Mod Bussid Truck Bus Simulator Indonesia - Many bussid truck mod games are available which are popular at the moment because of the simulator buses made by Indonesian children, gamers should be proud of one of the games made by the children of this nation.

This is short for "Bus Simulator Indonesia," hence the Bussid moniker. The graphics are stunning, and the use of the 3D feature gives the game a real quality. The shape of the buildings, potholes, puddles, mountains on each side of the road, and other facts are shown even by the developers.

What is the Indonesian Bussid Truck Bus Simulator Mod

The works of several Indonesian video game creators, such as Maleo, are no less than those of international counterparts. Bus Simulator Indonesia is predicted to be a game that will attract the attention of gamers from all over the world once it is launched.

What is the Indonesian Bussid Truck Bus Simulator Mod

What is Indonesian Bus Simulator?

You might think this game is the solution for car enthusiasts. These cars are the essence of Bus Simulator Indonesia. Buses, trucks, vehicles and motorbikes are just a few of the features on display.

Using the many Mods available on Maleo is made simple due to Maleo's open design. As a result, gamers have complete freedom to improvise in choosing a vehicle. Apart from mods, gamers are also allowed to use livery and add music.

It's very easy to get into this game. Even the available Mods capitalize on the names of cars that actually exist and are in operation. Call it Bus Harapan Jaya, Sinar Jaya, and others which are the names of people's transportation services (PO) in Indonesia.

Bussid Truck Mods

The Bussid Truck Mod is a modification or addition that can be included in the original game. Most of the developers do not allow players to make changes. In other words lock the app. In contrast to Bussid, where consumers are allowed to adjust vehicle features.

Game Modes

Bus Simulator Indonesia is a game that can be played by everyone, regardless of their gaming preference or experience level. If in other games a player complains when he doesn't receive a signal, he becomes "logged". Not so with Bussid Safe. Gamers can play online or offline. There are three game modes, namely:

Fly Mode

The term ngalayap comes from the Javanese language which means to go to play away from home. in Bussid the word nglayap is also not much different from that meaning. It is possible to play this mode without having an internet connection.

Accessible features allow gamers to play with the fun Bussid Truck Mod. you just have to choose the city or starting point of the trip, then the destination city. Start by running the bus. Gamers, on the other hand, can't stop along the way to pick up or drop off passengers.

Pull Mode

This is very fun. Gamers can use Bus Mod to plan their trips and choose the route they want to go. Along the way, if there are passengers, the driver may stop the bus and pick up or drop off people. Passengers must pay when they arrive.

Multiplayer Mode

To make things more interesting, this feature allows players to cooperate with each other. Gamers will have little trouble competing or taking advantage of other easily accessible features. Multiplayer and exciting modes are offered in an online situation.

The difference between Mod and Livery

Since it was released in 2018, gamers have been craving bussid games. This is of course related to the design and quality of this unique game produced in Indonesia. Especially for car enthusiasts. Changing or changing your car is a way for you to show who you are.


The word mod in bussid is mostly related to cars. Every time you swap one bus for another, the "Mod" moniker changes. Besides the usual features, you can also download Mods on other programs that support this game.


Livery is related to vehicle design. Let's say you're playing around with the red bus Mod. Changing the color to blue, modifying the body and adding extra points are all possible in Livery.

Users are quite free to be creative. There's no doubt that playing free games is fun, whether played online or offline, with various options for selecting and displaying items. As new Mods and Liveries are always available and free to download, the fun in this game never ends.

Benefits of the Bussid Truck Mod Game

As a simulator, gamers will have an unforgettable time playing this game. While the game is running, the player is seen as a driver who needs to operate the car of his choice. Freedom in determining direction, goals, avoiding obstacles, really fun.

Not only that, this global game with a local flavor still has many additional benefits. This is, of course, why so many gamers love it and recommend it to others. Do you see any benefit? See the following picture?

Can Change the Type of Vehicle

Dai Bussid, on the other hand, has the option to choose a vehicle, although in other games gamers only have the freedom to play. It is even capable of making adjustments. Like a real bus driver, who switches from one route to another. Vehicle modifications can be made using the Mod function (not the Mod application).

The file name for this feature ends with bussid.vehicle. There are various fleet alternatives available. you can choose like a real bus. Likewise for types of vehicles, cars and motorcycles. You will be able to try the latest car models.

Benefits of the Bussid Truck Mod Game

Game Close to Reality

Surfing in this game is like actually driving in the city selected in the game. The chaotic streets of Jakarta, the winding streets of Bandung, and the peaceful streets of Sumatra are all here for gamers to experience in this game.

Everything from the weather to maps is covered in detail. If there's puddles or other damage, it's all visible even if there's a hole. Playing Bussid is like actually driving around town. The best way to prepare for your trip is to register at Bussid as a virtual driver.

Can be offline or online

Bussid can be played both online and offline, which is unusual for a game. Internet options provide a wide range of choices, especially multiplayer and exciting games. As for offline, it can only be done in hover mode, but it's still good.

While playing the towing mode, when the passengers reach their destination, they will pay a certain amount of money. This money can then be exchanged for additional features to add to the excitement of the game. As the number of passengers increases, so do the features.

Drivers Can Get Off The Vehicle

This game is incredibly exciting. The driver holding the handlebars can get out of the vehicle when it stops. As a result, it has the correct appearance. With beautiful visuals, the driver display is also very good, so it doesn't always feel like 3D animation.

Legal Indonesian Bussid Truck Mod Provider Site

With more than 50 million players, Bus Simulator Indonesia is a magnet for developers who want to add new features. Even though Maleo himself has provided the Mod, it turns out that many customers are dissatisfied.

Developers have a hard time making and selling them, regardless of whether they are legal or not. In fact, the demand is so great that it becomes a profitable endeavor for software developers to fulfill it. If you only want to use the official Mod, here are 3 sites that provide it: from Maleo

As a Bus Simulator Indonesia developer, Maleo has offered features for the game. There are only three types, which is a shame because there are so many possibilities. Even the motor features can not be accessed. Gamers may only play pick-up cars, timber trucks and public transportation (city transportation) (city transportation).

This second method offers various benefits. The features offered are quite complete. The range of vehicles includes anything from trucks and buses to cars and motorbikes. Since there are no ads, the download may run quickly. Also, no password or extraction is required to access the files.

Through the Bussid Mod Application

To make it easier for users who want to download Mods, the developer offers the Bussid Mod application. Google Play Store is where you will find it. Gamers are captivated by this single local game because of all its amazing features and possibilities.

How to play the Indonesian bussid truck bus simulator mod

After knowing that there are amazing features and Mod programs, you will definitely want to get your hands on it. Moreover, the shape and type are quite natural, like the original car. And how do you play it? This is very important; Collecting items is pointless if you can't use them.

Changing the Indonesian Bus Simulator Mod

Don't be fooled by the title if you're a new game. Despite its name Bus Simulator, it features several types of vehicles, from the contemporary to the unusual. Complete, all accessible. How to change the Mod Bus Simulator Indonesia is quite easy.

  1. Determine the type of car you want to use
  2. Take a look at Mods
  3. Save it to the device's internal memory by copying and pasting it.
  4. Open the game, after you access the main screen, select "Garage"
  5. Find the Mods you copied and pasted in the “Garage” function.
  6. So make sure you have copied and pasted the Mod correctly.
  7. The system will take care of the rest after you click “Use” once you find it.
  8. Wait for it to finish. Glide and other accessible features can then be used by gamers.

Changing Liveries

Don't get confused and misunderstood between Mod and Livery, both are clearly different. Mods are more related to things or objects. So examples of Mods include wooden trucks, tronton trucks, pick-up cars, sedans, automatic motorbikes and others.

While Livery is mainly intended for design. Stickers on buses, body colors, obvious accessories, and so on are all examples of this kind of behavior. Like the Mod, gamers must download it first before being allowed to register for the Mod. Here's how:

  1. Livery in PNG format or in the form of an image, download it completely. It will be stored in the Garage immediately.
  2. Prepare the Mod before use.
  3. On Livery, unlike Mod installation, gamers must travel to the top preview to complete the installation process.
  4. To change the color, select “Paint color” from the “Color” menu. Select upload image from the left menu.
  5. Let the system work to implement it. After that, the Mod will change color.

Added Music

The advantages of Bus Simulator Indonesia are not only Mods and Livery, but also music features that enhance the gaming experience. Gamers can also edit this section to their liking.

You don't need to download all the music anymore if you already have an extensive library on your smartphone. Gamers can take advantage of it. This is a very simple process. The player can play and listen to music at the same time which is fine. Here's how:

  1. Check the music collection in the gallery or smartphone memory. You can add additional music to your library by downloading it first.
  2. The “Garage” feature will be accessible once you reach the game's main page. If you look at the dashboard,
  3. You will see a selection of music icons; choose what you like.
  4. Now gamers can play while listening to their favorite music.

Buy Premium Mods

To make the game more entertaining gamers can apply lots of Mods. Apart from the free mod which is no less fantastic, there is also a premium version available. To receive it, you have to buy it with "money".

It is possible to get these trading tools by playing games. The technique is for users of the bus Mod function, by raising and lowering people after arriving at the location. The fare will be borne by the passenger. Premium modifications can be purchased with the help of these prices.

Download Mod Buses, Trucks, Cars and Motorcycles

This exciting feature will enhance the gaming experience. The dream car is available for gamers to use in their games. To get it is simple. some places give it for free. So all you have to do is choose, download and use.

The variety and number of Mods are increasing all the time. To date there are more than 500 varieties accessible. This allows gamers to never run out of ideas for using Mods and decorating with Livery. Here's the link to download it:


Bus Simulator Indonesia is pre-installed with this mod, which is highly appreciated by its features. There are several kinds. from freight vehicles with wooden bodies to giant fuso forms:

  1. The Fuso truck died from the bulldozer
  2. Folfo MFX E5 truck
  3. Truck Canter New Calista
  4. Hino 500 Tronton truck
  5. Fuso Trucks Loaded with Wood
  6. Hino Truck Long Tarpaulin

Bus Mod

For gamers who used to use bus transportation, they can remember this Mod again. The features are very lifelike, so it's like actually being on the bus. Furthermore, the designs, shapes and patterns all reflect a sense of the present. Here's the link to download it:

ALS buses

ALS stands for Antar Lintas Sumatra. This bus connects several cities in Sumatra and Java, including Jakarta, Bandung, Solo, Surabaya, Malang, Kudus and Semarang. This is a convenient way to get around the island:

  1. Malang-Medan ALS Bus
  2. ALS Scania buses
  3. Sumatran ALS Bus Full
  4. Euroliner ALS buses
  5. Beautiful Rosalia bus
  6. Rosalia Indah Bus Full of Accessories
  7. Bus Rosalia Indah Jet Bus 2+
  8. Rosalia Indah Bus SHD

Rosalia Indah is a Solo-based bus that serves various places on the islands of Java and Sumatra. The vehicle's unique design and eye-catching colors have made it a household name. The available livery is also acceptable.

Download Mod Buses, Trucks, Cars and Motorcycles


Bussid games include various additional vehicles in the form of cars. Vehicles ranging from classic to futuristic ones can be chosen by the user. Playing it is certainly a truly unforgettable experience:

  1. Nissan GTR
  2. Lamborghinis
  3. ELF
  4. Toyota Yaris
  5. White Modified Angkot


There are also several options for motorcycle customization. Starting from the type of sport to the calm. Just choose what you want to drive in this bussid game. To download and implement it, everything is easy. Here's the mod link for the bike:

  1. Nmax 155
  2. PCX
  3. Kawasaki Ninja ZX 25R
  4. Honda classic C700

Bussid games, which are often called Bus Simulator Indonesia, are very exciting. Therefore, it is not wrong if every day its users continue to increase. Also, the developer's ability to use Mods, Livery or soundtracks adds even more intrigue to this game.


Bus Simulator Indonesia is predicted to be a game that will attract the attention of gamers from all over the world once it is launched. The graphics are stunning, and the use of the 3D feature gives the game a real quality.

Using the many Mods available on Maleo is made simple due to Maleo's open design. The bus mode allows gamers to play with the fun bussid truck mod. Multiplayer and exciting modes are offered in an online situation.

The word mod in bussid is mostly related to cars. When you trade one bus for another, the “Mod” moniker changes. New Mods and Liveries are always available and free to download. Users are quite free to be creative with their vehicles. This global game still has many additional benefits.

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