What is the iMac Souvenir Distributed by Crazy Rich Malang?

Rancakmedia.com – Do you already know what the iMac souvenir is, which is the talk of the town because Juragan 99 and Sandy Purnamasari made it as hampers which they distributed to several celebgrams and artists such as Fuji and also Celine Evangelista.

Those of you who are looking for what iMac means in what is currently popular can check below.

We've covered everything you need to know about the abbreviation for iMac. The social media universe TikTok is now back in popularity this time when the much-discussed word IMAC appears.

What is iMac

Reported from Wikipedia, iMac is a Macintosh computer with the all-in-one idea designed by Apple Computer. This computer is designed to be accessible to users and institutions.

What is IMAC Souvenir

The first iMac was presented on May 7, 1998 by Apple Computer and launched for sale in August of the same year.

Critics who supported the product recognized the iMac as an innovation in computer design at the time: it was, of course, the first personal computer design to put art at its heart.

When talking about all-in-one laptop products, Apple Computer is made to use this all-in-one idea.

This gadget has a 233 MHz PowerPC/G3 CPU and the exterior is Bondi Blue. Former Apple Computer Industrial Design Deputy Jonathan Ive pioneered this design concept.

A few months later Apple introduced the next edition (rev. B or rev. 2) of this 233 MHz iMac G3 system.

Video RAM (VRAM) was revised or increased to 6MB, and hardware adjustments (wiring from the analog video board and power supply/power supply board) were also made.

Over time, the following versions of the iMac G3 were produced that incorporated an automatic CD ejector slot or loading slot. There is an auto eject cd/CD-RW/DVD loading slot for iMac G3 350 MHz and up to 700 MHz.

iMac Intel Core Duo

iMac was the first step to changing people's attitudes and the success of Apple Computer. Steve Jobs, interim CEO at the time, made a lot of progress with this product.

Although Apple Computer has limited market share, the iMac has made the public aware of the company's existence, and has even influenced other companies to copy the way they function.

The iMac handle makes it easy to carry the computer around. Its design is reminiscent of the earliest Macintosh computers.

iMac also follows the Macintosh design in that it does not allow users to add additional hardware to the computer. But savvy users can use guaranteed ways to deal with it.

First to use an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU in January 2006, the iMac is the first Apple computer to do so.


iMac is a Macintosh computer with an all-in-one concept designed by Apple Computer. This computer is designed to be accessible to users and institutions.

In the article above, we've discussed what an iMac is, if you're curious iMac specs and price You can see the articles we have made before.

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