Latest Nova Launcher Prime Apk 2022 – Lots of netizens have downloaded Nova Launcher Prime Apk on their cellphones. This application is in great demand by more than 50 million people, if you want to know more details, you can see the article below.

Since it has gone through the modification process, the latest version started by third parties and known as Mod Apk should satisfy all the users.

Dengan begitu, kamu tidak perlu meragukan kerumitan application Nova Launer. Hal-hal yang ditampilkannya cukup menarik dan terlihat canggih untuk edisi saat ini.

Overview of Nova Launcher

Due to its small size and light weight, it will have little impact on the performance of the computer or mobile device you are using.

This time, the performance is much better than before, enabling a unique user experience. Applications can also be obtained in a simple and free of cost way.

Overview of Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher is a direct downloadable app on the Play Store for Android users. Its main purpose is to update or replace the default home screen appearance with various modifications that spoil its users.

There are several characteristics that can help with this main task so that the appearance of your touchscreen smartphone becomes more attractive and easy for everyone to use.

Nova Launcher TeslaCoil Software has been downloaded more than 50 million times because of the coolness of its main purpose. The large number of downloads shows that this program is very popular and successful in the market.

Most of the users also seem happy, as shown by some of the good testimonials they have earned in the app store.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Review Application

Interestingly, Nova Launcher comes in various versions. The first is the general version which can be downloaded on the Play Store for free.

Second, the paid Pro edition has a nicer appearance as it contains a number of additional functions than the free version.

Also, the ultimate pro mod version, which is available free from third parties and includes a comprehensive range of pro features, is the third version.

To separate the three, you will discuss them further in this post.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk Review Application

You must be aware that Nova Launcher Prime Apk is an Android application that can perform various tasks quite well.

In other words, you have full control over the look and feel of your device's interface by modifying system settings directly.

This application allows all users to handle many things that are not allowed by system devices.

For example, the Nova Launcher application has the ability to control and change the graphical user interface. All your applications and files can be accessed from the desktop.

That way, you can be as creative as you like about the applications that will be presented. The goal is that the gadget's performance is more optimal than before. How not, the Nova Launcher Prime Apk application also supports many attractive themes and icons.

Exclusive Features of Nova Launcher Prime Apk Mod

The main advantage as long as you use this application is that you are given access to the ability to change the appearance of your Smartphone device. In addition, this one application is proven to be able to boost the performance and productivity of each user.

If you're interested in learning more about Nova Launcher, be sure to check out our upcoming review, where we'll go into detail about the program's fantastic features, download links, and other related apps.

10 superior features of the Nova Launcher Prime Apk application

The ten amazing features of Nova Launcher Prime Apk which will help you to have different smartphone applications are listed below.

Link Download Application Nova Launcher Prime Apk Latest Version 2022 This is because the Nova Launcher app allows all users to do things that are not allowed by the device system.

1. Backup Settings

This first great feature is probably the most interesting, because if you change devices later, you can still get the same look and gestures as before. Backup/Import settings are located under Nova Settings.

2. Can Change the Appearance of the Google Search Bar

The Google Search bar on the Android home screen can be annoying at times, as you probably know from personal experience. Fortunately, thanks to the Nova Launcher Prime Apk application, everything is manageable.

As a result, you now have options to customize the appearance of the app, including its shape, Google logo, amount of invisibility, and more.

Please later you find the Google Search option under Nova Settings – Desktop – Search Bar Style.

3. Able to Eliminate Writing on Application Icons

In this day and age, who doesn't like it when the names of their favorite Android apps are displayed in a row on their Home Screen icon?

Of course there are people who ignore it and don't mind it, but there are also those who find it unpleasant. You can get rid of the writing by using the Nova Launcher Prime Apk application.

For the Home Screen on the Desktop, for a full list of programs in the App and Widget Drawers, and for the Dock itself, look in the Icons – Layout – Labels area.

4. Changing App Drawer Background Color

App Drawer is the section that displays all actually accessible apps on the Smartphone device, or a list of apps.

How to Install the Nova Launcher Prime Apk Application

For example, with Android 7 Nougat, the App Drawer background is white. There is an app in Nova Launcher that allows you to make the app list view translucent or change its color later.

Later you will find this feature yourself in the Settings – Apps / Widget – Drawer – Background menu. Apart from the App Drawer, you can also change the background of the Dock itself. Please later enter the menu Settings – Dock – Dock background.

5. Changing the Android Application Icon

Furthermore, it can be said that this function is one of the most popular aspects among users of the Nova Launcher Prime Apk application.

Android application icons can be customized to have any shape that the user wants. Be it as a whole, or individually. When you want to change the app icon, you have to download the icon pack first.

To be able to modify all application icons on Android, open the Nova Settings – Looks/Feel – Icon Theme menu. Choose one of the icon sets you downloaded. Here's how to replace them one by one:

Long press the application icon in question until a menu appears, then select Edit.
You can also long press the application icon and then slide it right up in the Edit section
After that press the icon image on the Edit Shortcut menu, and specify the icon as desired.

6. Changing the Form of the Android Application Folder

We propose that when you change the icon, you should also change the shape of the folder. It doesn't matter if the goal is to impress the uniform or just to stand out from the crowd.

You should also know that the application folder is useful when you want to categorize programs in one area and one category. For example, just social media, or just playing games.

Here you can find this function under Nova Settings menu – Folder – Background Folder. After that, please tweak according to your own wishes.

10 superior features of the Nova Launcher Prime Apk application

7. Night Mode is available

The Nova Launcher Prime Apk application itself is loaded with a famous feature called "Night Mode", which displays a dark version of all the visual components on the smartphone. you can start with the search bar and work your way up from there.

The interesting part about this mode is that it can be used continuously or on a schedule for each user.

For this one function, you can find it under the Nova Settings – Night Mode menu. Later, please make your own schedule, choose which aspects you want to activate.

8. Can Shade on the Top and Bottom of the Screen

The next feature that we believe is a multi-purpose feature, because you can offer a shadow effect or in the form of a gradient at the top or bottom of the Android Home Screen.

The idea is that you can see the icon in the status bar if the color of the wallpaper on your Home Screen is the same light as the color of the icon.

Please after that you access this function in Nova Settings – Desktop, and swipe the screen until you find the words Show Shadow, then you just have to activate it.

9. Lock the Android Home Screen

What if you accidentally clicked the Home Screen button and the app icon moved? That's what I experienced. Sometimes it's quite troublesome, right?

Well, now you can lock it permanently so that the symbols stored in it are not easily moved. Find this function under Nova Settings – Desktop, then swipe the screen until you reach the word Lock Desktop.

10. Position of Icons and Widgets in the Subgrid

For this last fantastic function, most of its customers don't activate it. This one feature really allows each user to insert an icon or widget in the middle of the grid space.

The difference between Nova Launcher Prime Apk and the Free Version

Well, by using this capability you can position icons and widgets closer to each other. To find this function, just go to Nova Settings – Desktop – Desktop Grid and select the Subgrid Positioning option.

Link Download Application Nova Launcher Prime Apk Latest Version 2022

For those of you who are interested in the Nova Launcher Prime Apk application, below we will provide a complete download link with application details.

Please use this application to the fullest. Then if you want the application to run ideally and stably on a smartphone, make sure the OS you are using is above Android 4.0:

  1. Application Name Nova Launcher Prime Apk Mod Tesla
  2. Version 7.0.24
  3. Latest Status
  4. Free and Full License
  5. Application Size 10 MB
  6. Click the download link:

Also make sure you download the application using the link that we shared above, because currently many irresponsible parties are taking advantage of the popularity of the Nova Launcher application, so many fake download links have been infiltrated by a type of malware virus that can infect. damage system performance. from a device.

Even though not all forms of updated programs are actually malicious, it's just that monitoring is much more important, for the security of the data and the device itself.

Instead of using the URL we provide, please find a legitimate and reliable alternative.

How to Install the Nova Launcher Prime Apk Application

Before you start the application to download and install Nova Launcher Prime Apk, you have to know a few things.

Is it Safe to Use the Nova Launcher Prime Apk Application on Device_

The current version of the application, or the type of Mod Apk, is different from the application that you usually get from the Google Play Store service. Before pairing it on the smartphone, please activate about unknown sources.

So, for more details, please check how to install it on the device like the following points:

  1. The first step is to make sure you have downloaded the Nova Launcher Prime Apk application via the link that we have shared above
  2. If you have downloaded it, don't open the application first
  3. Please go to the Settings / Settings menu on each device
  4. Then go back on the Privacy/Security menu
  5. Check the words Unknown Sources / Unknown Sources to activate or permit related installation of the application on the device you want to use
  6. After that look for File Manager to open the download results
  7. When you have found it, open the application and click Install
  8. Wait for the process until you have successfully installed the application on your device
  9. Success and good luck

How simple is it to set it up? It all depends on you following the instructions exactly as described above, as failing to do so will definitely result in the app not opening at all. Installing the app from scratch is the only option left.

When you install the app, you will immediately be able to visit the launcher settings menu. In this setting, several feature menus that can be accessed are:



Place grid settings, icon layouts, document settings, and more.


It's the place to set layouts, unlock gestures, styles, and more.


Namely the menu used to set the window style, background color, and icon layout.


Namely the Nova search window and configuration bar.

Look and Feel

Here are available features icon preference, animation, scroll speed, and notification bar options.

night mode

Used to automatically schedule dark mode according to time and location.

Movement & input

Can determine the second home button, with swipe, tap, to pinch gestures on the home screen.


It is needed when you need to restart Google if something unexpected happens.

Notification badge

Can choose dynamic badges, numeric badges, up to notification dots.

Backup & restore

you can back up or restore after Nova to previous settings or directly reset to default version.

Exclusive Features of Nova Launcher Prime Apk Mod Tesla

Next you should know that Nova Launcher Prime Apk Tesla is one of the most complete versions ever.

As a result, it includes all the features available in the free and Prime versions of the Nova Launcher software.

Additionally, the song has undergone significant revisions, resulting in a better live performance and app experience. Here we also convey some of the exclusive features that you can get in the full edition:

  1. All features are available without any limits and conditions
  2. You can access and use all of its features freely and for free
  3. The graphical and visual quality of the application looks more optimal
  4. The Social Menu and Rate features have been removed
  5. The Receivers Services and Unwanted Permissions features have been turned off
  6. Analytics and Crashlytics features are also turned off
  7. There is a Color Mod feature
  8. Available languages are Russian and English
  9. The launcher icon and user interface have been changed to a more optimal view
  10. The default wallpaper has been removed
  11. Compressed graphics (feel lighter)
  12. Firebase and Measure Services removed
  13. Tracking is also turned off
  14. Graphics settings are much more optimal
  15. For some items that are not needed in Nova settings, they are moved to Advanced
  16. The color scheme has been changed
  17. The Tesla Unread Plugin is available
  18. The plugin includes features to hide applications and add sliding effects

The difference between Nova Launcher Prime Apk and the Free Version

You will be able to tell the difference between the two after using both of them. The idea is that each version has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Nova Launcher Prime Apk v2.0 is much better than the previous version, in our opinion. Immediately, see the full review below:

Nova Launcher Prime Apk

  1. All types of gestures are available
  2. Provides all types of transition effects
  3. Provides App Drawer Group feature
  4. Provides Hide Application feature
  5. Provides Notification Badges feature

Nova Launcher Free

  1. Only 1 type of gesture is available
  2. Only 3 types of transition effects are available
  3. Does not provide the App Drawer Group feature
  4. Hide Application feature is not available
  5. There is no Notification Badges feature

Is it Safe to Use the Nova Launcher Prime Apk Application on a Device?

For our own protection, we have so far not received any unpleasant complaints from all consumers in various parts of the world.

This means that Nova Launcher Prime Apk is safe enough for you to use. Although this type is known as Mod Apk, or the result of changes made by third parties.

But you don't need to be too afraid, because so far it's quite safe and fun. What do you think, after you know the benefits of the Nova Launcher Prime Apk application?

Coupled with the presentation of distinctive features that allow you to get a different, complete, amazing experience, and provide a lot of convenience when using it.

So what are you still sitting on? Please start the application downloading and installing software on each device as soon as possible.


Thus the article about the Latest Nova Launcher Prime Apk 2022, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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