Here's a way to resize a KTP photo file to 2MB Requirements for registering a pre-employment card

Here's a way to resize a KTP photo file to 2MB Requirements for registering a pre-employment card – One of the pre-employment batch 12 registration requirements is to include a photo of an Identity Card (KTP) with a maximum file size of 2MB. If the file size exceeds the limit, the registrar needs to reduce it.

There is a maximum limit on the size of the KTP photo file so that the process of uploading it to the system can run smoothly. In other words, if the size exceeds the limit, the file may be automatically rejected by the system.

However, if the KTP photo file size is less than 2MB the upload process can still be carried out. Below are described three online tools that can be used to reduce the size of the KTP photo file as one of the pre-employment registration requirements.

How to reduce the size of a KTP photo file on can be done in three steps, namely Choose File, select Image Optimization mode, and select Size. will display information on the size of the photo file after it is compressed on the Summary menu.

Then just wait a moment for the process, then download when finished. also makes it possible to shrink photo files from non-computer folders, namely from cloud services such as Drive, Box, and Dropbox. Regarding the output, it will be in the form of a ZIP format file.

  • Image Optimizer

How to reduce the size of a KTP photo file in Image Optimizer by clicking the Choose File menu from the main page of this site to extract a JPG file from a computer folder, then selecting Size (pixels) and Quality, from Minimum to Best.

Then, click Optimize Now! for next process. Wait a moment for it to finish, then download the file that has been compressed in file size. Finished.

In addition, Image Optimizer also offers software for computers that can be downloaded free of charge for more practical use when the device is not connected to the internet.

  • Pixlr

How to reduce the size of KTP photo files on Pixlr is no less practical than and Image Optimizer. How to use the Pixlr website starts from clicking the OPEN IMAGE menu from the main page of this site to take photos from a computer folder. Next click the SAVE button which is located in the lower right corner.

In the SAVE menu, the process of reducing the size of the KTP photo file can be done. On the Quality menu, slide the bar to the desired percentage, while paying attention to the output photo file size which is located under the LOW MED HIGH quality indicator.

If the bar is shifted to the left, the photo file size will automatically get smaller and vice versa. When you feel that it has reached 2MB, please click the DOWNLOAD button to save the compressed photos to your computer.

Photo File Size and Format Terms

Pre-employment is one of the assistance that will be continued by the government in 2021. The opening of Batch 12 Pre-Employment registration will be announced via the official Pre-Employment Card social media.

The implementing party of this program appealed to the public to be careful regarding information regarding batch 12 pre-employment. Registration for batch 12 pre-employment is only open through the official address at

Following are the provisions for the size and format of the photo file for Pre-Employment registration:

  • Not a photocopy and all parts of the KTP are in the photo

One of the reasons for failing to upload a KTP photo to the Pre-Employment account when registering can also be caused by a photo that does not comply with the registration requirements. The Pre-Employment Program implementation team urges applicants to ensure that all parts of the KTP are in the uploaded photo.

The existence of some invisible or invisible sides of the KTP also influences the data verification process later. Also make sure the KTP photo uploaded when registering is original and not a photocopy.

  • Photo ID card with a maximum size of 2MB

If you have received a KTP photo, make sure the uploaded photo file size is no more than 2MB in size. Photo file sizes that exceed the provisions will be automatically rejected by the machine.

  • JPEG or PNG Photo Format

Make sure the uploaded photo format is JPEG or PNG. If the format of the uploaded photo is outside the two formats above, the automatic machine will reject the upload.

  • Internet connection

If all the requirements for the KTP document have been met and you still fail to upload the KTP, make sure the internet connection is stable. We recommend registering using a laptop or computer for those who have. If you don't have one, make sure the connection on your cellphone is also stable.

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