Line Mod Apk Unlimited Coin Latest Free Download – The Line application is a social networking platform that you can use to interact, now the line mod apk is available. In the original edition, you can't just take advantage of the features, because you have to pay.

The availability of the latest version of Line Mod Apk allows you to enjoy all of its features for free and without any constraints.

Interestingly, because it is one of the many communication options available, the Line app has been popular in the past. There are 500 million+ downloads and 13 million reviews on Google Play Store, as you can see for yourself. Of course, the developer called Line Corporation did something really extraordinary.

There are many of the same features found on other social media sites, such as the ability to write statuses, share posts, email attachments, create video chats, and more. This one application is also getting dimmer with time, many of its more popular rivals such as Instagram and WhatsApp do not publish the latest advances, especially the creators do not share them.

For those of you who are bored with the official version of the Line application with all its limitations, we suggest upgrading to the current version, namely the Line Mod Apk, which is much better than the original version.

Line Mod Apk Unlimited Coins

Even though Line Mod Apk is one of the latest versions in the hands of third parties that have undergone an update or modification phase as a whole, both from the system, features, and others, in its own use it doesn't really remove the main one.

Line Mod Apk itself is a premium version of the application that is packed with the latest interesting features, starting from complete themes, stickers, etc., and the strange thing is that you can access all of these features for free without having to pay a fee. It's another case if you use an earlier version that you can't take full advantage of for free, unless you have registered and paid for it.

That is why today many users are switching to using the custom version, because apart from being good, of course it is very entertaining and full of access to freedom in using all of its features which include themes, stickers, and so on. Just imagine if when you want to take advantage of certain features you have to top up first, that's obviously redundant, isn't it?

The main goal of this version of Line Mod Apk is none other than to create an attractive impression by updating all appearances, so that each user can have a different feeling full of enjoyment. In addition, later you can get as many themes, stickers, and other interesting things for free.

For more applications, read on to know about the new and improved features of Line Mod Apk, which will give you a different feel, more intense feelings and greater satisfaction. Therefore, read the explanation carefully so that you don't miss anything.

Features of Line Mod Apk

Many people are moving to the Line Mod Apk version because of the many latest features and interesting services to use that will not be found in the original version. It's understandable why the modified version is the more popular alternative. So, what are the new and important additions in this release? Below you will find a summary of our thoughts on the matter:

Browser available in the application

Maybe you feel like stalking with other programs, even if you can explore the types of social media applications to actually communicate here, interesting isn't it? So that several functions can be performed in one application.

Message Sign Has Been Read (Read)

Here you also don't have to worry about getting messages or even sending messages to other application users. The availability of this function allows you to find out the status of a sent message whether it has been read or not. That way you can conclude if the recipient of the message is busy, selling expensively, or even reading it on purpose but not responding.

Call tab feature

As for the next function, you can make video calls or regular app calls with other app users using WhatsApp, which gives different call possibilities to each user.

System Camera

The purpose of this feature is that you can take selfies and email pictures directly to the friend in question. If you are looking for a way to have fun with your partner while conveying a more accurate image, this function is ideal for you.

Delete Conversation History

Then additionally if the conversation history is The features listed above can be used to delete chat spam which is automatically sent by the application if the application is full. The app will work smoother and faster if you are careful about deleting your chat history.

Download button

You can use the download button below to get lots of attractive themes available in the app. The Line app is known for cute stickers and emotes that can be used in chats, so you can use them too.

Various Free Attractive Themes

How not for the modified version, you can find a selection of interesting themes that can be downloaded all for free and easily. Instead of requiring a membership to access the themes in the original edition, this version is free to use. Of course the difference is quite big when viewed in terms of the benefits of its application.

Hiding Conversations (Effect in Chat)

You can also use this function to hide the content of messages you send to specific app users, if you already have one. Now tell me why it's taking you so long to download the app.

There are punctuation marks

Don't worry because this read mark function will tell you whether the message has been replied to or not, which will help you determine whether the message was sent for some reason. If you have a crush on someone and want to set the date, this function is perfect for you.

Varied and Free Funny Stickers

Who doesn't like sending funny stickers when using the Line application, because it's incomplete to have a conversation with Line without sending funny stickers. Surprisingly, here you can download all accessible stickers for free, fast and fun. This feature has been removed from the previous version.

Then there are many additional features that we cannot list, such as the God Mod function, Button Enabled, Chatting Effects, God Mode, and so on. Please use the URL provided below to get the Line Mod Apk application file so you don't have any questions.

How to Download Line Mod Apk

Although the modified version of Line Mod Apk can be obtained easily on every device. However, in this case, you should be careful not to just download it from one of the many links that can be found on the internet, as many untrustworthy parties are only interested in making one-sided profits. A malware virus can affect a device if its files are infected, for example.

Then also if you are not selective, the file might turn into a system that has been designed to hack people, therefore a data breach could be disastrous. For that, make sure to download using a safe and confirmed trusted URL, as we will offer below. Here's how you can safely download it for additional information:

  1. Please open a browser that is currently accessible on each Smartphone device.
  2. Type the app name into the search box to find it.
  3. It is best to choose what you want once you arrive at the download page.
  4. Then proceed with determining storage options.
  5. Click download if you are sure you have selected it, and you can install the app instantly.
  6. Here, make sure you download it using the download URL we have provided, and that's if
  7. You are afraid of making the wrong decision and cannot tell which links are safe and which are fake.
  8. The most important thing is that you already have a reputable source regarding such apps to be wiser in downloading them.

How to Install the Latest Line Mod Apk

Because the Line Mod Apk application is a modification made by a third party, the installation procedure will not be the same as the standard application that you usually get from the Google Play Store service. That said, to ensure a successful installation, we ask you to pay special attention to the following steps:

  1. The first step is to make sure you have downloaded the application file from the URL that we have provided above.
  2. Proceed with the installation by clicking Install in the lower right corner and then sit tight until it takes effect.
  3. If you get the message Allow From Other Sources, just select Yes.
  4. Proceed with the installation procedure.
  5. Alternatively, you can access this option via your device's settings menu.
  6. Select Privacy and Security and Check Unknown Source text.
  7. Continue logging in using your mobile number if it was successfully installed.
  8. Good luck and good luck with new sensations.
  9. Also, be careful to follow the installation instructions exactly, or the app may be difficult to access and you won't be able to use it.

The most important thing is that before installing the typed modified application, you must activate it on an unknown source, because Smartphone devices themselves do not recognize foreign applications of this kind.

But you don't need to worry, because so far its use is still quite safe, there have been no incidents that have harmed its users. Please enjoy and access all the latest exciting features for great conversations full of fun.

Smartphone Specifications for Line Mod Apk

Line Mod Apk can be used in the future, but it's not just any app; there are specific requirements for smartphones that can currently run the app. OS must be 4.4 Jenllybean or higher to meet the criteria. As for the RAM itself, anything above 1GB is fine.

While the minimum for the rest of the ROM is 1GB of free space. As a result of the app's limited size requirements, it's a very small package. Apart from that, it is quite light and allows you to have more fun while using it.

How to use Line Mod Apk

You also need to emphasize that the Line Mod Apk version does have the same main goal as the original version, namely as a social media platform to talk, connect and interact with other users. The only difference is that the latest version has gone through a change procedure, so there will be a marked difference when using it.

So that later you are satisfied with its use and gradually appreciate the latest feature offers, below we will teach you how to use the application, as explained below:

Changing the Theme in Line Mod Apk Version

  1. The first step is to access the Settings – Themes – My Themes menu.
  2. The Cony theme is a good choice, and we'll explain why that is in a moment.
  3. Do not immediately install the Cony theme if you have previously downloaded it.
  4. Look for Android files on your device's internal memory.
  5. Then return to the Data folder menu and look for a folder with the name
  6. Next look for the Themes folder.
  7. Later you will find a folder labeled number 58 and please click on the folder.
  8. Reinstall the Cony theme by selecting folder number 54 again.
  9. You can now proceed by entering the Line application using the Mod apk version.
  10. Please look for the theme you want on the New tab or also on Ratings.
  11. To get a copy, just click the Download button.
  12. If successful, you can disconnect from the internet and immediately start the installation process.
  13. If you have visited folder number 58, select folder 1.
  14. Place it in folder 58, where it will be named Temp 11.
  15. The goal is to replace the original files from folder 58.
  16. If you have launched the Line app, go to the theme menu and click Apply.
  17. Please leave the application and please reopen it.
  18. It worked, and the theme of your choice has been successfully installed.

How to Download Stickers on Line Mod Apk

  1. First, please open the menu Settings – About – God Mode – Terms of Service – Privacy Police – Download Button Enabled.
  2. If you have downloaded the stickers you are sure you want to have.
  3. Apart from being simple, there are no costs associated with this procedure.
  4. Immediately do the installation and you can use this unique sticker to color your message conversations.

How to Delete Chat Messages One By One on Line Mod Apk

  1. Open the application and click Chat Menu.
  2. Press and hold the conversation you want to delete for a few seconds until a pop-up option appears.
  3. You can simply press Delete and then press Yes.
  4. Chat messages will be automatically deleted and cannot be returned.

How to Completely Delete Messages

  1. Please enter the Chat Room settings in the Settings menu.
  2. Once you have finished scrolling down, click Delete Chat History at the bottom of the screen.
  3. When the confirmation window appears, just select Delete.
  4. Let some time pass before all conversation history is completely deleted.

So that was an explanation about the latest application from the modified version of Line or Line Mod Apk which you can use to communicate with other people through chat and video call capabilities which can already be accessed in it. What are you waiting for? For a better conversation experience, please update to the latest version soon.


The Line application is a social networking platform that you can use to interact, such as video calls, chatting, sending emoticons, sending stickers, and more. Download the latest version of Line Mod Apk, version 2022, which includes unlimited coins without any restrictions.

The main goal of this version of Line Mod Apk is none other than to create an attractive impression by updating all appearances, so that each user can have a different feeling full of enjoyment. It's understandable why the modified version is the more popular alternative.

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