Latest VivaVideo Pro Mod Apk Without Watermark – You need to know that there are lots of video editing applications, one of which is the VivaVideo Pro Mod Apk which you can use without leaving a watermark on your video, you know.

Mobile video apps abound, and this app is just one to choose from. Compared to other applications, VivaVideo certainly has its own originality and advantages compared to other applications. We will go into more detail about this a little later.

About the VivaVideo Pro Application

To start, let's discuss what VivaVideo pro mod apk actually is. That's because newcomers to video editing on mobile may not be familiar with VivaVideo or know where to go for more information on it.

As said before, VivaVideo pro mod apk is application video editing specially designed for smartphones and other mobile devices.

Until now, VivaVideo pro mod apk is probably one of the biggest video editing apps on the Play Store to date.

This is indicated by the number of downloads that have exceeded 200 million on the Google Play Store. Apart from that, VivaVideo offers various tools to help you create professional looking videos. In the next section, we will discuss all its features in detail.

This feature makes VivaVideo comparable to other well-known video editing applications on cellphones such as PowerDirector, Kinemaster, VideoShow, and others.

This is eye-catching: in over 90 countries around the world, VivaVideo has garnered awards from the Google Play Store for its top ranking of free video editing apps. This of course showcases the high quality offered by VivaVideo.

But even though this application is free, you have to pay for the VivaVideo Pro edition if you want to edit videos more effectively.

Because when you choose free mode, there will be various obstacles placed so that the video edits that you make are not ideal.

Therefore, here we will provide an updated pro version of VivaVideo so that you can continue to edit videos effectively without having to pay the many fees they ask.

VivaVideo Pro Version Features

This application is an updated application, so you don't have to bother buying or upgrading your VivaVideo account to the pro version.

Many new features have been added to keep up with this improvement. The following are some important benefits that you will get from using this program:

1. Creative and Varied Camcorder Lenses

This is an amazing and unique function that not many other apps offer. The VivaVideo camcorder lens function will come in handy for anyone who likes to record videos and edit them on the go. Because this camera allows you to record videos with a variety of unique lenses.

You can choose from a wide variety of videos, from basic for cameras with no special effects to selfies, MV or Music Videos, FX for special effects, and video merge to combine videos.

Finally, a comedy lens is available. Each of these lenses will appear more ideal if you have a capable smartphone camera. Using this lens, you can shoot videos exclusively for Vine and Instagram.

So that the videos that you publish to social media will then have a more interesting impact as the application of the presets offered by the lens before you change them further. VivaVideo Pro's features are actually quite useful.

2. Make a Slide Show

Not only for those videos – that's all, you can also use this pro edition of VivaVideo for other reasons, one of which is to produce slide presentations. This tool is quite essential if you want to prepare a presentation.

VivaVideo's slideshow capabilities allow you to incorporate multiple applications into presentations that can be monotonous or formulaic in applications.

This function can combine multiple photos to produce a slideshow. You can still combine it with additional elements such as adding music, cutting, or merging with other pre-existing videos.

If you want to create engaging and instructive slideshows, you can also add additional customizations from the sidebar on the left of the screen while editing. Supported text, stickers, and effects can all be used in this area.

3. Add Text to Video

There are many types of video requests. Educational films, videos and videos all use a variety of video documentation and video production.

Especially for instructional videos, usually you will definitely need text to convey information to viewers.

If you edit videos like that, then you need a tool to add text to videos, right? So, by using VivaVideo Pro, you can do it easily.

Because adding text to videos is the core function of this app itself. You can also modify the text font by utilizing the fonts offered by this VivaVideo application.

4. More Diverse Fonts

Still related to the previous point, with the VivaVideo Pro application, the typography that you will get will be more diverse.

As the font types that were previously limited in free mode are now displayed in this upgraded app, you have more options for text fonts in your videos.

Of course, this is a significant advantage because a pro version of this typeface was previously required to use it.

If the font you want to use is not accessible in the default application, then don't worry. Because you can still install fonts from outside. You can also complete the installation as usual when you install fonts from outside the app.

Later the font will be automatically displayed on the font choices in the application when you use it.

5. Sharing Videos Easily

VivaVideo, in this era of social media, does not ignore the importance of this issue. Namely publishing videos to social media.

In this application, you don't have to bother taking many steps when you want to share your edited video on social media.

Because as soon as you render the video, there will be options that you can choose to post your video on social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and even Youtube. Besides being simple, the procedure only requires one click.

If you want to quickly share your videos with others, VivaVideo Pro provides you with this application. Or, you can save the video first before sharing it on social media if you don't want to use this option.

6. Export Without Watermark

Maybe for those of you who have used the regular version of VivaVideo and tried to edit videos using the application, you must already know that the resulting video must contain a watermark which can interfere with the video you have edited.

Especially if the watermark is big enough to hide important information that you want to communicate from the modified video.

This is certainly very detrimental is not it? Therefore, here we encourage you to use this updated VivaVideo Pro.

The app has been updated so that the videos you export don't suffer from glitches, including watermarks, like the free version of the app.

7. No Ads

It seems reasonable that ads, like watermarks, can hinder your ability to edit videos accurately and efficiently. Therefore, in the applications that we will share below, you will not find any advertisements.

You can also be more flexible in editing videos and are more comfortable using the features in this application to make videos that are interesting and extraordinary.

8. Special Backgrounds

In exchange for upgrading to the paid version of VivaVideo Pro, you will have access to an exclusive viewing package of the VivaVideo mode app for free.

You can use these custom background sets in your videos if you really need them. This is quite beneficial because you don't have to bother looking for backdrops from other sources, so it will save you a lot of time.

9. Ultra HD

For those of you who prefer to produce videos with good quality, it is highly recommended to use this modified VivaVideo application. We provide high quality export option for all your modified videos.

You can receive Ultra HD video quality even up to Ultra HD4K. Of course, the higher the video quality you choose, the bigger the video size will be.

This will also affect the rendering duration which will be longer. Therefore, make sure your smartphone has sufficient capacity and specifications to use this function.

10. Video Converter

Not only editing, you can also take advantage of the VivaVideo that we offer to convert videos. This function will greatly benefit you if you regularly use a video converter application.

It is now possible to edit and convert videos between different formats all within the same application.

There are many additional features in this VivaVideo Pro application. To find it, you can immediately test it yourself and learn about the features in it. Compare that to the free version to see how much you save.

VivaVideo Menu Functions

In VivaVideo there are various menus that may cause some users not to know the full details. To avoid misunderstanding, the following explanation is sufficient:

1. Slideshow Menu

The slide show menu is useful when choosing which pictures to edit. Then put in the video. When using this menu, users can design their own theme to suit the video.

After that, users can also add music to make it more interesting and in line with a more professional video presentation.

2. Menu Edit

VivaVideo Pro's edit menu provides a mechanism for selecting the video you want to modify. VivaVideo starts processing your video as soon as you decide which video you want to use for video editing.

3.FX Menu

Many of the effects in the effects menu can be customized, as previously mentioned. However, this menu has a function so that users can apply effects to the video being taken.

4.Studio Menu

The studio menu area serves as a video gallery or unmodified video store. This studio menu can be used to continue unfinished videos for users.

How to use VivaVideo

  1. Before using this video editing application, you must have material that you want to make into a video
  2. After that, prepare a personal video collection or photos that you want to edit
  3. Then you can use some of the features in the VivaVideo application. You can add some of these features so that they can provide artistic value and make the video look more attractive and not monotonous
  4. The next step, you just have to enter the application section
  5. Select some videos or photos that you have prepared
  6. Then add songs, text or sound to the video
  7. Adjust until the video becomes better or according to your heart's desire. This is the part of the stage that requires creativity in order to combine everything

Advantages of VivaVideo

Before downloading the VivaVideo Pro Mod apk, you need to know the advantages of the vivavideo pro mod apk, which are as follows:

1. Simple and Elegant User Interface

Performance and usability are no longer the main criteria for evaluating applications today. However, the design aspect should not be overlooked.

What the VivaVideo app has is exactly this. For a mobile video editing app, this app's user interface is very attractive.

Apart from that, you will enjoy a first-class user experience. The flow of each element in this application has been built as well as possible so that you can easily adapt even when you first use VivaVideo Pro.

Especially if you edit videos regularly, whether on a mobile device or a computer with another application. Getting to know the icons and terminology used here will be much easier because you are already familiar with them.

2. Multifunctional

VivaVideo also has the application of being a multi-purpose application. This can be seen from the characteristics above. Apart from editing videos, VivaVideo can also be used to generate slideshows, convert videos and perform other tasks.

Because you don't need to install additional applications and can access all of its functions via VivaVideo alone, this application has the potential to save space on your computer.

3. Great Community

It's safe to say that VivaVideo has a pretty big fan base, considering how famous it is.

VivaVideo's large community of users gives the app great support and at the same time keeps the developers excited to continue improving the app.

Besides that, this might be useful for those of you who are still learning. Because if you run into obstacles, it will be easy to find tutorials or other forms of assistance. You can look for VivaVideo user communities on social media such as Facebook, Telegram, and others.

4. Get All Premium Features For Free

Especially for the apps that we discuss below, you will benefit by receiving all the premium features for free.

Previously, you were required to pay a certain amount of money if you wanted to upgrade to the VivaVideo Pro application.

Where only in the application you can access all the available premium features. But here we will immediately offer an updated application so that what you install will automatically become the VivaVideo application which is already in pro mode.

5. Spec Friendly

It is common knowledge that video editing applications are resource intensive and not suitable for many applications.

If you are going to use the VivaVideo application, it seems that this assumption is wrong. Because VivaVideo is a fairly light video editing application.

This makes the app very spec friendly. This implies that you don't need a very powerful and high-spec smartphone to be able to run VivaVideo.

But that doesn't mean you can use a smartphone with specifications that are too low.

Download VivaVideo Pro

You may be interested in using this application after knowing its features and benefits. To be able to get this application, you can download it via the URL that we offer below:

  1. Name VivaVideo Pro
  2. Version 6.0.5
  3. Developer QuVideo Inc.

Original download links: Click here

VivaVideo Pro Mod Apk download link:

How to install VivaVideo Pro

Next to do the installation, then you have to follow various steps to unlock the one on your smartphone.

Just because the default settings in almost every smartphone forbids apps coming from unknown sources. Here's how:

  1. Enter your smartphone settings
  2. After that go to privacy and security settings
  3. Enter the installation settings
  4. Look for the Allow Installation from Unknown Sources option
  5. Activate the option and install the application as usual
  6. Make the best use of the special features in VivaVideo Pro to produce quality videos. You can also use this application to just learn because VivaVideo is friendly enough for beginners

Required phone specifications

When you want to take advantage of the VivaVideo Pro edition editing application, the most recommended smartphone is one that has a 4100 mAh battery. The screen is larger, at least 5.5 inches, there is 2GB of RAM, and the operating system is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor.

This application can be run and attractive videos can be produced using these requirements. However, if you have a smartphone with much larger specifications, of course it is superior.

But if you don't have a smartphone with these characteristics, don't be discouraged. The Pro version of VivaVideo for Android can be downloaded using this method. But you also have to be able to check whether the application can be accepted on a smartphone or not.

To determine if VivaVideo Pro is causing latency or issues, run a test. If you use it but are fine of course this is not a problem.


VivaVideo pro mod apk is a video editing application specially designed for smartphones and other mobile devices. Till date, VivaVideo is probably one of the biggest video editing apps in the Play Store to date.

In the article above, we have discussed the VivaVideo pro mod apk, apart from that we have also discussed the features, functions, and how to use it.

Thus the article about the Latest VivaVideo Pro Mod Apk Without Watermark, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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