Free Alight Motion Pro Presets and Fonts – Creating presets and descending fonts is becoming more and more popular among the general public as technical advancements become more and more complex. The reason is, making animated videos that can be done is enough only with an Android smartphone.

Alight motion is perfect for those of you who have a hobby of producing animated videos without the need to use a laptop or computer. There are two versions that you can choose, namely pro and free.

Reviews About Alight Motion Pro

Alight Motion pro is application edit images available on the Google Playstore that can be used to create very practical, simple and fast motorbike designs. Android devices and tablets are compatible with this application.

When you are ready to start editing your videos, using this app will make things much simpler. Adding pictures, music and text are just a few examples. Edited film colors can also be adjusted to suit your preferences.

The advantage of this application is that it can be exported in GIF format. If you want comprehensive functionality then you can go for the Pro version. Using the free or free version, on the other hand, comes with certain limitations.

Reviews About Alight Motion Pro

Presets and Fonts for Alight Motion

Not only does this app offer presets and dropdown fonts, but it's also known for its extensive features. This extraordinary function can indirectly improve the results of the video modifications you make.

The following is a list of features that you can take advantage of, including:

Keyframe Animation

This first feature might be experienced if you use the Pro version. Keyframe animation is a point used to identify independent changes in the image.

As you move the image, keyframes in the timeline can be used to show how the image has changed. You can create your own choice of keyframes that you can take advantage of.

We suggest that you first master the philosophy of its use so that you can immediately apply this keyframe according to the image or video that you are editing.

Complete Tutorials

For beginners or even for the first time using the Alight Motion Pro application, there is no need to be afraid. In-depth tutorials are provided as part of the functionality of this app. It is this feature that you can use automatically after installing it on your smartphone.

Very Varied Effect Options

Adding effects to animated movies seems like the missing piece during the post-production stage of the video editing process. Many effects are available in the Pro version of Alight Motion and can be used to great advantage.

Many effects are available even though this is the free version of the app. In video editing, fonts and presets for descending motion are very important elements. Not only that, this application also provides additional features in the form of effects.

These visual effects can be further broken down into other subcategories, such as glow, blur, text, and color, for example. However, as technology advances, the effects available through apps will increase.

Complementary Features

Apart from providing options for changing effects for the commercial version of the Alight Motion application, it turns out that Alight Motion also includes various additional features that users can take advantage of. Examples include the use of vector mixing, visual effects, color modification, vector graphics, and others.

All of these tools can be put to great use in creating visually appealing animations.

Complete Font Selection

As previously mentioned, there are various preset possibilities and dropdown fonts. Meanwhile, in the process of making this animated film, text is one aspect that is no less vital.

The availability of this text is useful for providing a more complete explanation or description in a film. Examples include displaying the title, video name, player name, and other information.

When using the free version of the application, the choice of fonts will be limited. The opposite is also true if you are using the Pro version of Alight Motion, you may find a choice of different fonts and they are all ready to go.

Not only that, it turns out that you can also load various types of fonts of your choice from the storage capacity on your Smartphone. How to import fonts is quite easy because you only press the additional (+) button.

Provides Various Formats

There are also additional great capabilities that you can get from this application, such as exporting files. Several video editing applications currently serve this function, which already has a lot of fans.

However, Alight Motion Pro offers a wider variety of file types, which sets it apart from other competitors. Images can be saved in png file format, which is included in the commercial version of this application.

GIF for video or animation with sound and GIF format for motion animation without sound. In terms of video output quality, it can be easily changed as desired. This is provable at any resolution, no matter how low or high it is.

Alight Motion + Full Preset and Latest Fonts


  1. Application Name Alight Motion (Pro Version)
  2. Version 3.6.1
  3. Developer Alight Creative, Inc.
  4. File Size 28MB
  5. Minimum Android application Android 6.0 (Marshmallow)

How to Install Alight Motion

If you want to take advantage of presets and dropdown fonts right away, of course, you also need to install them first. Installing and using the Alight Motion application is very easy if you follow these instructions:

  1. In the first step you have to open the usual file management application that you use regularly.
  2. Then open where you saved the downloaded application file.
  3. After that, click on the application file
  4. The next step you just click the install button
  5. If there is a request for permission to install third-party software then you just need to click on the ok option.
  6. Then, after a few seconds, wait for the app to be fully installed.
  7. If so then you click on the option
  8. To open it, you only need to click on the alight motion application.
  9. If the application is already open then you can click on the Plus button so you can create a file with a new Project.
  10. The following step is only for specifying Project information. Examples include the type of backdrop frame rate, aspect ratio and video resolution.
  11. If the above procedure is complete, all you have to do is select create
  12. Please press the + button if you want to add shapes or backgrounds that are included in the video. The + button position is in the lower right corner.
  13. If you press, you will be able to select an image by selecting the image option and then selecting the desired image.

How to Install Alight Motion

How to Add Presets and Fonts to Alight Motion

The inclusion of these fonts is critical to the editor's workflow. For example, you want to create a title, add subtitles, provide information or other material.

Adding these fonts can also be considered very easy because you can do it without having to use any other software. The following are the actions you must take:

  1. You can first download the appropriate font file which you want to add.
  2. After that, extract the font file in zip form.
  3. The next step is to launch the Alight Motion application on your smartphone.
  4. Then start a new project as usual.
  5. You can enter text.
  6. Then use the top-level tabs to access the font selection menu.
  7. You can see all fonts tab and there is a large collection of fonts. So you can choose whatever font model you want to use.
  8. If it's new, you have another tab of options placed at the top left.
  9. The next step is to import the fonts using the tab key.
  10. After that, you can adjust the font style to your liking.
  11. Then enter it into the alight motion application.
  12. Now you just press the button
  13. You'll be able to see the results right away, and they'll match the font you've chosen.

How to Use Presets and Fonts in Alight Motion

Before you decide to use presets and dropdown fonts, then you need to know how to import presets or enter them. Once you've done that, you can use the gesture down settings as follows:

Importing Presets

The first step is to import or enter your chosen down motion preset. you can do it your own way. As a result, the preset is ready to use immediately.

Please follow the recommendations as suggested on the page so that you don't run into many obstacles and difficulties.

Create New Videos

The next stage you can build a new video. For the video must be comparable to the video in the original preset. This implies that the video should have more or less the same runtime, audio, and video types.

Video previews are usually shown when downloading presets from YouTube. You can use the motion down app directly so you can produce basic videos. You can change the length using the previous video.

If you want to add audio, you can download a preset movie and then extract the audio so you can take audio and music.

Opens Project Presets

Now it's time to access your preset in the Project menu area if everything went according to plan in the previous phase. After that, you will be taken to the editing menu area and after that there will be many timelines of presets. Please select as you wish.


Reselect here has the connotation of replacing all the videos and photos in the videos that you have previously prepared. you have to do things sequentially, from the bottom up.

Remember for the 4th procedure this must be done gradually. That way, this motion down preset will automatically make modifications to the new video area until it matches the desired video.

New videos can be inserted immediately with a wide range of accessible features, such as motion and transform, color and fill, border and shadow, edit point effects, and blend opacity. It must be set to a predefined position.

The approach is quite easy, namely:

  1. First of all, you stay on the timeline tab.
  2. After that choose a color and fill.
  3. If you have chosen
  4. After that select
  5. If it's Icon + tab.
  6. After that, it's just a matter of replacing each component in turn, up from the bottom.

Save and Export

If you are sure that you are satisfied with the video presets that you have produced, now is the time for you to edit according to the presets. If it suits you, just save it. When it comes to storage, there are many quality alternatives that you can choose from.

Alight Motion Aesthetic Presets and Fonts

Please modify according to your needs and desires so that the quality of the film is not blurred or damaged.

Wishful Waves

For this typeface it is very nice and effectively designed by pizzadude. This typeface looks like waves like waves and is great for use in videos that have a beach feel or videos with a vacation or casual theme.

The interesting part about Wishful Waves is that it has a free license. This typeface is a must-have if you plan to use it for your own work.

Brooklyn regular

The appearance of this typeface looks very artistic and also elegant. As a result, it makes a better first impression. The designer, Britney Murphy, provided two variations, namely the bowler and standard versions. This type of letter has a distinctive character, thin but looks neat.

Shore Lines

With a handwritten appearance, this typeface exudes a subtle feel. This is the same as creating a feminine image but appears stronger. This typeface is ideal for film production due to its fluidity and legibility. As used in the video title in the introductory screen.


In the idea phase, it appears like the first typeface, namely Wishful Waves because it has a wavy appearance. This particular distortion, on the other hand, makes it appear cracked, revealing distortion.

This typeface is ideal for use in underground videos or late-night videos because of its edgy style. you just need to download it if you want to use it.

Made Sunflower

This font's signature look comes from using vintage-style components, while maintaining a contemporary feel. Many other video formats, including commercial mode videos, use this typeface.

Alight Motion Aesthetic Presets and Fonts


The next preset and alight motion fonts are charlote which is a type of handwriting or handwriting font. Since the letters are so small, it makes for a more pleasing visual effect when used. A more genuine impression is conveyed as a result.

Keep On Trucking

No less interesting than the previous typeface is this one because of the visual impact it has. So, for Alight movement users, it's okay to use the Keep On Truckin font. Editors really like this typeface.

In understanding the presets and downward motion fonts, it is very important so that the video editing process that you are doing can flow effectively without a hitch. Usually beginners have a bit of uncertainty, but some of the information above should help you out.


Alight Motion Pro is an image editing application available on the Google Playstore. This can be used to create very practical, simple, and fast motor designs. Alight motion pro apk download the latest premium.

There are two versions you can choose from – pro and free to edit your videos. Many effects are available even though this is the free version of the app. Fonts and fonts for down motion are important elements in video editing.

Images can be saved in png file format, which is commercially included in this application. Alight Motion Pro offers a more complete variety of file types.

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