Anime Lovers Apk Download Free Indo Sub for Android – The following is information to create a more thrilling viewing experience, Anime Lovers apk brings the most complete selection of anime in HD. Using different device apps, you can easily use this app whenever you want to have fun.

Instead of downloading each episode individually, using an app to watch anime will save time. you will find it easier to find the anime you are looking for.

The enjoyment of this anime watching service will probably make you feel at home spending hours.

Latest Anime Lovers Apk Review with Indonesian Sub

Latest Anime Lovers Apk Review with Indonesian Sub

Anime Lovers apk is a free program that allows you to watch anime on various mobile devices. You can watch anime for free with Indonesian subtitles thanks application this.

There are many anime titles, from the most popular to serial stories. You can choose from many subcategories to find your dream anime.

Without having to wait long, you can spend time watching various interesting and funny anime episodes. This application has various features to make it easier for users to watch their favorite anime.

This application is compatible with many devices making it easy to install and allows users to be able to watch anime at any time. There is a PC version as well as a mobile device version of this app.

How to use this application is not complicated, so beginners may still watch anime simply and quickly. You can use this application on your PC by using a customized emulator. Watching anime may be a simple and fun way to pass the time.

Main Features of Anime Lovers Apk

Because of its extraordinary features, the Anime Lovers apk application is quite popular. With these enhanced features, consumers can enjoy the services provided more comfortably and optimally.

Excellent features are available to all users as a convenience so that they can more easily watch their favorite anime. Here are some of the fantastic features it has to offer.

It supports multi-devices so that it can be easily accessed via PC or mobile. Search users will find it easier to find the anime they want with the help of this feature.

You can quickly and for free view every episode of the anime shown here. All you have to do is choose the anime you want to choose.

1. Anime Lovers Apk HD Quality

This application provides HD quality so that it is not inferior to premium applications. With spectacular anime quality, you may experience better definition anime images. you will be able to make watch more if you do this.

With HD resolution, you can appreciate each character more ideally because the images are clear.

2. Updated Anime

Anime Lovers offers a list of the latest anime that is frequently done. That way you don't have to worry about losing the new anime that's being released. This application makes it easy for users to get the data they need.

Download and Watch Anime for Free at Anime Lovers Apk

This application is perfect for anime lovers who don't want to miss the latest anime updates. you can enjoy any accessible anime story more freely.

3. Full Screen Quality

You may already be watching anime in full screen using this app's support for full screen service. Even if you watch in full screen, the visual quality won't change and it's still enjoyable.

That way you can still enjoy appreciating the anime story given. For those of you who like anime, this is a convenient and fast way to pass the time.

4. Subtitles are available

Another fantastic feature provided by this app is the inclusion of subtitles which can be modified according to the user's request.

As a result, following the flow is no longer a challenge. The presence of subtitles enhances the experience of watching anime for viewers.

5. Multi-Device

This application supports multiple devices so that it can be accessed easily via a PC or cellphone. That way you no longer need to bother enjoying the anime you like. Anime can be viewed on PC or mobile devices.

The installation procedure for each device may be different. Anime, on the other hand, maintains a high level of production values and a wide selection.

6. Search

Users will find it easier to find the anime they want with the help of this feature. Not only the latest and most loved anime recommendations appear on the front page. You can also use the search option provided.

Through this function, you no longer have to struggle to find the anime you want. Once a keyword is entered, the app will immediately display anime titles related to that term.

7. Free

The services provided by Anime Lovers are not only easy and practical, but can also be used free of charge. You can quickly and for free view every anime episode featured here. All you have to do is choose the anime you want to choose.

Apart from that, you can also download the anime you want and watch it offline. As a result, you can maximize your quota savings.

Other Applications for Streaming Anime Apart from Anime Lovers Apk

8. Latest Episode Notifications

This feature allows users to be able to set alerts regarding the desired new anime episode information. This must be done so that you don't miss the plot of your favorite anime.

You can enable alerts for multiple anime titles at once so that you are properly aware of the latest changes.

9. Anime requests

Anime Lovers has a feature called Requests, which allows users to make requests to application makers. You can use this tool to make requests to include anime, for example.

Inform the anime title to the developer. Later, if accepted, the developer will add the anime title you want.

10. Best Anime Highlights

Anime Lovers offers a highlight function that allows viewers to get the latest and greatest anime suggestions. Also, you will get a complete overview of the upcoming anime release date.

Download Anime Lovers Apk for Android

After knowing the superior features of the Anime Lovers application, surely some of you can't wait to use it.

So, that's why below we have provided a description and download link for the Anime Lovers application with Indonesian subtitles on the PlayStore:

Application NameAnime Lovers - Indo Sub
Need Android version7.0 and up
Released date23 Sept 2020
Updated onJune 10, 2021
DevelopersWnr. App
DownloadsClick here

Steps to Download Anime Lovers Apk on PC

Not only can it be accessed via a smartphone, the Anime Lovers apk application can also be accessed via the Google Play Store. But you need an emulator to be able to use this application. The procedure is not complicated and can be used simply. Check see next approach.

  1. The first thing you need to do is get the BlueStacks Android emulator and download it.
  2. You can get this emulator from various sites that provide it.
  3. To get started, all you have to do is type “BlueStacks” into the search bar on Google.
  4. Choose a reliable site and download the application.
  5. Before downloading the emulator, pay attention to the capacity of the PC device first. Is there still enough space available or not.
  6. Wait until the emulator download procedure is complete.
  7. To use the emulator, set it on the PC that you will use throughout the game.
  8. Run BlueStacks first after the emulator is successfully installed.
  9. The emulator takes a long time to load to show the functionality in it.
  10. Once BlueStacks is up and running, select the Google Play Store where the emulator is placed.
  11. In Google Play Store search tool, you can enter Anime Lovers.
  12. Download Anime Lovers from the search results and wait for it to finish installing.
  13. Open the Anime Lovers application that has been successfully installed and enjoy the various features available in it.

Steps to Download Anime Lovers Apk on Android

The simplest access is via a cell phone, you can quickly watch anime whenever you want. The Anime Lovers application follows the standard installation procedure.

It's just that, if you get the apk file from outside you need to complete the permission settings first. Below you will check the download link and instructions on how to set it all up:

Other Applications for Streaming Anime Apart from Anime Lovers Apk

  1. Visit the download URL provided. You will be taken to the page of the website that submitted the apk file.
  2. Hit the download button to download the apk file.
  3. While waiting for the download procedure, you can make permission settings first.
  4. Enter the setting area, select Security and Privacy then under the Unknown Source section put a check mark.
  5. This step is taken to allow access to the installation of applications that come from outside.
  6. Check again whether the file download is complete or not.
  7. Once done, you can check it by heading to the File Manager area and selecting the Downloads folder.
  8. Files that have just finished downloading will be at the top of the list.
  9. Start the installation by tapping on the apk file.

After the application installation is complete, you can launch it and immediately experience the various features provided. Choose the anime you want and enjoy the convenience of watching anime on your smartphone.

Other Applications for Streaming Anime Apart from Anime Lovers Apk

Apart from using the Anime Lovers apk, there are many applications that can be used to view streaming anime. Each application offers different features and benefits.

By utilizing an application to watch anime online, you can enjoy your favorite episodes whenever you want. Here are some suggestions for additional anime viewing apps.

1.TV anime

Application NameAnime TV - Watch anime sub in
Need Android version5.0 and up
Released date5 Apr 2019
Updated on6 Feb 2023
DevelopersKIKU Group
DownloadsClick here

This software is built by the VKIKU group. This application has been available since 2019 and contains complete features. The main selling point of this app is its full HD image quality.

That way people can watch anime in better quality. There are almost more than 30 anime titles that you can choose as you wish. You can watch anime in very clear detail as long as your internet connection is strong.

The sound effects offered are clear enough so you can more freely watch various anime.

2. Vicki

Application NameViki: Asian Dramas & Movies
Need Android version6.0 and up
Released date4 Mar 2012
Updated on19 Feb 2023
DevelopersViki, Inc
DownloadsClick here

There are many anime with various genres, ranging from animation, action, comedy and so on. There are hundreds of anime titles that are ready to be watched and prepared to entertain you very well.

Watch anime online whenever you want. The features offered are fairly complete. Subtitles that can be accessed are also quite diverse, starting from English, Indonesian, Spanish, Italian and so on.

With the many features offered, you can enjoy watching anime in better quality.

3. Crunchyroll

Application NameCrunchyroll
VersionVaries by device
Need Android versionVaries by device
Released date20 Dec 2010
Updated on28 Feb 2023
DevelopersEllation, LLC
DownloadsClick here

For those of you who don't want to miss watching anime with a viewing duration of only one hour, this application is very reliable. The 14-day trial period of the app is free, and access is no different.

But after that, you need to pay to become a premium member to be able to take advantage of all available features and avoid advertisements displayed in the application.

Anime that can be accessed is very diverse and on average it belongs to popular genres. You can download the anime you want to watch offline.

4. Netflix

Application NameNetflix
VersionVaries by device
Need Android versionVaries by device
Released date6 Jan 2016
Updated on20 Feb 2023
DevelopersNetflix, Inc.
DownloadsClick here


This particular Netflix is very popular almost everywhere in the world. The netflix site provides a variety of shows, from Korean dramas to animation. You have to subscribe to the service first to take advantage of it.

High-definition programming with subtitles allows viewers to fully appreciate the visual splendor of the show. Regular content updates are also made to keep you up to date with the latest episodes of your favorite anime.

The sound and visual quality offered is of high quality so you won't feel disadvantaged when paying a membership fee.

5. iQIYI

Application NameiQIYI - Dramas, Anime, Shows
Need Android version5.0 and up
Released dateMay 23, 2019
Updated on22 Feb 2023
DownloadsClick here

IQIYI is a well-recommended famous anime streaming app. Even though it is better known as an application for watching dramas and movies, it turns out that iQIYI also provides various kinds of anime that are entertaining to watch!

There are many anime series available for streaming only on the internet. It won't be too heavy for those of you who are trying it for the first time. The reason is, there is a search field that you can use in certain anime categories.

Apart from that, you can view movies in various resolutions with this application. Anime can also be downloaded for offline viewing. Monthly membership rates are really reasonable. That said, there's still quite a lot of free stuff to be had.

Tips for Watching Anime Through Applications

Watching anime can be a lot of fun, and also one of the most convenient and practical ways to spend time. However, watching too often and too often can cause boredom and make the level of enjoyment.

Here are some pointers for creating an experience watching anime you are more attractive:

1. Connect with a Stable Network

To get the most out of anime, a reliable internet connection is a must. Unless this happens, the viewing experience is marred by a lack of cohesion.

The quality of the displayed image is also affected by the speed of your internet connection. you enjoy the feeling of watching with better quality, make sure to connect to a solid internet service.

2. Select an Application with the Most Complete Features

Choose an application that has the most complete set of features. There are lots of anime watching applications available today. Each of these applications has various benefits and features. You can choose one of the applications offered.

3. Take a look at the available anime categories

Choose an application that has the most complete features and is the most comfortable for you to use. Analyze the available anime categories to see if they are sufficient.

Make sure you choose an application that broadcasts the anime you want to see. Subscription fees determined by the application should also be considered.

4. Select the Anime You Want to Watch

Choose the Anime You Want to Watch. The enjoyment of watching anime is greatly enhanced by having a personal library of your favorite shows. Choose the title or genre of anime you want to watch, then indicate how many episodes you want to watch.

Choose the Anime You Want to Watch

To set a time limit on how much time to spend watching anime, this has to be decided.

5. Set Watch Hours

So that watching anime doesn't interfere with your other daily activities. Try to identify the right time to watch anime. For example when coming home from school, lunch, on weekends and so on.

Watching anime can be used as a vacation time so you can relax a bit and enjoy the anime you like. Watching anime is the simplest hobby to get into and doesn't cost anything.

6. Turn on Notifications

If you're an anime fan, make sure to turn on push notifications so you'll be the first to get new episodes of your favorite series released.

By setting an alert, you will never miss a new anime series and can enjoy it to the fullest.

7. Download Anime

If you want to save on quota when you want to watch anime, try to download the anime you want when you get wifi.

That way you can view it offline. This allows users to save more on their quota and watch anime as they please.

Anime Lovers apk has many features so that it can provide more simple and enjoyable facilities for watching anime. The app's anime updates happen quickly and consistently, so you can always find the latest episodes.


Anime Lovers apk is a free program that allows you to watch anime on various mobile devices. This application has various features to make it easier for users to watch their favorite anime.

There are many anime titles, from the most popular to serial stories. Anime Lovers offers a list of the latest anime that is frequently done. This application makes it easy for users to get the data they need.

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