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Rancakmedia.com – A special server created and designed by Garena, namely the FF advance server to provide many conveniences for free fire game users.

In November 2021, FF Advance Server was officially launched. Free Fire fans have until November 25 to enjoy this game.

To play this game, you must first register on the official Garena FF-advance.FF.garena.com website. After that you can log in using your own Facebook account.

To join, you must log in and enter your name, gmail address and phone number. Here's a review of Free Fire Advance Server for those of you who are interested.

What is FF Advance Server

Garena has a Free Fire Advanced Server, which will be used to test new features before the main server goes live.

The Free Fire Advance Server will ask players to find various kinds of games that they can play to complete quests. We players will be able to detect bugs, then we will be asked to report to Garena Free Fire and players will be awarded 3,000 Diamonds.

What is FF Advance Server

On the Free Fire Advance Server, you will find a selection of the latest features that can be used for free or for a fee, starting from weapons, characters, maps, bundles, skins, emotes, and so on.

It's sad if you want to try it, hurry up and register on Garena's official website. Because it's not on the original server in this version.

It's just that getting access to the Free Fire Advance Server won't be as simple as one might imagine. Before downloading FF Advance Server and entering the active Free Fire code, gamers must first register and download the registration process.

Tanpa menggunakan kode ini, kamu tidak dapat mengakses application. Bahkan, Garena telah menyiapkan chamber khusus untuk mengurangi kesalahan dan masalah pada aplikasi Free Fire.

As a result, this application is not open to the public. This is indeed to maintain server stability and optimize bug removal.

Details About FF Advance Server Features and Functions

After knowing what is meant by Free Fire Advance Server, maybe some of us are wondering what is the intent and purpose of making FF Advance Server.

Here are some roles and goals, if you're interested:

Developing and Fixing Games

The main goal of this project is to improve and expand the Free Fire video game. If Garena launches Free Fire Advance, this feature will be the easiest to spot.

Because you will be able to use features that are not available on the official server as long as you stay logged in. This feature is still being done as much as possible so that it can run without any significant problems.

Those who are selected to play on the FF Advance Server are asked to provide their thoughts and impressions about the game they are playing.

Especially when players experience many obstacles, whether it's errors or glitches. Garena will be able to find and address future problems if they use this technique.

Strengthening Community

In fact, it's not uncommon for game makers to include players in the creation and improvement of their jobs. Free Fire is one of the few games that has followed this route.

Many people believe that including players in the creation of video games is a natural process. Even though this may be a step that is rarely done by game creators.

It's no wonder that in the end many people join FF Advance Server. Because I'm curious and don't care if it works or not.

Therefore, if you want to get the Free Fire Advance Server activation code, it is highly recommended to leave a comment. On this unique Free Fire server, we want to hear from you.

By involving participants in the making of this game is one way to improve the community. Because without contact and approach to users, the Free Fire game might be abandoned and players will choose other games.

With this strategy, Garena aims to continue communicating with its users, even continuing to increase community support for game improvements.

Offers a New Featured Experience

New features of the Free Fire game may be available to existing players with this application. Furthermore, only a small number of individuals can obtain an activation code.

Apart from being a source of pride, obtaining an activation code and successfully logging in is a possibility. you can enjoy many potential additional features which of course are not needed in the main Free Fire game. But with this server you can test it until you are satisfied.

Benefits of Joining FF Advance Server

Not a few Free Fire game players are quite interested in being able to play this game using a special server, namely the Free Fire Advance Server.

Because really, if you can play on this special server, you will have a very extraordinary personal experience that cannot be obtained in the main Free Fire game.

Apart from having access to many new features, playing Free Fire gives you the opportunity to win Diamonds as a type of reward.

There are other advantages of using this service, besides the ability to enjoy the fun experiences mentioned above:

Benefits of Joining FF Advance Server

Prize 3000 Diamonds

The first benefit is that you can win a prize of 3,000 diamonds, enough to play the FF game on this particular server.

This award will be given if you can become the main contributor and be number one in evaluating bugs in the Free Fire game. It is important to remember, however, that game analysis requires a certain level of expertise.

Apart from that, you must also be obliged to keep checking what is happening on the machine while you are playing. So you will encounter all kinds of bugs and glitches that might ruin your gaming experience.

Prize 2000 Diamonds

The next benefit that you might get when participating in the Free Fire game with a certain server is winning a prize of 2,000 diamonds.

One prize will be given to two players who report difficulties or bugs in the Free Fire game as contributors.

Indeed, this award is not as big as the first prize. Because a job that is not considered essential is all that is needed to help its growth.

Prize 1000 Diamonds

For the lowest prize you may receive when playing the Free Fire game on the trial server is 1000 Diamonds.

Only three people will get this award for their contribution to the Free Fire game bug reporting system.

A 1,000 gems reward will be awarded, if the reported issue is also not critical but still worthwhile. Giving this prize will certainly add to the excitement of participating in the Free Fire game, especially on the unique FF Advance Server.

Not only can you enjoy new features on the dedicated server, you also have the possibility to receive prizes of up to 3,000 diamonds. Therefore, make sure you always participate in the testing process with new features in the FF game with a test server.

Tips for Finding the FF Advance Server Activation Code

As you know, looking for an activation code to get authorization to visit FF Advance Server is very easy to do. You only need to register through a specific site, if successful, an activation code will be issued.

Unfortunately, the activation code is not displayed for many Free Fire game players. If this problem becomes widespread, don't be surprised if there isn't a dedicated server available for testing.

When Garena announced the availability of dedicated servers, sign up quickly. If possible, avoid signing up within seven days of your private server's scheduled launch.

That way there is still enough time to be able to get the activation code. That's because so many people register in a hurry and never get an activation code. If Garena's official website for submitting applications goes down, it will further complicate matters.

So that the impact of the site cannot be reached and causes the sending of the activation code to fail. When you have successfully submitted your request, please wait for the next few days.

The activation code will not be sent to you immediately after registering, so please be patient. Also, you can receive a free FF Advance Server activation code by visiting the locations listed below, in addition to entering the information provided above:

YouTuber giveaways

Since the popularity of Free Fire, which won the highest number of downloads on the Google Play Store and became the best-selling game in the Battle Royale category, now many game content providers have been successful.

One of his many accomplishments is the frequency with which he distributes free redemption codes and activation codes to the assembled crowds. So, here's your chance to try it by joining the YouTuber giveaway.

From the Website

You can also get an activation code from the website, which is the third and final option. This is because the CEOs of the website are talking about smart features, starting with giving the Free Fire Advance Server activation code and so on. No wonder these entrepreneurs started sharing to attract traffic on their sites.

From Garena's Official Fanpage

Garena's official fanpage is the third place to get the Diamond FF activation code. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter all use the same fan page metrics. Even several times the fanpage admin also published the FF Advance Server activation code.

you just need to follow the official Garena fan page, then wait for good news after following and then you will receive notifications of current Free Fire news releases.

From Other Live Streaming

Apart from the social media YouTube, nowadays many people are making a living on the Facebook network called Facebook. Even though it's unusual, gamers still do live streaming to tempt the audience to be more enthusiastic about giving away the Free Fire application for free.

Kopral Jono and Rasha Syahid are some of the many live streams that are often broadcast in real time. The Sidney Free Fire Advanced Server activation code can also be obtained through Live Instagram, Streaming Platforms, Nimo TV and Bigo live, so there are still more ways to make money with it.

How to Overcome FF Activation Code Doesn't Appear

One of the difficulties that Survivors usually encounter is that the FF Advance Server activation code does not appear. As a result, you will not be able to access Garena's trial server to test your skills.

All you need to do is re-register on the Advance Server, then fill in all the required information accurately.

Next, you also have to download the latest version of Advance Server. As you may know, access to the Free Fire trial server is only permitted for a period of 24 hours, limiting its usefulness.

Every time this server is shut down, all Survivors will be unable to log in and will have to wait until the Advance Server is officially reopened.

How to Get the FF Advance Server Activation Code

To activate the Free Fire Advanced Server, you need a code that can only be obtained through the methods listed below.

  1. The first step is to download the latest Advance Server APK application.
  2. After that you scroll down to enter via the social network Facebook or Twitter.
  3. After that, enter your login information, including the registered email address and mobile number.
  4. Next, you will get a download link or link from the FF Advance Server APK via the previous email.
  5. The next step is to directly download the Latest Version of Advance Server Mod Apk, then play.
  6. Then just enter the activation code.

How to Fill in the FF Advance Server Activation Code

Please note that the Garena activation code submission procedure may take several days or more.

How to Fill in the FF Advance Server Activation Code

After getting the activation code, you can start playing the Free Fire game with this unique server. For those having trouble submitting the code, here's a step-by-step guide:

  1. The first step is to make sure you have downloaded this Server specific APK file.
  2. Then install it until it is fully installed on your phone.
  3. After that launch the app and run it as usual.
  4. On the app's home page, you will find a unique field where you can enter the activation code.
  5. Please tap on the pool and fill in the activation code.
  6. Later the system will automatically recognize the code.
  7. If so, you can immediately join the Free Fire Advance Server game.
  8. After that, you can create a new account specifically for testing on the Free Fire Advance Server.
  9. After that, you have successfully typed the activation code and accessed Free Fire with the trial server.
  10. That's more or less the topic of FF Advance Server.
  11. The idea is that the Free Fire Advance Server is a very interesting event for Free Fire game players, because if you are lucky, you can get a large number of Diamond awards.


Garena has a Free Fire Advanced Server, which will be used to test new features before the main server goes live. Garena has prepared a special space for the purpose of reducing errors and problems in free-to-play applications.

The Free Fire server allows players to take advantage of features that are not available on the official server. Players can also provide their thoughts and impressions about the games they are playing. Garena will be able to find and address any issues with the game if they find them.

Free Fire Advance Server allows players to access many additional features that are not available in Garena games. Only a small number of individuals can obtain an activation code.

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