Legacy Edge Browser from Windows Will Be Removed By Microsoft Starting April 13, 2021

Legacy Edge Browser from Windows Will Be Removed By Microsoft Starting April 13, 2021 – Microsoft will uninstall (remove) the old version of the Edge browser (Edge Legacy) from the user's Windows computer.

The Edge browser that will be uninstalled from the user's Windows device is the old version (Edge Legacy) which still doesn't use the Chromium base.

The removal of the Edge Legacy browser from this user's Windows computer will be carried out starting April 13, 2021. This removal will be carried out concurrently with the security update that was released.

So when a user updates a security patch, this patch will automatically uninstall the old version of Edge while placing Edge on a Chromium base.

To replace application “Last year, we announced that the new Microsoft Edge will be available as part of Windows 10 cumulative monthly security updates – otherwise known as Update Tuesday (B) – on April 13, 2021,” said Microsoft, quoted from Ubergizmo, Monday (8/2/2021 ).

New Version of Edge Users Unaffected

"When you apply this update to your computer, the unsupported Microsoft Edge desktop application will be removed and a new version of Microsoft Edge will be installed," Microsoft said.

However, if the user has installed the new version of the Edge browser, it is possible that this update will not have too much effect on the user.

Replace Edge Legacy with Chromium Version

Earlier in June 2020, Microsoft announced that it would begin replacing the Legacy Edge browser in Windows 10 with a Chromium-based version of Edge. To that end, the Chorium version of Edge will be included directly through the latest Windows Update release.

In other words, the use of Edge Legacy which is still based on EdgeHTML will begin to be abandoned by Microsoft. And, all Windows users will now be supported with the Chromium version of Edge.

For information, the Chromium version of Edge has actually been available since the beginning of this year. But Microsoft still presents it as an option, so users who want to use it need to download it manually first.

Source : liputan6.com

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