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Download ML Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds – If you are curious about the download link for the ML Mod apk which has many of the latest and interesting features, you can get it in the article below. This ML Mod apk also has Unlimited Diamonds, Full Skin, and many more.

Know that Mobile Legends can provide 5 vs. 5 encounters with one team, and that the main goal is to eliminate all types of towers before reaching the last tower. Then there are also many types of Heroes that you can use with their unique skills.

You'll probably have a lot of fun playing, especially if you're bored on your own, as each Hero comes with a unique looking skin.

There are many different skins available, starting with the Season Skin and continuing through the Squad Skin, Elite Skin, Epic Skin, Collector Skin and Special Skins.

However, you won't be able to use these skins extensively in this game unless you are willing to make sacrifices to increase your supply of Diamonds.

Because it can be used to buy items such as premium skin types or even the newest Heroes, it is natural that Diamonds play an important role in the game.

Those of you who want MLBB Diamond without paying the subscription price can do so by updating the ML Mod Apk to the latest version.

Listen to the end of this explanation because we will talk at length about the ML mod apk version, including where to get it, how to install it, and all the benefits you will get from using it.

What is ML Mod Apk

Before knowing the ML Mod Apk download link, you should know that ML Mod Apk Unlimited Diamond is a version of Mobile Legends that has been modified by a third party to make premium items and other useful shortcuts available to all fans.

You could say that the gameplay between the mod apk version and the original version is almost the same, only the differences are in terms of features. When comparing the standard ML version with the mod apk version, it is clear that the latter is much more interesting and feature-rich. So it's not surprising that this edition is a favorite and destination for all gamers.

However, did you know that this mod apk version can be claimed as a form of cheat which in terms of profits is undoubtedly far above the average of the original version, therefore this game is considered very simple.

Later you will be given shortcuts and convenience when competing against other players. With the latest feature enhancements included, it is clear that ML Mod Apk will enhance the overall gaming experience.

Interested in learning more about the advanced features of the larger mod apk version? Here we reveal the things below.

Top Features of ML Mod Apk

Before downloading the ML Mod apk, here are the superior features of the ML mod apk, as follows:

1. Anti-Banned

The first benefit is that it allows users to be free from the danger of being blocked by official parties regarding their presence which is widely used by many gamers.

As is known, for the version currently provided by third parties, this program is a form of cheat which of course makes it easier in every battle.

This mod apk was created by an unaffiliated third party with the explicit intention of providing a shortcut for Mobile Legends players, so use at your own risk.

2. MAP Hack

Map Hack is a feature that you will only find in the patch version. Most gamers believe that this feature is a Radar Map which is useful for identifying enemy positions and offers information on how to display a small map in its use.

There would be no such thing as blindness in the future because the enemy's every move might just be noticed.

So, if you take advantage of the current edition's advantages for Role Jungle or XP stuff, it can be done quickly. Isn't that interesting?

3. Unlimited Diamonds available

In general, players who want to collect large amounts of Diamonds must first top up their own, either with in-game vouchers or with real-world money.

In addition to participating in various offline events and receiving redeem code rewards, you may often earn gems through various additional ways.

But believe it or not, if you use the latest ML Mod Apk, things like top ups and the like don't apply.

Because Diamonds will immediately fill up and you can use them straight away. Even if calculated, the amount would still be large and infinite. That's why this advanced flagship feature is worth considering.

4. Unlock All Hero Skin Feature is available

How many times have you topped up your Mobile Legends account to unlock new and interesting skins? If so, of course that's normal because what you are using is the original version of ML.

Finance You will be relieved now that you don't have to spend a lot of money to buy star members on the Dana.ID/Games site, which is really a waste of money.

Now all you have to do is take advantage of the current update to unlock all the VIP skin variations.

5. Skill No Cooldown

With the Skill No Cooldown feature, hero abilities can be used indefinitely without waiting for their cooldown to end.

Using ml mod apk, you will be able to win more often, which is great news for you.

6. One Hit Kill

The One Hit Kill feature found in the latest ml mod apk allows you to knock out your opponent with one hit, even if your hero is a Tank covered in gore.

7. Unlock all hero skins

You can take advantage of the ML Mod Apk program, namely the Unlock All Hero Skin function which allows you to get all hero skins without having to pay using diamonds first.

Latest ML Mod Apk Unlock Skin Download Link

For those of you who want to experience the extraordinary sensation of playing, we have included the download link and system requirements below. Please pay attention to the following explanation:

Application Name Mobile Legends MOD Apk

  1. Version Update September 2021
  2. Moonton Developer
  3. Free Price
  4. Minimum OS Android 4.4+ and iOS RAM minimum 4 GB Kitkat
  5. Number of Downloads 100,000,000++
  6. File Size 108 MB

ML Mod Apk download link:

Latest Version ML Mod Apk Download Link:

Original Version ML Download Link:
Click here

To ensure smooth downloads, make sure you have a high-speed internet connection. Otherwise, the file may arrive as Error or Corrupt.

How to Install ML Mod Apk on All Devices

After getting the ML mod apk download link, here are the steps you need to do to install, as follows:

  1. The first step is to make sure you download the ML Mod Apk using the link we have shared above
  2. If the download has been successful, make sure you know where the downloaded files are stored on each device
  3. Before you install, please activate it first by going to Settings - Security and Privacy
  4. Next, please check the box that says Unknown Sources
  5. If this has been done, just carry out the installation by clicking Install
  6. Wait for the process until it is completely installed successfully
  7. Good luck and enjoy the fun

These are some of the steps you must follow if you are interested in using the mod apk version of the Mobile Legends game. For those of you who are new, of course you will feel something is strange, but that is the process if a game is designed as a result of modifications.

If you use it, avoid participating in official league events as it is a clear violation and considered cheating, making it likely that your account will be reported and banned.

Differences between ML Mod Apk Features and the Original Version

Keep in mind that ML Mod Apk differs significantly from original ML in terms of functionality. So you need to know everything in depth so that it can be used as reference material or simple knowledge. Below we explain the differences between the two:

1. Original Mobile Legends

  1. Diamonds are generated from Top Up or must be paid
  2. Heroes must be purchased
  3. Skins must be purchased and obtained from certain events
  4. Battle Points (BP) must sell available Heroes
  5. Must Upgrade Emblem to old max level, no Magic Dust
  6. At the Mythic point, Push Rank is required
  7. Then for Achievement it is still closed
  8. The possibility of being banned is small
  9. Anti Hack Feature

2. Mobile Legends Mod Apk

  1. For unlimited 9999 Diamonds (Unlimited)
  2. For Hero Unlock all costs are free
  3. Can open all skins directly and are free to use
  4. BP (Battle Points) for free
  5. Only upgrade the emblem to the highest maximum level
  6. Push Rank is not required because it is already Mythical Glory
  7. Regarding all achievements or awards, they are open to access
  8. Most likely to be banned
  9. Additional Hack features are provided

ML Mod Apk + Hack Radar Map + OBB

Next, here are some additional tweaks to the Mobile Legends game with a number of new features that will make this game look exciting and interesting.

Later you will face enemies who are actually spread from various servers throughout the world. A separate OBB file can be downloaded and installed in the storage area if desired.

1. ML Apk Mod Version 1

The following are the features it has for version 1, as follows:

Unlimited Coins and Diamonds

You will get an unlimited number of Diamonds and Battle Points which you can use to buy various items, skins and heroes in Mobile Legends.

No Cooldown

You also will not experience Skill Cooldown when using any hero in this ML Mod Apk game.

Unlimited Mana

Apart from No Cooldown, you can also activate the Unlimited Mana feature in this ML Mod Apk game.

Drone View

The viewing angle is like a drone, or a much wider view of the map so you can find out wherever your enemy is hiding.

Unlock Skins

If you use the ML Mod application, all the skins in the mobile legend game will be unlocked and you can use them for free without having to buy them first.

Server Change

You can also change or switch servers as you wish when using this ML Mod application.

Win Fast

Win the game very quickly so it won't take you long to reach the highest rank in the Mobile Legend game.

Lose Fast

You can also end the match directly without having to play first.

Map Hack

Map Hack or knowing all the positions of even hiding enemies. Enemies will be visible on the mini map on the left of your cellphone.

Menu Mode

It has a menu display that is very easy for you to use with the menu position sticking down when you want to use it.

100K Free Gold

You will also get 100k battle points and the same number of diamonds if you are a new player or this is your first time playing the Mobile Legend game.

High Vision

Land Of Down will look wider and smaller, so you can find out where the enemies are hiding.

Other MLBB Mod Hacks

You can find out which enemies are hiding in bushes or grass by using a box in the form of ESP Distance, ESP Line and ESP Box.

2. ML Apk Mod Version 2

Apart from the first version, you can also enjoy the second version of Mobile Legends modified version v1.5.88 with the points below:

High Vision

Land of Down or viewing from above is very suitable for heroes with the ambush type.

Menu Mode

In terms of display, the menu is lined up at the bottom which you can close and open, and the activation method is of course very easy because you just scroll left and right.

100K Free Gold

This is the first Battle Points that you can use to purchase the following Heroes with Diamonds with the exact same total amount.

Win Fast

You can win quickly without taking a long time, so you can easily increase the highest rank in the ML game.

Lose Fast

You can also end the battle right away without having a collection of items first.

Drone View

Can hack so that you can see the map from a high angle of view, so you can accurately determine the opponent's movements.

Map Hack

This is almost similar to the Radar map, because opponents approaching from various directions can be easily detected. This aims to avoid attacks from opponents.

Sever Change

You can change direction regarding the desired server, but still no one has tried it so there are concerns that there will be bugs in its use.

Unlock Skins

You can also access all the skins available in the game, moreover you can use them in playing without having to pay any money. This is once again free for you to access, because basically it is available automatically.

MLBB Hack Mod

You will easily track enemy movements even if they are hiding in the grass. It looks like a line, a box consisting of ESP Line, ESP Distance, and ESP Box.

Unlimited Mana

Mana itself will never run out for you to keep getting, and you can also activate the feature to balance it with No Cooldown.

No Cooldown

When using skills, of course there will be no cooldown. This means you can use the Hero's skills as much as you like while the battle is in progress.

Unlimited Diamonds and Coins

BP or Battle Points along with Diamonds total 99999, there is no limit to what you can buy skinny starting from Magic Dust, Emblems, and others.

Advantages of ML Mod Apk

Because you won't feel the excitement of playing on the official version if you use this ML Mod Apk, you should think twice before installing it. Here are some of the benefits it has:

  1. Firstly, it has specifications that look much different when compared to the original version
  2. It has a file size capacity that seems light so it can be accessed on all types of devices
  3. Smartphone with low specs
  4. Equipped with a complete set of attractive and sophisticated features
  5. Can automatically produce complete items with maximum levels even for levels
  6. The hero or account is still low and hasn't gone up
  7. For the No Cooldown Auto Win skill
  8. Unlimited Diamond features and free open skins are available

ML Mod Apk Security Level

Because it was created by a third party, ML Mod Apk does not have official approval from any party related to it. So it can be concluded that its use does not fully guarantee security for every gamer.

When third party discoveries involving advanced features cause damage to the official Mobile Legends developer or Moonton, which is supposed to benefit from the many purchases made by gamers, it is very concerning.

Even though not all types of programs that are updated have problems, such as being susceptible to malware infections and the like, you must pay attention to security and comfort when playing. Finally, we recommend being wise in its use.

ML Mod Apk Review

Now that you know a little about the original version, it's time to check out the modified version known as ML Mod Apk. As already mentioned, the main benefit of this edition is the functionality it offers.

Unlimited diamonds is one of the most sought after features. Diamonds themselves help to buy items, heroes, skins and various things to support the game.

If you want to change your Cool ML name, you can do so by purchasing a Name Change Card. The word “modification” indicates that this is not the developer's original work.

Mobile Legends mod apk is produced by a third party with the aim of making it easier for gamers who don't want to pay anything to get entertainment.

In terms of gameplay, there are no changes, therefore you can still play as if you were using the original edition. The terrain, heroes, and even the servers remain the same so you may still meet other gamers who have accounts there.

Some gamers who have used ML Mod Apk think that this version is the same as hacks. Because it is already in the game, there is no need for a separate cheat program.

Is it safe to use ML Mod Apk to Unlock All Skin?

Even though some call it ML Mod Apk no ban, you still have to be careful when using the modified version. Anti-banning is only claimed by third developers, not from Moonton as the official developer.

For this reason, try not to be too obvious if you don't want to lose the account you have been playing with. The majority of prohibitions are unlimited, although there are important exceptions.

Additionally, another danger when using modified versions is the presence of viruses from shared files. No viruses or malware were found in the scanned files. However, it would be better if you installed an antivirus on your smartphone to make it safer.


ML Mod Apk Unlimited Diamond is a version of Mobile Legends that has been modified by a third party to make premium items and other useful shortcuts available to all fans.

In the article above, we not only discussed the ML Mod apk download link, but we also discussed the features, security level, and also a review of the ML mod apk.

That's the article about Download ML Mod Apk Unlimited Diamonds, hopefully the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you,

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