mainly about the missions that gamers have to carry out to complete the levels. Therefore, storylines tend to be longer with large and rather complex maps.

The adventure genre also has a large following, as gamers must be able to use logic to unravel the next clue.

The Steam download unlocked for PC also contains a wide variety of adventure games, such as:

  1. Last Heroes
  2. HelloCharlotte
  3. Pieces of Memory
  4. Kings Quest
  5. Shipwreck, and others

3. Simulation

Even though it looks light, today's simulation games are also increasingly popular. Not only young people, adults are starting to peek at it, because it presents an idea that is very comparable to real life.

Here's a compilation of simulation games on Steam Download Unlocked:

  1. Swat 3
  2. The Cold War Era
  3. War Drones
  4. Neko-Nin
  5. Ostriv
  6. Motosport, and others

4. Survival

This game, as the name suggests, requires the participation of gamers in order to be successful. The storyline which is a blend of adventure and action games, the survival genre is able to present a tense sensation.

Another way Steam Download Unlocked for PC tries to get an edge over the competition is by stocking up on a wide variety of survival games.

Here are some games that can stimulate the adrenaline of true gamers:

  1. Space Pirates and Zombies 2
  2. Star Shelter
  3. Take on Mars
  4. Hyakki Castle
  5. Human: Fall Flat, and others

5. Steam Download Unlocked For PC: Shooter

One additional subgenre of action games, especially the shooter genre. In this game, the player's skills must be well trained, especially in estimating the opponent's movements.

If you want to try some thrills, consider downloading the following games:

  1. Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands
  2. Singularity
  3. Sniper Ghost Warriors
  4. Ghost Warriors
  5. Seed of the Dead
  6. Fleet, and so on

6. Puzzles

Puzzle games are very powerful games for sharpening one's brain and creativity, both for children and adults.

Playing puzzle games can be a free way to pass some free time. The most suitable choice may be one of the following games:

  1. Ripples
  2. Taiku Mansion
  3. Campfire Cooking
  4. Typoman
  5. Invisibox, and others

7. Wrestling

Even though the name of the genre might sound weird, at least it has something to do with fighting, right? Yes, wrestling is a game where the goal is to beat other players.

The following are some interesting collections available on the PC version of Steam:

  1. Wrestling Revolution
  2. WrestlingEmpire
  3. WWE 2K20
  4. Battle Grounds
  5. The Battle of Polytopia, and others.

8. Horror

Horror games can be great fun for people who are into certain subgenres of entertainment. As a result, players who play by the rules outlined below will experience a whole new level of tension:

  1. Heads Among
  2. Undead Souls
  3. Dead by Daylight
  4. Bubsy
  5. Blue Whales
  6. Perception Remastered
  7. Mementos, and others

9. PS2 Games

Even though it has been published since 2000, games on the PS2 are still the prima donna of game lovers. Of course, some of them have undergone changes and innovations to increase the level of entertainment.

Because of that, there are still many gamers who are looking for it to fill their time at home. The good news is that Steam Download Unlocked for PC also features PS2 games that can be downloaded for free, such as:

  1. Azure Striker Gunvolt
  2. The Longest Night
  3. Strikeforce Kitty
  4. Dark Light
  5. Modern Warfare, and others

10. Virtual Reality Games

No less challenging than the survival genre, virtual reality games allow gamers to interact with the environment in the game.

These advantages are able to provide a variety of experiences for the players. To get optimal excitement, gamers can use certain headsets.

As a result, players will be drawn deeper into the game and be able to appreciate every little element. Even though the library isn't extensive, the following games are enough to make you fall in love:

  1. Richies Plank Experience
  2. Boneworks
  3. Sandbox Furniture
  4. The Talos Principle
  5. Quivr, and others
  6. Steam Supported Platforms

Likewise Steam also supports other systems, such as:

  1. MacOS
  2. iOS
  3. Androids
  4. Linux

Even Steam itself also supports running on consoles. With a note that the console must be installed Linux OS first.

How to Download Games on Steam Download Unlocked

How to Download Games on Steam Download Unlocked

The genres listed above are just a small sampling of those available on the internet; there are many more. Please access Steam Download Unlocked for PC directly or apply the following approach to download selected games:

  1. Run the browser, then go to the Steam Download Unlocked site or just Download Here
  2. Find the game you want to download. Players can select it through the category menu or directly type the name of the game in the search field
  3. Click the icon or image of the game in question
  4. Scroll down, find and hit the Download button
  5. The system will direct players to the UploadHaven page. Tap Download Now, once it turns blue
  6. Wait until the download process is complete

How to Install Games on Steam Download Unlocked For PC

Please note, the above approach is only limited to downloading files. Because it hasn't been downloaded to the computer yet, the game doesn't show up on the desktop.

How to Install Games on Steam Download Unlocked For PC

Players can install it by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Find the file of the downloaded game in the Download folder
  2. After finding it, just right-click on the file
  3. Select Extract or Run as
  4. Done, players just have to wait for the game to finish installing on the PC

As a side note, some of the games here may require additional applications for the installation process.

But there's no need to worry, because Steam Download Unlocked already provides a download link in the game description.

How to Create a Steam Account

Here's a way to create an account on Steam:

  1. After the installation is complete, open the Steam application. In the log-in window, click “CREATE A NEW ACCOUNT.”
  2. Fill in all the available fields (account name, password, email address and verification captcha) and put a check mark next to the words "I agree AND am 13 years of age or older."
  3. After that, click "Continue", you must open the message that you got in the email that you entered to verify the email address
  4. Steam can now be downloaded and accounts created. It's very simple, right? Come on, get Steam right now and take advantage of a variety of fun and big-saving games on the Steam storefront!

How to Create a Steam Account

Game Recommendations on Steam

After you finish installing Steam, you will be given a lot of games. Confused about choosing the right game to play? Here are some picks for the best games on Steam in 2020:

  1. Fall Guys
  2. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG)
  3. Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege
  4. Red Dead Redemption 2
  5. Counter Strike: Global Offensive
  6. Among Us
  7. Dota 2
  8. Monster Hunter: World
  9. Grand Theft Auto V
  10. Doom Eternals
  11. Destiny 2
  12. Cyberpunk 2077

Game Recommendations on Steam

Is Steam Download Unlocked For PC Safe

It has been claimed by the site builder that every link has been thoroughly checked. You have also checked for the presence of the virus, so it is guaranteed to be safe.

Some users have previously complained that your downloaded game cannot be played. Not only that, some of you also admit to experiencing problems, both during the download and installation process.

As a result, programmers offer explanations and solutions. If you download, make sure it doesn't lag for other players. The reason for this is that files can become corrupted due to time delays.

Furthermore, players should pay attention to download links. Make sure the address really belongs to the original Steam Download Unlocked, considering that there are already several sites with the same name.

Some PCs may detect Steam Download Unlocked for PC as a virus or malware, preventing the game from running.

For this, users can stop the antivirus and Windows defender on the PC and then try to re-extract the files.

What if when downloading a 403 banned error notification appears? Usually this happens because gamers try to download many game applications at once. Unfortunately, one file can be downloaded from this platform per IP.

Therefore, players must make sure that there is only one file now going through the download process. If you want to install a lot, then download everything in stages, so there are no system errors.

Is Steam Download Unlocked For PC Safe

This phase can also encourage smooth downloads, because the internet only concentrates on one process. If the problem persists, give it a short pause and see if the server is still offline.

If players, on the other hand, are not familiar with PCs, it is best to use official and legal sites. However, disabling antivirus is a bit dangerous, because your PC can be threatened by malware or trojans.


Steam Download Unlocked is a relatively new concept. Alright, before discussing further, here's a short summary of sites that are currently increasingly being visited by PC game lovers.

Thus the article about steam free download for free pc games, I hope this is useful for those who read it and can add the information you are looking for.

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