Boom Live Mod Apk Download Live Streaming – This application is an interesting live streaming application to use, namely the boom live mod apk. More and more people are turning to the boom live mod apk application.

Indonesia is no exception. As the number of live streaming apps grows, so does this. One of them is Boom Live. Famous live apps are included in this app.

The emergence of an application like this is clearly inseparable from the virality of previous similar applications such as Bigo Live. But this time, we will only concentrate on an application called Boom Live. An application that you can use to watch live streaming material from other people.

Become Familiar with Boom Live Mod Apk

This is a great app to familiarize yourself with Live Boom before diving deeper into live streaming apps. This application has the same premise as live streaming applications in general. Namely providing a platform for live broadcasts so that other people can watch it.

Streamers use this space to host all kinds of live events. While there is some interesting discussion going on here, the bulk of the live stream video consists of attractive women interacting with their admirers.

Therefore, it is recommended for those of you who want to play with this application to make sure you are over 18 years old. Moreover, the streamers who are broadcast here usually have a beautiful appearance.

Become Familiar with Boom Live Mod Apk

You can even try your luck as a streamer on this app if you so desire. Because here, apart from being able to do live streaming, you can also make money from this activity.

However, you must first be able to amass a sizable following. The money you earn with this app comes from gifts given by your live broadcast viewers who want to reward you in some way. Later these prizes can be exchanged for money or e-wallet balances.

If you are still using the free version of the application or have not upgraded your account to the premium version, you will be subject to the same restrictions as everyone else.

However, by using the applications that we will describe below, you can access all VIP features without having to pay fees that are usually paid to become a premium member.

Benefits of Using Boom Live Mod Ap

When you find the app there is the phrase “Live” which usually refers to a live event. Each user can build their own event on the Boom Live program for a long time. There are also individuals who retain information throughout the day because they are after income.

It's no secret that programs like Boom Live have been wildly successful for their content providers. Because people using these apps are not interested in creating live events; they just want to see someone else do it.

If your account is known by many other users, then the prospect of generating abundant revenue is quite significant and can not only be used for live streaming events, but you can communicate via chat messages or video conversations with other users.

You can use it for this whether you are broadcasting or not. Not many users know the value of the Boom Live program because their emphasis is only on the main features.

Terms of Using Boom Live Mod Ap

The thing that you really need to pay attention to when you want to use the Live application is the terms or rating. To take advantage of Boom Live, users must meet specific requirements set by the app's creator.

However, of course the developer cannot monitor 100 percent whether the user is really up to standard or not because today's era is so complex.

We as users should organize ourselves to take advantage of programs that match our rating. The limitation of this application is that it can only be used by individuals who are of legal age in their country. In Indonesia, the minimum legal age is 17 years and that is the same as the rating from the Boom Live application.

No one should use this program if they do not meet the requirements. But if they do, they will have to pay the price.

Of course, these requirements are not without reason, because the material in the Boom Live application is wider in scope and there are no restrictions. Unlike the situation with social media that we usually play.

Features of Boom Live Mod APK

After understanding what the Boom live streaming application is, let's now discuss the application features that we will share on this occasion:

Do Live Streaming

We start with the main feature, namely live streaming capabilities. Boom's main offering is undoubtedly live streaming, as seen by the inclusion of the word "Live" in its final name. As a viewer, you can take advantage of the streamers' live broadcasts here.

Apart from just being a spectator, you can also become a streamer with this application. If you can provide live streaming material that is interesting and liked by a large number of viewers, you can gain fame as a streamer.

The prizes are of course the more people who watch your live broadcast, the more people will offer gifts to you. These things can be redeemed for cash. So don't be surprised if many people can get a lot of money from this Boom Live application.

Interact with Viewers or Streamers

This interesting feature makes the Boom live streaming app livelier and less boring. Of course, if viewers could only watch live broadcasts without being able to engage with them, that would be very boring.

Now, with this application, the audience can engage in many modes. Such as giving comments, giving likes, stickers, to the most fun of course throwing gifts.

Live Video Calls

Found someone on the Boom Live app and want to get closer to them? you don't have to worry; the capabilities of this application will allow you to do that. One of the options that you can take advantage of is the live video calling capability.

It's that simple to set up a video conference with someone you like on this platform so you can talk in real time. However, make sure they accept your invitation because the video calls given here cannot be made directly from one user only.

Interestingly, you can also make video calls during live broadcasts. We were all in the same room, watching the live broadcast. This kind of functionality is something we've seen before. This is a common feature on Instagram, it seems.

Beauty Filters

Since most of the users of this application from the streamer side are women, it's no wonder that there are lots of beauty filters in this application. In live streaming, the ability to apply these filters to enhance one's image on camera is an invaluable tool.

There are various options for narrowing your search. You can also choose it according to your wishes. Apart from beauty filters, there are also filters that use augmented reality so that there are stickers or other knick-knacks that follow facial movements caught on camera.

Room for Voice Chat

You can talk to other people in the same room using this interesting function. The availability of this function is quite useful for various difficulties that may be faced by certain users of this application.

Because some of them may lack the confidence to make video calls or save on internet quota because they themselves use large amounts of data packets when broadcasting live.

Unlimited Coins

The characteristics in the previous paragraph are the basic features of the Boom Live application. While the unlimited coins option is a certain feature which is there due to the modifications given in the app.

Coins are valuable commodities in this application. Users' options are nearly limitless when it comes to what they can do with their money.

It's just that getting coins is not a simple thing. As a result, many people using these live streaming apps are trying to find ways to get large amounts of coins quickly and easily.

Using the apps we all use is the best solution. In this application, you will immediately get an unlimited number of coins from the first time you use it. As a result, you can start gift shopping for your favorite streamers now.

Unlock All Rooms

One advantage that users of the free version of the app won't be able to enjoy is viewing live streams from closed spaces. In fact, in these rooms there is a lot of very interesting live streaming material and of course very different from free live streaming.

In most cases, you need your own key to enter the room. you have to pay real money for it. Of course, this is a waste of money, because you will pay for it yourself.

Of course this Boom Live mod application is the answer. Apart from money, the app has also been tweaked in such a way that you can watch any live stream without any special restrictions.

Including live streaming material that is restricted by the streamer. If you use a customized app, they won't even know that you're looking at their live feed.

More Rewards

By utilizing the mod version of the application, you will get more rewards than when you were still using the original version of the application. This is inseparable from the unlimited money that you have from the start thanks to the addition of the application.

More Rewards

You can show your gratitude to the live streamer you are watching by giving them one of the various gifts or prizes available here.

Ad Free

The second attractive feature that the Boom Live app boasts is that it is ad-free. Of course you can enjoy live streaming or even use our app without any unwanted ads.

Because as we know, the presence of advertisements can substantially disrupt the user experience of an application if they are not placed in the right area. Especially for live streaming applications. Enough space is needed so that live viewing activities are not disturbed at all.

Fortunately, the mod application that we are going to share with you below has been changed to remove all ads.

Anti Banned

Lastly, there is a feature that you shouldn't ignore as a modified app. Namely the anti-ban feature. That's because unauthorized apps from developers are much more likely to be blocked by official developers.

The availability of this function is expected to reduce the possibility of getting hit by tires that constantly threaten you when using this application. Because in fact the official application makers must have been wary of using mod applications because they are unsafe and damage them.

However, please note that the anti-ban mechanism in this application cannot completely protect you from the dangers of being banned by the developer. But at least this technology can trick the system so that your account is not easily recognized.

It has been proven that until now mod application users are still safe and no one has claimed to have been blacklisted by the official developer of this application. So you could say this application is quite safe to use, but you also have to be careful because all possibilities can arise.

Boom Live Use Warning

Before moving on to the topic of live streaming apps that are currently popular, it's a good idea to heed the following critical caveats:

Age Warning 17+

The age warning is the first thing you should pay attention to. According to the app's makers, it has an adult rating of 17+, which means that it should only be used by individuals who are at least 17 years old.

Other than being over the age of 17, you may not invite anyone under the age of 18 to use this app to view live streaming material.

Always Maintain Politeness When Interacting with Other Users

Since this app has an adult theme, you will most likely find a lot of adult material in it. You must behave politely when dealing with other community members in the interest of community harmony and your personal reputation.

Are you watching a live broadcast, posting comments, talking to other people who are also in the audience, and so on. Don't say anything that might be seen as harassing.

Avoid Unnatural Activity in Applications

The Boom Live mod app you're running is this warning app. We've talked about how this mod app has anti-ban functionality, but it's up to you to use it responsibly.

Just in case, don't engage in unusual behavior within the app. The unnatural action in this matter is to overuse the functionality of the mod application. Therefore, the system will be able to quickly identify your account.

Using large amounts of currency in a short period of time, offering lavish gifts at inopportune times, and more are examples of this kind of behavior.

To get the most out of your paid subscription, use the app as if you were still using the free version, even if you have access to features.

Don't Share Data That Is Too Personal

Remember that by using this Boom Live mod, you are taking advantage of a mod application that has very high vulnerabilities. The application does not get official security from the developer so it is vulnerable to being hacked.

Therefore, never divulge personally identifiable information or anything that may not be made public over the internet.

Download and How to Install Boom Live Mod Apk

So, now that you have learned a lot, you must be curious and want to get this app, right? Immediately you can download it via the link below:

  1. Name Boom Live Mod app
  2. Developers BoomLive Co., Ltd
  3. O Android 5+ support
  4. The com.boom.showlive application package
  5. The application size is 95 MB
  6. Content rating 17+
  7. Last update December 28, 2021

Continue to install, to be able to install this application you can't as usual because you don't download Boom Live from the Play Store or App Store. If you are still not sure about how, you can follow the instructions below:

Download and How to Install Boom Live Mod Apk

  1. First make sure you have downloaded the application from the link above
  2. If yes, let the application installation file stored in memory first
  3. Next you access your smartphone settings
  4. Then look for the Privacy and Security option and go there
  5. On the screen that appears, go back to the app installation settings
  6. Here you can set everything about smartphone installation security including unlocking installation permission from outside sources
  7. Enable “Allow Install from Unknown Sources” option to enable this function
  8. If so, go back to the location where you saved the downloaded file. By default, you should be able to find the file in the internal memory downloads folder
  9. If so, start the installation by clicking on the file.
  10. You will not be able to use this application until the installation is complete.
  11. The Boom Live mod application that we provide on this occasion does include a lot of capabilities that you cannot get from the original application.
  12. But make the most of the capabilities in this app and avoid using them to the detriment of other users.

The more people watch your live broadcast, the more people will offer gifts to you. You can also make video calls during live broadcasts. This is a common feature on Instagram, it seems.

There are beauty filters that use augmented reality so that there are stickers or other knick-knacks that follow the facial movements captured by the camera. The ability to apply these filters to enhance one's image is an invaluable tool.


Streamers use this space to host all kinds of live events. The money you get with this boom live mod apk comes from prizes given by your live broadcast viewers who want to give you gifts later, these prizes can be exchanged for money or e-wallet balances.

Boom's main offering is undoubtedly live streaming. As a viewer, you can take advantage of the streamers' live broadcasts here. Engage with your audience and other streamers through likes, comments, stickers and of course throwing giveaways.

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