The Right Way To Drive An Automatic Car To Last 

The Right Way To Drive An Automatic Car To Last – Automatic cars are now more popular than manual cars. The reason is that automatic cars are easier to operate because they only use two pedals (gas and brake), in contrast to manual cars which are operated using three pedals (gas, brake, clutch). But do you know how to drive an automatic car correctly?

Driving an automatic car is not just as simple as stepping on the gas and brake. Drivers need to know how to drive an automatic car properly.

In order to be durable and long-lived, avoid moving the transmission roughly. For example, when you are in the 'D' position, don't immediately move it to the 'N' position while the car is still running. Make sure the car comes to a full stop, before moving the transmission lever, this will avoid wear and tear.

Likewise when you park the car backwards. Before reversing the car, you must ensure that the position is completely stopped and that the transfer is not made while the car is running.

In addition, when you want to accelerate with an automatic car, make sure it's done smoothly or gradually. This will also make the car's transmission last a long time, it can also save on fuel expenses. Avoid the habit of pressing the gas and braking quickly when driving on congested streets.

If the way to drive is good and right, don't forget to do regular car maintenance. This is also one of the factors that contribute to the durability of the car. You can take the car to the repair shop according to the schedule stated in the guidebook. Diligently carrying out periodic maintenance can also prevent the car warranty from being scorched.

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