Why Can't Download on Playstore, This is the Cause

Rancakmedia.com - Lots of netizens ask why can't it be downloaded on PlayStore? You don't need to worry because we will discuss the causes and how to deal with not being able to download on the PlayStore.

Downloading apps on PlayStore sometimes doesn't work, takes long time or encounters other issues due to various factors.

Depending on the root cause, there are many approaches to bypassing this barrier. Learn how to deal with it effectively by reading the information below!

What is Google PlayStore?

Before knowing why you can't download it on PlayStore, you need to know that PlayStore is a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google.

What is Google Playstore_

It's no wonder that someone calls it Google Play. Previously this platform was called the Android Market.

It functions as the official app store for all devices using the Android operating system. You can browse and download applications created with the Android SDK or Software Development Kit offered by Google on Google Play.

This platform functions as an app store and digital media store. Where users can find various kinds of media, including music, movies, books, and even television shows.

There are free and premium apps available for you to choose from. The number of applications is very large and varied. Most of these apps are very useful for all users.

Google Play was officially launched on March 6, 2012, according to the company's history. This instrument is a combination of Android market, Google eBook Store, and Google Music.

Google PlayStore Service Type

The PlayStore service includes a wide range of choices as it combines several instruments:

Google playstore service type

1. Google Play Books

In Indonesian it is also called Google Play Books. Previously, the phrase used was Google eBook.

This signifies that this is an e-book application provided by Google with cross-platform reach. Users can access PlayStore's audiobooks section from this menu and download or purchase titles from there.

There are millions of e-books on this platform, making it one of the largest book exchanges in the world.

Users have the option of uploading their own PDFs or ePubs in their Google Play Books cloud storage account in addition to downloading them. In total there are 1,000 files that can be uploaded.

This site includes an affiliate network that allows users to earn royalties or commissions from book sales.

2. Google Play Movies & TV

Google managed app for watching movies and programming on the big screen. Services may range from purchase to rental, subject to availability.

You may find a lot of high quality information on this site. In fact, there's a 4K ultra HD video option for optimal clarity.

Material can be viewed on a mobile device running iOS or Android, via an extension for the Google Chrome browser, or directly on the Google Play website.

If you want to download offline, this can only be done via the mobile app and Chromebook machine.

3. Music

As the name suggests, here you can download and listen to streaming music. Currently, there is a separate application that can be loaded on each user's device under the name Google Play Music.

Users have the option of listening to music and radio for free or paying a monthly subscription fee.

4. Google Play Apps and Games

Users worldwide are familiar with this premier service. You can access the Google app store and download and update apps there.

There are millions of apps and games available on this platform. Some are chargeable, but most are offered free of charge.

Many different applications are available for various gadgets, but only those that meet the minimum requirements can be installed.

Reasons Why Can't Download on PlayStore

Before downloading, users must read the entire application description to make it compatible with the Android device used.

In addition, users have the option to distribute their own apps and earn revenue from advertisements that appear on other people's copies of apps.

Reasons Why Can't Download on PlayStore

The rise of the digital world affects various areas of life. Many organizations are now afraid of being left behind because of technological advances. They are competing to build applications that can be used for various purposes.

As a result, today there are a large number of applications available to assist in various human endeavours. Making payments, for example, is used for purposes of using currency. However, currently there are various digital wallet applications that make money transactions easier.

You can do many things more practically, effectively and efficiently just by using an application on your smartphone. To use this application, you must first download it from the Google PlayStore.

Downloading various applications with Google PlayStore is quite easy. However, problems do arise from time to time. PlayStore download delays, old downloads, or even failed downloads can be examples.

Bro, how come it can't be downloaded on PlayStore? Many factors are the cause of not being able to download on the PlayStore. Here are some reasons you can't download on the PlayStore, namely:

  1. Internet network connection is interrupted or hampered
  2. Smartphone storage memory is full
  3. Cache data is too full
  4. There are many useless and unnecessary applications on smartphones
  5. There is an error message that goes to the device. For example, error message 491 and error message 403
  6. Problem with Google PlayStore settings
  7. The smartphone does not match or support the application you want to download
  8. The phone is having certain problems
  9. Google Play Services has encountered a problem

Apart from the several reasons why you can't install applications on the PlayStore above, there are many more reasons why you can't download from the PlayStore. However, you don't need to worry too much. It turns out that there are many ways to deal with PlayStore unable to download.

The approach used may differ based on the reason why you cannot download it on PlayStore. To fix the problem of unable to download apps from PlayStore, you have the option of using one of several methods.

Solution Why Can't Download on PlayStore

After knowing the reason why you can't download it on Playstore, here are the solutions you can do if you experience something similar, as follows:

Solution Why Can't Download on PlaysStore

1. Recheck the Internet Network Connection

Downloading or downloading an application on PlayStore obviously requires an internet network connection. Downloading apps from Google PlayStore may take a long time or even fail if your internet connection is unreliable.

As a result, before you download applications from PlayStore, make sure your smartphone has an active internet connection. Make sure the internet network connection is fast, so that it can be used to download applications quickly.

If the internet network in that place is very bad or slow, you can move to a location that can get a better internet network.

If you have two SIM cards with different internet connection providers, please try switching the internet network to another internet connection provider. Also, make sure you have sufficient internet bandwidth to download apps from Google PlayStore before you start downloading anything.

Actually downloading applications on the PlayStore can also be done by utilizing the internet network from Wi-Fi or Hotspot. However, make sure the WI-Fi or Hotspot network you are using also has a fast internet connection.

2. Check Network Settings again on PlayStore

Error in Google PlayStore network settings is one of the most common reasons for not being able to download apps from PlayStore.

1. Google Play Books

When the Google PlayStore network setting is set to Via Wi-Fi Only, downloading apps on the PlayStore cannot be via a normal internet network.

You must use a Wi-Fi or Hotspot network to download applications on Google PlayStore.

What's the best way to change this option? You can adjust network settings on Google PlayStore. Downloading apps from the Google PlayStore is now possible over a standard Wi-Fi or cellular data connection.

On Google PlayStore, follow these steps to configure your internet connection:

  1. Open Google PlayStore on the smartphone
  2. Then, open the Settings section and you can immediately select the App Download Preference
  3. Change the setting to Over Any Network so that downloading applications on the Google PlayStore can be done using any network, be it a Wi-Fi network or a data connection.
  4. After completing network settings on Google PlayStore, please try downloading the application right away! Don't forget to make sure the internet connection network used runs smoothly

3. Delete applications on smartphones that are not used

There are a large number of applications that are useful every day. As a result, there are tons of interesting and practical applications on your smartphone.

However, having many applications on a smartphone can make the storage capacity full.

You will not be able to download additional programs if your storage is full. Then why can't we download it from PlayStore? Google PlayStore is also unable to download the program due to lack of available storage.

What's the answer to this problem? Applications that are still in use can be re-selected, as well as applications that are no longer needed.

After that, just remove unused programs to free up storage space for downloading new apps.

2. Google Play Movies & TV

  1. Go to the Settings section to enter the App Management section
  2. Select the application to delete. Make sure the application is no longer needed and used
  3. After that, just press the Uninstall section so that the application is immediately deleted from the smartphone
  4. In order to download applications on Google PlayStore, you may need to delete more than one application that is no longer used. The number of apps that need to be removed depends on the size of the new apps you want to download

4. Clear Cache on All Applications

Most of the smartphone users often ignore the growing cache on their phones. Even though a cache that is allowed to develop for too long and is never deleted can be the cause of the Google PlayStore not being able to be used to download applications.

Yes, of course, because the accumulated cache can make the cellphone's storage memory full and the cellphone works slowly.

That's what causes the cellphone to not have enough space for new applications that Google PlayStore wants to download.

The option that can be done is to immediately delete the cache that has been built into the cellphone. All apps in the phone must have cache which needs to be cleared to free up storage space.

Another way to clear the cache of all applications, namely:

  1. Open the phone and go to the File Manager section to select the Clean Memory section
  2. Then select All App Cache Data and put a check mark for all the apps you want to clear their cache
  3. Then at the bottom just click the Delete option
  4. Actually you can delete cache one by one in all applications, but this method is less effective. Therefore, it is better to immediately clear all cache of all applications on the cellphone so that there is enough storage space to download new applications

3. Music

After all application caches have been cleared, you can immediately try downloading a new application through the Google PlayStore.

5. Removing Proxies

Errors 491 and 403 are just a few of the many reasons why you can't download apps from PlayStore. What should you do if you receive an error message?

You can remove the proxy to solve the problem. Remove proxy to fix unable to download from PlayStore issue:

  1. Open smartphone settings to select Dual SIM & Mobile Network
  2. After that, you have to open the connection settings on the SIM card you are using, for example SIM1
  3. Then select the Access Point Name that you are using, for example Indosat-SNS
  4. After that, you can immediately delete the proxy and port sections
  5. After removing the proxy, make sure to select Save
  6. After you have finished deleting the proxy, you can open the Google PlayStore again to try downloading the desired application again

6. Increase Storage Capacity

The most common reason for the inability of a smartphone to download apps is lack of available storage space or memory. The remedy can be done by deleting all app cache as shown above.

Also, as previously explained, you can delete applications that you no longer use or no longer need. What if, however, all of these apps are still desperately needed? Then, how?

Another possible approach is to expand the capacity of the storage space. You can replace the microSD card with a new microSD card that has a larger capacity.

However, if your phone has two microSD card slots, then you just need to add a new microSD card.

4. Google Play Apps and Games

Make sure the newly installed microSD card has a larger storage capacity. The idea, of course, is to make the storage space on your phone bigger, so you can download more programs through the Google PlayStore.

7. Check the terms of the application you want to download

Why is it impossible to download from Google PlayStore? Another reason you can't download apps on your smartphone is the state of the app you want to download. Some applications can only be downloaded on mobile phones with certain characteristics due to their specific requirements.

Sometimes applications like this can still be downloaded, but cannot be used on smartphones that do not allow the use of these applications.

Here's how you can do to make sure whether the application you want to download is available for your cellphone or not, namely:

  1. Open the phone and immediately open the Google PlayStore application
  2. After that, select the application that you want to download or download
  3. Detailed information about the application will appear on the screen
  4. Then, look for information whether the application can be available for your device or not
  5. If indeed the application is not available for the device, then you cannot download the application

8. Troubleshooting Existing Google Play Services

Google PlayStore performance is, of course, closely tied to Google Play Services. Authentication to Google services is possible using Google Play Services.

In addition, Google Play Services can be utilized to update Google PlayStore applications. One of the possible causes for your inability to download apps from Google PlayStore is a problem with Google Play Services.

Of course, Google Play Services will take care of this problem. Troubleshooting Google Play Services is as easy as the following:

  1. Open the phone and go directly to the Settings section
  2. After that, you can immediately select the App Management section
  3. Then look for the Google Play Services app. When you don't find it, then you can try to search in the Show All Apps section
  4. After finding it, please immediately open Google Play Service and enter the Storage section
  5. Next, please select the Clear cache and Clear data section
  6. You can use this method to make Google PlayStore usable again for downloading applications. When the above method doesn't work, then try to delete Google Play Service
  7. After that, download the Google Play Service again

9. Try Restarting or Restarting the Device

Restarting the smartphone device is another option to try to get Google PlayStore working again for downloading apps. Restarting a mobile device is a simple process.

Please hold down the power button for a few seconds to open the power menu. After that, you will have the option to restart or shut down your computer. You can use the restart option to restart the smartphone device.

1. Recheck the Internet Network Connection

After the device is active again, please enter the Google PlayStore and try downloading or re-downloading the required application.

When Google PlayStore still can't be used to download programs, then you need another technique to fix it.

The last option is to upgrade or update to Google PlayStore. Or, you can download Google PlayStore and reinstall it.

Why is it impossible to download from Google PlayStore? There are various reasons why Google PlayStore cannot be used to download apps.

Each of these factors can be directly addressed with the correct techniques to deal with them.

You can immediately try some of the methods above to overcome the Google PlayStore that cannot be used to download applications. Make sure you use the right approach according to the cause.


Play Store is a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google. It's no wonder that someone calls it Google Play. Previously this platform was called the Android Market.

In the article above, we didn't only discuss the reasons why you can't download it on Playstore, but we also discussed solutions that you can do if you can't download it.

Thus the article about Why Can't Download on Playstore, This is the Cause. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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