Download the latest version of Opera Mini 66.0.2254.63894 for Android – In this article we will provide a link download opera mini the latest version along with discussing the advantages, disadvantages, and also how to install opera mini.

Not a few people prefer to use the Opera Mini program to be loaded on smartphones. This is certainly not a random act of violence.

This software has many benefits which is why so many people use it. Interested in reading the reviews? Continue reading to the end.

Overview of Opera Mini Apk

Before downloading the latest version of Opera Mini, you need to know that Opera Mini is known as a browser program that has a minimalist design or interface and is easy for everyone to use.

Apart from that, Opera Mini is also very remarkable for its surfing speed which probably surpasses many other browser applications.

Even Opera Mini can still load many pages or websites when the internet connection is really slow. Other browsers, on the other hand, may not be able to perform this function. No pages can be loaded if the connection is too slow.

Despite its name, Opera Mini isn't just for Android smartphone owners. This app has been around for a long time, since the days of Java and Symbian on mobile phones. Despite the significant progress in mobile technology, the popularity of browsers has not waned.

Android users can get Opera Mini by going to Google Playstore and downloading it there. This program has been downloaded by more than 500 thousand people from all over the world. It seems to be highly liked by most of its users. Recognized with a rating of 4.3.

Opera Mini is a web browser that uses Opera servers to compress web pages for faster loading and lower data usage (if using 3G).

While Opera Mini's UI isn't especially pretty or elegant, it does provide some interesting features and great usability.

Pinching the screen to increase the zoom level is a simple and convenient way to do this.

This is especially convenient for frequent travelers who can keep their bookmarks, shortcuts, and other preferences in sync between their desktop computer and mobile device using Opera Link.

In addition, social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook are automatically supported by Opera Mini. Thanks to this, you can use it more easily and quickly. You can also download all types of files without any problems and save them to your device's memory.

If you're using an Android smartphone, we recommend checking out Opera Mini. Using it is a pleasure, because you will be able to do everything you want quickly and easily.

The difference between Opera Mini and Opera Browser

While there are several Opera browsers listed on the Playstore, the two most popular are Opera Browser and Opera Mini.

Even though they both bear the name Opera, it turns out that there are some pretty basic differences between the two. Below we will discuss the differences between Opera Mini and Opera Browser.

1. Interfaces

The appearance of the user interface is the first thing that users will pay attention to when comparing the two applications.

Opera Mini has a sloppy and disorganized look. It also has a backward history. Many of Opera's most useful features have been "circumcised".

Opera Mini has a clean and tidy user interface. Opera Browser, on the other hand, puts more emphasis on in-app features.

This software has many advanced options. The navigation mechanism in Opera Browser is easy to access.

2. Performance

Opera Mini and Opera Browser differ from each other in terms of performance. Due to its extensive feature set and high level of sophistication, Opera Browser often takes longer to operate.

The removal of some of the more complex functions in Opera Mini is actually beneficial for consumers as it reduces the overall size of the program.

This program is faster to use and takes up less space in the computer's RAM or internal memory. Opera Mini can also work faster because there is a data saver or power saver option enabled by default.

Meanwhile, Opera Browser users must activate the function manually to enjoy its benefits.

3. Security

Opera Mini and Opera Browser differ only slightly in terms of security. Because of this, the Opera browser offers more protection than Opera Mini. Opera Mini does this because it uses encryption technology.

Opera Mini can load encrypted websites. All sites provided will be handled by Opera Server directly. After that, the page is decrypted and re-encrypted again. Because of this, Opera Mini will display the decrypted page.

Opera Mini's speed, lightness, and data savings can all be attributed to the features mentioned above. This browser is more suitable for you who are more responsive than applications.

The difference between Opera Mobile and Opera Mini

Here's the difference between opera mobile and opera mini, as follows:

1. Performance

Opera Mobile:

  1. Consumes more hard drive space.
  2. There is an option to save data but it is not set by default.

Opera Mini:

  1. Faster performance by saving data, web pages are accessed faster than other web browsers.

Opera Mini works by sending requests to Opera Servers to download websites, compress them, then return them to the Mini browser.

Opera Mini is faster than other browsers because web pages are compressed before being sent.

Compression and optimization of online pages that open on display to the HP screen are both performed by the Opera Server while compression is in progress.

This implies that some of these pages will appear better in Opera Mini than in Opera Mobile.

2. Display interface

Opera Mobile:

  1. The interface is a bit complicated but the functionality is more detailed and user-friendly.

Opera Mini:

  1. The interface is a little messy.

Opera Mobile has a more user-friendly UI than its competitors. This can be seen from the Opera Mobile navigation system which is more accessible. Moreover, the usual features in the laptop version of Opera are also widely carried in Opera Mobile, unlike Opera Mini, which has lost a lot of Opera's advanced capabilities.

Opera Mobile's advanced capabilities include the ability to zoom in or out of pages up to 25%.

While Opera Mobile has easy-to-use zoom capabilities, Opera Mini only has a simplified UI. Opera Mini has only two zoom phases, namely standard page and zoom in (zoom in). Pages can be enlarged with one touch, making it easier to use.

3. Security

Opera Mobile:

  1. Better choice for browsing secure sites and data.

Opera Mini:

  1. Encryption technology makes Opera Mini less suitable for opening secure sites and data.

In addition, the mobile version of Opera allows online browsing and more secure data. When it comes to internet security, Opera Mini is not a proper web browser. Encrypted pages are powered by Opera Mini's large RAM.

As Opera Server processes and sends all sites, encrypted pages will be decrypted and re-encrypted. In other words, Opera Mini will load the encrypted website, but the page will be decrypted.

Full Features of Opera Mini Apk

After knowing the difference between Opera Mini and Opera Mobile, now is the time to understand the various characteristics that Opera Mini Apk has. Here's what you need to know.

1. Custom Display

Opera Mini's configurable appearance is one of its strongest features, as it can be customized according to individual user preferences.

Users may get tired of seeing the same thing all the time. As a result, customers are looking forward to features that will allow them to design their own displays.

Opera Mini users can do various things such as change browser navigation, change the layout or layout, and change the theme color as desired.

With this function, you won't be able to observe the look of Opera Mini with the red and white hue that has become its trademark.

2.Video Player

Opera Mini really understands the demands of video-enthusiastic customers. By using this browser extension, users can view the movies they have downloaded right in the browser window. You no longer need to use a separate video player program.

This function is quite useful for Android smartphone customers who have minimal RAM. With Opera Mini, users only need 1 program to browse and view movies. No need for multitasking with other apps.

3. Smart Download

Have you ever used Internet Download Manager (IDM) on Windows? This program is quite useful for the download procedure. There is no comparable app for Android users. Choose the Opera Mini browser instead.

The cause is a function called Smart Download in the app. Detecting downloadable files has become easier with the help of this capability.

This applies to both audio and video files. If it finds material that you can download, Opera Mini will notify you about it.

Users will be able to more easily download various files this way. In addition, the download speed is also greater than other browsers.

4. Share files offline

Who would have thought that Opera Mini has File Sharing capabilities like Airdrop or Google Nearby Share. This functionality allows other Opera Mini users to share files over a wireless network without having an internet connection.

The availability of this function is quite useful, although it can only be used by those who are close to each other. Since this function does not require an internet connection to send or receive files, there is no limit to wasting them.

5. Night Mode

Apps that don't have a night mode function are considered out of date nowadays. Of course, Opera Mini doesn't want to be seen as an old school app. That's why Night Mode is included in this software.

When this function is activated, the display will turn black immediately. Because it is not too flashy, the appearance which is dominated by black is considered more user friendly.

Using Night Mode can help save power for smartphones with AMOLED panels.

6.Extreme Data Saver

Using the internet continuously for browsing or streaming videos can make your pocket money run out quickly.

This is the approval of most mobile data consumers. To save on quota consumption, Opera Mini has an important feature called Extreme Data Saver.

As the name implies, this function will help users save data when using the Opera Mini program.

This functionality makes use of Opera's servers as a bridge between the user and the web page being viewed. Data from the website is not directly provided to the user, but is transferred to Opera's servers first.

Website data will be compressed by the server and made smaller than before. If it is smaller, then the data is sent to the user. Users only need a few limits because the data is minimal.

Opera Mini's Extreme data saver is one of the best compared to other browser data savers. The reason is, this tool can help save quota up to 10 times.

7. VPNs

A good internet page or a page for an internet service provider is no longer uncommon when you open a particular site. If you find this, it indicates that the site to be viewed has been banned by the government or provider.

This is a big disappointment. Since Opera Mini has a built-in VPN, you don't have to worry anymore. If activated, you will be on a Virtual Private Network and free from Indonesian government and provider regulations.

This implies that all sites that have been banned by governments and providers can be opened easily. You can enable or disable this function as needed.

8. Data Security

Opera Mini has encrypted sites, as stated in the comparison of Opera Mini and Opera Browser. This offers one benefit of being more secure against data leaks.

Apart from that, this function also helps users to avoid other sites that may contain malware or infection.

9. Incognito or Private Mode

Local data that has been saved during site browsing is protected when using Incognito or Private Mode in the browser. This implies that any cookies that the site tries to provide to the device will be deleted or disallowed.

When using this option, the entire history or search history will not be saved. The same goes for user data such as usernames, emails, and password caches and trackers. Only downloaded files will most likely be preserved.

If you want to access private websites without leaving any traces on your browser or smartphone, you can use this mode.

10. Ad blockers

The presence of advertisements on websites is an annoying annoyance. Especially pop-ups. These ads actually hide the information that consumers see. Instead of being interested, browser users prefer not to like ads.

This is well understood by the creators of Opera Mini. Therefore, this one browser application is equipped with an ad blocker. Just one click to activate it, after that all ads will disappear immediately.

11. Newsfeeds

This function is great for those of you who have a hobby of reading the news. The latest headlines are clearly displayed. You will also get daily updates on new news. You have the option to turn this function off if you wish.

12. Responsive and Lightweight

Opera Mini's responsiveness and lightness are two of its most attractive features. This program actually responds quickly when the user places an order.

In addition, this application is also very light. Besides not burdening the internal storage because of the very small file size, Opera Mini also doesn't overload the RAM. In essence, you can open multiple sites without latency in this program.

List of Strengths and Weaknesses of Opera Mini Apk

Below are some of the advantages and disadvantages of Opera Mini Apk that you need to know, as follows:

The advantages of Opera Mini

Below is a list of the advantages that exist in Opera Mini, as follows:

1. Small Size

Due to its compact size, Opera Mini is a popular browser choice. Users of this app appreciate how much more convenient browsing is with this app due to its compact size.

So, for those of you who have devices with specifications that are not too high, you can use this program to find the data you want.

2. Download speed and open websites

Opera Mini was the default smartphone browser prior to the release of Android. Opera Mini speed is also recognized fast at that time.

Using this software in today's world, which already supports 5G network, will result in faster browsing.

3. Complete Security Features

Opera Mini's excellent security features go hand in hand with its fast surfing speed. With this function, you don't need to worry that the gadget you are using will be attacked by a deadly virus.

Opera Mini can also identify websites that have the potential to contain viruses or other risks that can damage the device you are using.

4. Save Page

Another benefit of Opera Mini is that it provides a page save function. Pages you view while surfing can be saved and reopened without the need for internet using this capability.

5. Night mode

Those of you who like to explore at night will appreciate the convenience this tool provides. you can use it easily at night thanks to the Night mode function.

Apart from reducing screen brightness, the Night mode function can also help keep your eyes healthy when surfing at night.

6. Website Recovery Feature

If your smartphone gets too hot while you are surfing, you may experience crashes or delays that force apps to terminate on their own.

By leveraging Opera Mini, web pages that you have opened before can be saved and you can access them without interruption.

Disadvantages of Opera Mini

1. Cannot Change Shortcut Key

Opera Mini has the drawback of not being able to modify hotkeys. By using hotkeys, you can open applications faster and save time.

2. Slow Performance to Open Multiple Pages

Opera Mini will take longer to load if you have too many tabs open. you need to limit the number of open tabs in this program. If not in use quickly delete the tab.

3. Cannot Eliminate Visual Effects on a Website

If you use this browser to view websites that contain lots of video ads, you cannot remove the visual effect on the page.

Link Download Opera Mini Apk

Opera Mini is available to download and install for free via the Google Playstore, which you probably already have on your phone.

However, on certain phones, the install option may not be accessible on Playstore. Most of the time, this is caused by overflowing the available phone memory.

The solution is to download Opera Mini Apk manually from the program provider's website if you experience one of the problems described above.

So that you don't have to hunt anymore, we have provided various download links.

The following is the download link for Opera Mini Apk, namely:

Application NameOperaMini
File Size22.97MB
Uploaded on18-11-2022
DownloadsClick here

How to Install Opera Mini Apk

The Apk file is what you will receive if you download Opera Mini from the above link. Furthermore, the file still needs to be manually installed before it can be used. Opera Mini can be installed manually by following the method described below.

  1. The very first step that must be taken is to set permissions so that you can install applications from outside the Playstore. In each Android version, the method may be different. The following will explain how to set app install permissions on Android 9 or Pie
  2. Open the Settings menu, then select the App and Notifications submenu
  3. Click Advanced, then click again on the Special app access option
  4. Select the Install Unknown Apps option
  5. You will see a list of applications that have access to install applications. Here, select an application used to manage files, such as File Manager or Google Files
  6. Click the toggle on Allow from this source to activate it
    If you have finished making settings like the first step earlier, now you can open the File Manager
  7. Find the folder where you saved the previously downloaded Apk file. Usually, the file will be located in the Downloads folder
  8. If you have found the Apk file in question, click on the file
  9. You will be redirected to a page for installation, click the Install option
  10. Next, you only need to wait until the application is finished installing
  11. When finished, a description will appear on the screen
  12. You can choose one of two options. If you want to exit the install page without opening the application, select it
  13. finish. If you want to open it immediately, select Open

The process of installing the program manually is of course more complicated than installing it directly from the Playstore. If you followed the instructions in the above tutorial and successfully installed the app, you can delete the Apk file from your device's internal storage.

Deleting the Apk file will help you free up several megabytes of internal memory. This is especially useful for Android handsets that constantly receive an almost full memory warning.

Based on the information offered in this article, it can be concluded that Opera Mini APK is one of the preferred alternative browsers for many people. The main reason is that it is lighter and has more features. This program can also be loaded on a potato smartphone and can still function properly.


Opera Mini is known as a browser program that has a minimalist design or interface and is easy for everyone to use. Apart from that, Opera Mini is also very remarkable for its surfing speed which probably surpasses many other browser applications.

Thus the information about downloading the latest version of Opera Mini 66.0.2254.63894 for Android, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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