The Clubhouse application is at risk of being blocked by Kominfo

The Clubhouse application is at risk of being blocked by Kominfo – The currently popular Clubhouse application is threatened with being blocked by the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology (Kominfo). This is because the Clubhouse has not been registered as an Electronic System Executor (PSE) in Indonesia.

According to Ministry of Communication and Information Spokesperson Dedy Permadi, this decree is in accordance with Ministerial Regulation Number 5 of 2020 which was promulgated last November.

"According to PM Number 5 of 2020, for (PSE) who do not register according to the applicable policy, they will receive administrative sanctions in the form of termination of access."

The regulation actually regulates the Implementation of Private Electronic Systems. In that regulation, Private Electronic System Operators are defined as the operation of Electronic Systems by individuals, business entities, and the public.

The obligation to register PSE is regulated in Article 2. In that article it is written that "the obligation to register for Private Scope PSE is carried out before the Electronic System begins to be used by Electronic System Users".

Dedy hopes that Clubhouse can immediately register according to the provisions so that they are not subject to sanctions and threats of blocking. Dedy added, the registration period for PSE in Indonesia was opened for six months since the regulation was promulgated on November 24.

This means that Clubhouse has at least until May 24, 2021 to register. "Clubhouse has not been registered with Kominfo," said Dedy.

Clubhouse is not yet listed on the page. Nevertheless, there are several platforms operating in Indonesia, but they have not been registered. According to Dedy, some of them are still in process.

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