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Rancakmedia.com – In this article we will discuss WPS Office Premium Apk, if you want to download WPS Office Premium Apk you can download it in the article below.

For those of you who often deal with college and office assignments, you must be familiar with this WPS application, it's just that for the latest edition, of course, there are slight variations from the previous version.

This WPS Office premium apk version includes many of the latest and interesting features, so it would be a shame not to try it.

Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint are part of WPS, which is application Android with the same name.

Review WPS Office Premium Apk

The benefits of this application are very real, because it can open and make adjustments to PDF files using only a Smartphone device.

This app is great for you to use to ease any paper-related task. You can also get the original version of the app for free and without any hassle from the Google Play Store.

It's just that if you use the free version, you can't access all the accessible features, unless you are ready to subscribe to the package and recharge or use the latest version of the WPS Office premium apk.

Review WPS Office Premium Apk

As a result of the modification process, many new and interesting features have been introduced to WPS Office Premium Apk. This is an app that was initially cloned but later modified.

Later you can use the application whenever and wherever you choose only through a Smartphone device.

The value of the application must certainly be recognized, because there are many advantages to carrying out online activities, making presentations, editing, etc. only with sophisticated gadgets that are almost not limited by time and location during use.

It's the same with Microsoft Office, which can now be accessed on laptops and PCs in their respective windows. For the WPS Office premium apk, it is also loaded with many interesting and significant features that can help users complete their office work, theses and anything related to document files.

Overview of WPS Office Premium Apk

In the process of using it itself, not only as a tool for processing text and images, such as Microsoft Excel.

More than that, this application allows scanning of all types of PDF files as well as Google Doc formats. To think this WPS app was published in 1989 is incredible. Initially only accessible for PC and Laptop devices.

Overview of WPS Office Premium Apk

But over time, the application now supports its use on all platforms, be it iOS, Android, Tablets, Laptops, PCs, and others.

In addition, there are many unique effects and themes available for preparing presentations in the Powerpoint menu that has been provided.

Another option is to use a PDF scanner, which lets you open and modify PDF files directly. How tempting is not it?

For more information, below we will tell you in depth about the current version of WPS Office premium apk, starting from its amazing features, key features, download link, how to install and more. For that, please refer to the following review carefully.

Key Features of WPS Office Premium Apk

As we discussed in the previous discussion, the WPS Office premium apk offers very interesting and better features compared to the previous version.

In terms of functionality, it is identical to the original WPS version; however, this newer version comes with many useful extras which were not available in the original version.

So, what are the most important and noteworthy features of the WPS Office premium apk application? Let's look at the following points:

Key Features of WPS Office Premium Apk

1. Lightweight File Size

It is clear that all Android users still don't know about the WPS Office application which is only used to process words and numbers, especially considering that this one application like Microsoft Office can be accessed exclusively on PC devices.

Even though currently the WPS application covers all devices, especially Smartphone types which include Android and iOS.

Then also in its own use it is very effective, because it has a small file capacity to be placed on the Smartphone you are using.

This WPS Office application only has a file size of less than 45 MB, and only requires one installation. You personally can use all Microsoft Office products on every device.

In addition, this application is quite compatible with Adobe PDF and products from Google, starting from Google Slides, Google Sheets and Google Docs.

The editing procedure itself seems flexible and practical, especially when you want to enter an application via a Smartphone device which is a small but multi-functional gadget. Try it yourself afterward to see how successful it is.

2. Free Templates and Effects Available

For those of you who want to produce presentation slides with a fast and simple approach, the choice is to take advantage of the premium edition of WPS Office.

This application provides several templates that are unique and also look good, therefore they are perfect for you to use when making PowerPoint model presentations.

Not only for PowerPoint, when you use word files, you can also use templates that meet your unique needs.

The advantages of WPS Office Premium

In addition, each user will be able to send their findings to friends or colleagues via e-mail.

3. Professional File Editing

Interestingly, the WPS office application is able to display various modification offers that you can use to create more interesting and extraordinary content files.

For example, for a PPTX presentation file, so you can quickly carry out procedures regarding content modification, which includes font size and color. Interesting right?

Text and frames can be added and the background image can be customized by each user. In addition, you can create slideshow effects that look as good and professional on PC devices as on laptops or desktop computers.

4. File Management

Apart from that, you can use the file search tool to scan all kinds of Office and PDF files in device memory or even external memory to view in the app.

Not only that, you can also tag files or create file categories based on tags to make the search process easier the next day.

Even more interesting, the WPS Office application is able to provide benefits in the form of forming groups of files depending on the format, file storage areas such as internal, memory cards, and in cloud storage.

5. Has a High Level of Security

The most significant thing about this WPS Office application is its security. For documents that you think are important and safe to store via the cloud, this is actually not ideal, because they are very vulnerable to hackers and computer infections.

But you don't need to worry, you may depend on WPS Office premium apk to save these important documents.

What better way to guard against network attacks than to have a firewall built by the developer himself?

Interesting Features of WPS Office Premium Apk

Also, official apps cannot provide access to documents to unauthorized third parties. The availability of automatic encryption is an excellent technique for securing all existing document files.

6. Miracast Presentation Support

Apart from that, you must be aware that WPS Office premium apk has features like Miracast, which allows you to transfer your smartphone screen wirelessly.

With Miracast capabilities, you can easily show multiple presentations via wireless methods. In addition, the device screen allows you to perform all document functions.

If you can't find your Miracast device, there are alternative options available through the app, such as projecting a slideshow over a WiFi, NFC, or DLNA network.

With such simple steps, everything can be adjusted in a quick and easy procedure.

7. Can Be Easy to Share

Lastly, once you have successfully generated files using the WPS office app, you can directly save them to your dedicated device storage area.

Alternatively, you can email it or save it to a cloud storage service like Google Drive, OneDrive, or Dropbox and then share it that way. For the sharing procedure, the application includes a file transfer function to PDF or video.

The advantages of WPS Office Premium

For the Premium edition of the application, there is no doubt that it provides many features that are quite profitable to use. Some of these benefits include the following:

  1. Lightweight File Size
  2. There are many free templates available
  3. Professional File Editing
  4. File Management
  5. High Level Security
  6. Miracast Presentation Support
  7. Convenience for Sharing Files
  8. No Ads

Download WPS Office Premium Apk

Interesting Features of WPS Office Premium Apk

We have now covered some of the most important aspects of the WPS application. Now there are some explanations that are far more important for you to know, because the latest edition of the application now provides many interesting and interesting features.

Interested in learning more about the premium apk features of WPS Office? Check out the following testimonials:

  1. PDF Toolkit – Know that this is one of the features that can make it easier for you when you want to create a PDF type file, such as adding a signature, adding text, entering a watermark, even converting the PDF into the DOC format.
  2. File Compressor - You can use this feature to reduce or reduce the file size of the Office, so that the impression can be faster and more flexible.
  3. Image Conversion - You can use this one feature to convert image files into text format.
    Scan QR Code
  4. Scanner - By taking advantage of this feature, you can scan images and photos along with the text.
    Availability of Presentation Templates and Fonts
    Can Convert Images Into Text
  5. Transferring PDF Files – Only armed with a smart mobile device from Android, files can be converted into PDF format according to the wishes of each user.
  6. Easily Integrates – In documents, notes, spreadsheets, and presentations. So documents can be super fast for you to create, edit, and read.
  7. Easy to use - It has given every user to know PDF files, and can convert all types of important document files consisting of Excel, Word, Text, PowerPoint, Doc to PDF format.
  8. Compatibility – In Microsoft Office which includes Word, PowerPoint, Excel, and Txt. Then then Google Docs, Adobe PDF, Slides, PDF, and Sheets.
    Document Encryption
  9. Access – You can easily access or edit document forms by using Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, OneDrive, and Evernote.

Download WPS Office Premium Apk

Since the premium apk version of WPS Office is currently not accessible on the Google Play Store service, you must first search for it on the internet, as it is widely available.

However, don't just save it to your computer. The first step is to determine if the download URL is genuine, safe, or a scam.

Considering that currently there are so many irresponsible parties who deliberately modify handmade programs, the fear is that malware viruses can be infiltrated in them which of course can harm and risk the system functions of the device you are using.

How to Install WPS Office Premium Apk on the Device

But you don't need to worry here, because we have provided a download link that is safe and reliable.

That way you don't need to question the facts, because it has been proven safe and harmless. We've included the app specifications and download link below if you want more information.

  1. WPS Office Premium Application Name
  2. File Size 50 MB
  3. Developer Kingsoft Office Software
  4. Min OS Android 5.1+
  5. Version v13.4.2

Click the download link: Link Download APK File

How to Install WPS Office Premium Apk on the Device

Unlike most of the apps you get from the Play Store, WPS Office premium apk has been regenerated by a third party, so installing it is a bit different.

So that you can use the application, please follow the installation guide on the device as follows:

  1. The first step is to make sure you have successfully downloaded the WPS Office premium apk application and the file is saved in the respective download menu
  2. If you have successfully downloaded, make sure not to open it immediately
  3. Make sure you first go to the Settings / Settings menu on the device
  4. Then look for the Privacy / Security menu
  5. After that, tick Unknown Sources for the permitting process for installing the application on the device you are using
  6. If you have checked the writing, just click File and Install
  7. Wait for the installation process until you have successfully installed the application on your Smartphone.
  8. Success and good luck

In the installation process, make sure you follow the installation steps that we have provided above, because if you do just one step, it is very likely that you will not be able to use the application and use it.

That way, like it or not, you have to download it again and reinstall it.

Differences between WPS Office Premium Apk and the Original Version

As a result, users who need to deal with document files will find it easy to use the original WPS Office Premium app or WPS Office premium apk.

Differences between WPS Office Premium Apk and the Original Version

It's just that each edition includes variations that are important for you to know, such as the points below:

1. WPS Original Version

  1. There are Ads - In its own use for the official version you will still find advertisements appearing, except for upgrading to the premium package subscription version
  2. Cannot Merge Document Files - Then also for the official version you will have difficulty when you want to combine document files
  3. File Recovery/Repair Options are not available – Furthermore, there are no file repair and document recovery options, so it will be quite difficult

2. WPS Apk Mod Version

  1. Free from Ads – By using the latest version of the WPS Office premium apk, you will avoid ads appearing.
  2. Can Combine Document Files - Next, each user is given access to merge existing document files.
  3. Available File Recovery and Repair - Lastly, it will make it easier for you, because of the availability of file editing tools when you want to repair and restore the desired document file.

Please later determine which version of the WPS Office application you think is most suitable for use in order to complete the current work assignment.

Moreover, while considering the benefits of the features offered, there is a big difference between the two. What are you waiting for? Come on, get the version you want right now.

Risks and Dangers of Using MOD APK

Before using WPS Office MOD or any other special software, you must be aware that there are dangers and dangers to be aware of. When used for a long time, there may be certain drawbacks.

Developers will take strict action against users using modifications to their software.

Risks and Dangers of Using MOD APK

The worst thing that can happen if you are caught using a MOD APK is that you will lose everything. Here are some problems and dangers that may arise when you continue to use the MOD application:

  1. Banned: Your Google account or the like can be banned by the developer. It is possible, one day you will be detected using the MOD APK
  2. Virus: Considering that the source of MOD applications comes from third parties and is not official, the potential for your device to be infiltrated by various viruses is very large. This of course can brick the device in the future
  3. Harming the Official Developer: The first party to immediately feel the bad effects is the official developer. Because you use another version, they lose in terms of material
  4. Hacking: It's not impossible if the application you download from a third-party source is actually the vehicle of hackers. They will get into your device and steal important private data


In the article above we have discussed the WPS Office premium review, the main features, advantages, attractive features, download links, how to install and also the risks of using the Mod apk.

Thus the article about WPS Office Premium Apk Free Download, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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