Download Minecraft Launcher Apk Java Edition – There are lots of netizens who want to download the Minecraft Launcher Apk, in this article we will discuss how to download the Minecraft launcher apk, features, advantages, along with tips on using Minecrfaft Launcher.

That's why this application is needed by everyone. Also, they don't have the money to get premium Minecraft accessible on the Play Store. Instead of using modified type apps which may be harmful. They like to take advantage of launchers.

By making use of the launcher, you can get a number of benefits. One of them is being able to obtain various kinds of maps without having to build them first.

It's even free to create your own unique character designs at absolutely no cost.

Overview of Minecraft Launcher APK

If you want to download the Minecraft launcher apk, you first need to know what Minecraft is? is a popular type of game today.

Sandbox and three-dimensional elements are combined in this game. This implies that unlike previous RPGs such as Moba, there will not be a single set of rules to follow in this game.

This implies that you are free to do whatever you want in a world controlled by Minecraft. Generally, a few individuals will create a monument or a very monumental special building.

This structure took a very long time to build because it required many parts to support it. In addition, adventurous procedures can be carried out in Minecraft.

At least there are plenty of worlds to explore, starting with worlds with a certain subject or worlds created by other people. This exploration is also not simple because you will also encounter creatures.

In this game one can also create very large products to sell. But to create an object takes a lot of effort.

That's why there are Minecraft launcher apps, which can be used for various activities, such as quickly generating items.

Unfortunately, the game's original launcher and servers can sometimes connect to separate servers. Therefore it is recommended to know in advance whether the Launcher to be used uses a real server or uses an artificial server.

Pros of Minecraft Launcher APK

Pros of Minecraft Launcher APK

There are dozens of launchers that will be mentioned in this essay. Before that, we have to know about the advantages of the Minecraft launcher app in general.

1. Free to Use

The first benefit provided by the launcher application to be used for Minecraft is that it is free. As a result, using this app is completely free. Unlike the original Minecraft application, which costs around IDR 100,000 for a single purchase.

Launchers like this are accessible in large numbers on the Play Store, which means you don't have to do a lot of customization on your phone.

Simply choose the one that appeals to you the most or best suits your needs. Installing and using it is also quite simple. Also, there will be no way to buy anything within this app.

As a result, you don't have to worry about using an app that looks free but really demands a monthly membership price.

2. Safe to Use

Launcher apps can be broadly divided into two categories. The first is an application that can be accessed directly on the Play Store. The second is an app that can only be found on certain websites, and only offers APK files.

For the first type and can be accessed on the Play Store, this application can be used for free so you don't need to look for APK downloads or modification files that are out there.

Simply typing a few keywords in the Play Store will bring back a lot of pre-installed apps. If you use the second one or one that can be accessed on several sites in the form of an APK.

It's usually a good idea to do some research beforehand. Inadequate security measures increase your risk of downloading potentially malicious software.

3. Connect to Original Server

The Minecraft application available on the Playstore cannot be used for free or premium. The modified APK can be obtained by certain users to use this application for free. On such occasions it may be harmful to the cell phone used.

One way is to use a launcher application that includes certain data in it. As a result, previously modified apps do not need to be downloaded.

If you use a launcher application, there are two options. You can access and modify all Minecraft assets thanks to the server connection with the original server.

Now it's time to consider servers that aren't even related to the original game. This indicates that this server was founded by someone who produces launcher apps. Usually this second type is often used because it tends to be safer and the assets in it are very large.

4. Abundant Modifications

The purpose of using the launcher application for the Minecraft game is to simplify the modification process. As previously noted, the Minecraft app demands significant skill if one wants to play it.

If someone or you don't have the patience to run it. Changing the skin or creating the ideal weapon both can be done using modification apps.

In general, this launcher application for Minecraft game contains a large collection of very useful assets. Using these assets, you can quickly choose which ones you want to use as you like and change the way the game plays.

5. Updates are Done Periodically

One of the things that is often feared by certain Minecraft game players who make mods or use launchers is updates. Compared to the original application, this launcher will usually be a little slow to update.

But there is no need to panic because most of the launcher software for the Minecraft game have been upgraded frequently. A game game, including Minecraft, has produced a modified version of the original content.

If you want to update, first find out whether the launcher is used for the server in the original game or not. If used for the original game server, it is important to be careful because it is likely that the new application will not be compatible with the old server.

As a result, disabling Playstore automatic updates is a smart move. If you do this, the launcher app may unexpectedly update itself even if you don't want it to.

6. Easy to Run

Finally, ease of use is an important consideration if you want to use this application. Unlike some other modified programs. This launcher program for the game Minecraft has a very basic UI.

you might even claim this app at launch is almost comparable to the original Minecraft app. There is no difference at all available there so you can play immediately and for free, including the asset termination procedure.

Each program's user interface will be slightly different. However, the main function will remain the same, so you don't need to worry when using the application.

Recommended Launcher for Minecraft Game Lovers

Here are some great launcher options for Minecraft fans. In general, each launcher will have a unique set of features, but the content will be the same.

1. Pojav Launcher

One of the most used programs as a launcher for the game Minecraft. You can get this Launcher app for free from Google Playstore by searching there.

Due to the flexibility of this app, it's ideal for customizing Minecraft content. There are many features available including customizing the environment to create unique characters.

2. Master for Minecraft

For people who are still learning the Minecraft game, it's a good idea to use this application first. You can quickly and easily build various Minecraft environments with this free app from Playstore.

The original Minecraft server does not support this application. Only their real servers can use it, so go ahead and do whatever you want.

3. Master for Minecraft Mod

The application in general is almost the same as the two applications previously described. What makes this program unique from others is the huge selection of modifications or mod materials.

In reality, you can quickly build something in just a few minutes. The most important thing is that you learn all the assets in this game to be able to take advantage of all its features.

4. Block Masters

Making the Minecraft environment even simpler with the help of this app. Unfortunately, this application can only be used on servers owned and operated by this application itself.

If you are interested in using the app, we recommend that you run the free trial first. Continuing without playing the original Minecraft game will leave you feeling as though you've wasted your time.

How to Download Minecraft Launcher Apk Java Edition

Below we have summarized how to download minecrfat launcher apk java edition, as follows:

1. Download Via Play Store

In general, there are two types of applications for starting Minecraft, as previously stated. The first is an application that can be accessed on the Playstore or you could say this application is official and fairly safe. The second is the applications offered on certain sites.

If you use the official application that can currently be accessed on the PlayStore. To carry out the download procedure, you need to enter specific terms to run the search.

Once you have found the app you are looking for, you can start the download procedure as usual. Once done, you just have to launch the program to access the original Minecraft or any other Minecraft server where the content remains the same.

2. Download Via Website

The second option is to use a specific website to get the files. A simple search for “Minecraft launcher APK” will do the trick.

Many websites will appear in the search results. APK files can be downloaded directly from most websites as they are hosted on mirror servers.

Choose one of these sites and then log into it. One can immediately carry out the APK download procedure as usual. Once done, you can directly use the APK to install it.

How to Install the Minecraft Launcher Apk Java Edition Application

After knowing the minecraft launcher apk download link, here's how to install the minecraft launcher application safely, as follows:

  1. Enter first into settings or Settings on an Android phone
  2. Once you enter it, you can immediately look for additional settings or Additional Settings which are located at the bottom
  3. After entering you can immediately search for Security or privacy. Some Android phones may have a different location
  4. You can also directly search for: install from unknown sources or install from unknown sources.
  5. After finding it the hot part on the side should be activated
  6. If the section is already active then it can be ignored
  7. After that open the APK file from the Minecraft launcher that was downloaded earlier
  8. Use a file manager to find the APK file in the folder
  9. If you have found it, you can immediately press it to start the installation process
  10. Wait for the installation process to run until it's finished
  11. When the application is complete, it can be directly opened for testing first

Tips for Using the Minecraft Launcher

After getting the minecraft launcher apk download link, there are a number of things you need to check, including:

1. Choose the Original Server

The first thing to do if you want to use a launcher app for the game Minecraft is to choose a legitimate server. If you choose the original server when you enter the normal application when you can buy it, the in-game assets will remain the same.

So you can play with as many launcher apps as you want to build your own world. If you get it easily then you can raise money to buy the original Minecraft app for Android phone.

If you use an app that moves a little differently or uses its own universe. you won't see anything like that in the world of Minecraft. So instead of working hard knowing nothing will come of it, it's better to think about this early in the game.

2. Don't Overuse

Launcher apps should not be used, especially those that heavily use native servers. The main problem that may arise from overuse is that it is flagged as a violation and your account is banned.

Despite this, many people have reported no issues with the Minecraft APK launcher. It's never a bad idea to be extra careful to avoid major accidents.

3. Use the Latest Version

It's a good idea to always use the latest version of the app. The material included in the latest version of the application will have a significant impact.

4. Be Careful with the APK Version

Modified versions of Minecraft should always be used with caution. Regardless of whether you use a launcher or a regular app, you run the risk of being infected with malware or viruses.

The Minecraft launcher APK can be used to play a game very similar to Minecraft. The original Minecraft can be opened by certain Launchers, but has been modified first. So that the application can be used for free without the need to carry out expensive payment procedures.

Please note that this app is not directly connected with the creators of the Minecraft game. So if there are deficiencies or other difficulties, you have to pay for it yourself. That's why it's important to always pay attention to whatever is on the phone and be aware of the dangers it could involve.

Differences Minecraft Bedrock vs Minecraft Java Edition

Here are the differences between Minecraft Bedrock versus Minecraft Java Edition that you might consider:

1. Multiplayer Support and Servers

Multiplayer is available in both Minecraft Java Edition and Minecraft Bedrock, but the method of doing so changes somewhat between the two editions. The cross-play feature in Minecraft Bedrock lets you play with your friends on consoles or mobile devices.

So your friends don't have to be on the same platform as you, they may be on their Xbox/PS/Switch console or mobile and exploring the world together. If you have lots of friends across multiple platforms that you want to play with, then Minecraft Bedrock is the best solution.

Minecraft Java Edition gamers also enjoy cross-play capability, but this is limited to Windows, Linux, and macOS desktops as the Java version is not accessible for consoles and mobile devices. Those looking for fun maps and minigames as well as a large community of casual online gamers should check out Minecraft Java.

2. Price of Minecraft Bedrock vs Minecraft Java Edition

Prices for Minecraft Bedrock vary greatly depending on the platform you will be using. You can pay only $6.99 to try this game on iOS / iPadOS and Fire OS.

This Minecraft game is priced at US$ 7.49 for Android, US$ 20 for PS4 and Xbox consoles, US$ 26.99 for Windows PC and on Nintendo Switch US$ 29.99.

Meanwhile, Minecraft Java Edition is priced at US$26.95 for all platforms, namely Mac, Windows and Linux.

3. Parental Controls

Minecraft is a game oriented towards children, but the open community with all kinds of modifications, materials and in-game quests makes parents worry about allowing their children to play the game.

Parents who are worried about this can only use Minecraft Bedrock for the time being as it is tied to the Xbox service and thus provides children with strict moderation and unique parental settings.

Minecraft Java Edition, on the other hand, is free from those parental restrictions and controls.

4.Minecraft Marketplaces

Minecraft Bedrock offers a shop with officially purchasable skins and add-ons. If you want to buy well-designed official skins and install them easily, then Minecraft Bedrock should be your choice.

Whereas Minecraft Java allows for community-made skins that you can create, download, and even share with other players. So if you are ready to put in the extra work needed for free community skins and more add-ons, then you can opt for the Java version.

5. Hardcore Mode

The Java Edition is the only option for hardcore gamers who want heavy gaming, therefore Minecraft Bedrock will have to wait for hardcore mode to become available before it can be used. Hardcore mode is a survival based option that forces you to restart the game instead of respawning if you die in game.

6. Modding Minecraft

Mods are user-developed add-ons that you can apply to make any game completely new.

However, this Mod is only accessible for the Java Edition Game. To keep things simple, Bedrock Edition of Minecraft doesn't include any modifications, but there are a number of commercial modding tools available for that.

7. Better and Faster Game Update

The creators of the Minecraft series frequently release patches for the Java Edition and Rock Edition of the game. Almost every official update brings the same set of improvements and fixes to the game.

But if the update comes with flaws, you'll see user-generated solutions on the Java edition that are faster than Minecraft Bedrock due to higher customizability.

8. Minecraft Bedrock vs Java Edition performance

Minecraft Bedrock is a better choice if you are using a low-end PC and also if you want to play Minecraft on a high-end PC with Ray Tracing.

Minecraft Java lets you take your visuals even further with different modifications. Ray Tracing does not support Open GL rendering, so Java will not be able to run on Ray Tracing.

A powerful custom PC equipped with a GPU like the recently announced GeForce RTX 3080 Ti can push Minecraft to the limit in the Java version, even if graphics performance isn't an issue for the Java Edition itself.

9. Minecraft Bedrock vs Minecraft Java Edition platforms

You can get Minecraft Bedrock on almost all platforms like Windows Android iOS/iPadOS Nintendo Switch Sony PlayStation 4/PS5 Microsoft Xbox One/Xbox Series X/Series S Amazon Kindle Fire OS.

Officially, Minecraft Edition Java is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users to download.

10. Comparison Between Minecraft Bedrock vs Minecraft Java Edition

As you already know, Minecraft Bedrock is the only option if you're not using a PC. Cross-platform play, parental controls, and stunning RTX visuals are all included in the game's latest iteration.

But if you're on a PC and need modding support, community-based servers, skins, and all the jazz, get the Java version right now. To get the most out of Java Edition, you need a powerful computer.


Minecraft is a popular type of game today. Sandbox and three-dimensional elements are combined in this game. This implies that unlike previous RPGs such as Moba, there will not be a single set of rules to follow in this game.

Thus the article about Download Minecraft Launcher Apk Java Edition, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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