The BPJS Health application for Android and iOS – The new application from BPJS Kesehatan makes it easier to use the National Health Insurance-Indonesian Health Card (JKN-KIS). With the BPJS Health application, you don't need to leave the comfort of your own home to get the medical care you need.

With this BPJS Health application, you can enjoy extensive and easy facilities and various features. JKN-KIS participants no longer need to attend the BPJS branch office with their JKN card to maintain their membership in the future.

Knowing more about this application is only natural. Please continue reading the contents of this article to completion.

How to Use the Health BPJS Application

The JKN Mobile Application is an application from BPJS Kesehatan. This application provides easy access and convenience for JKN-KIS participants.

Information about the JKN-KIS program can be accessed on the JKN Mobile application. You can also use it to make changes to participant data and run cost calculations. By reducing the need to visit BPJS Kesehatan branch offices, participants can better manage their JKN-KIS membership.

How to Use the Health BPJS Application

So, this application will make it very easy for you because the features are complete and not complicated to use. In addition, you can get the latest health information using our JKN Seluler application.

BPJS Health Application Features

To make your life a little simpler, our BPJS Health application contains many useful functions. The following functions are included in the JKN mobile application:

Information from JKN
The JKN info function is very important to present comprehensive information. Such as registration, fines, facilities, rights and obligations of JKN participants and incentives received by participants.

  1. Participant
    Access your membership information, including your name, date of birth, BPJS number, as well as the nearest health features and facilities available through the JKN Mobile application. Apart from that, you can also check your family members' membership data.
  2. Participant Card
    Furthermore, there is a participant card feature that provides an image of a participant card. If you don't have a BPJS card with you, you can use this ability instead.
  3. Change Participant Data
    You can change your data as a participant using this function. You can change things like your phone number, email address, medical facility, and postal address. You can even go to a lower level medical facility or change schools.
  4. Registration of participants
  5. You can use this application if you prefer to join as a participant rather than a Wage Earner. You only need to provide your KTP number to register.
    Next, information will be sent to the email address you provided when registering for the Mobile JKN application. If you want to use it, you have to activate it in the app. Enter your JKN card number and password after completing the participant registration procedure on the JKN login page.
  6. Premium
    The premium feature will make it easier for you to access BPJS Health premium bills that must be paid directly by PBPU and family members.
  7. Payment Records
    Payment history of premiums, fines, and mobile payments can be viewed using the payment records feature.
  8. Payment
    You can pay your BPJS health insurance premiums online using this facility. In addition, you have the opportunity to pay in various ways.
  9. Auto debit registration
    Payment of monthly contributions for JKN KIS members can be made easier if this feature is included.
  10. Service History
    The service history option in the BPJS Health application allows you to find information on visits and services of previous BPJS participants.
  11. Screening
    Screening is a feature that reveals your medical history to help you see your possible disease risks. Additional consultations or first level health facility tests can be carried out by utilizing the screening results.
  12. Covered Drugs
    Through this tool, you can get information about medicines that are covered while undergoing treatment. You can also review the drug name, its components, and the drug limit.
  13. Service Registration
    Queuing protocols such as FKTP and FKRTL can now be registered to take advantage of this new feature. Additionally, you have the option to provide feedback about your experience with the FKTP service.
  14. Health Facility Location
    FKTP and FKRTL locations can be found in the access feature of the Mobile JKN application. On this page, you will find information about the location of the BPJS Kesehatan office as well as contact information such as hours of operation and fax numbers.
  15. Check VA
    You can use the Check VA function in the JKN Mobile application to find participants' Virtual Account numbers according to their NIK.
  16. Complaint Complaint Feature
    You don't need to worry if you want to submit a complaint or submit a complaint. Because the BPJS Kesehatan application offers the ability to submit complaints or problems related to the Central BPJS Kesehatan.
  17. Arrear Relaxation Program
    People who are behind on their bills may benefit from the Bill Relaxation Program. This application offers a submission feature to get payment relief for participants who are in arrears for more than 6 months.
  18. Schedule of Operations
    With this application you can see the operation schedule according to the name given in the Mobile JKN application. Hospitals affiliated with BPJS Health now allow you to check the date of surgery.
  19. Bed Availability
    BPJS sufferers need to consult with the hospital beforehand to see if a bed is available. This application offers a feature that can show the availability of hospital beds according to class. Information on the availability of these beds will continue to be updated by the hospital on a regular basis.
  20. Doctor Consultation
    You can use this tool to interact with medical professionals in the FKTP that you registered. Physical distancing can be maintained during epidemics more easily thanks to the option of medical consultation.
  21. Covid-19 Self Screening
    With the inclusion of this new feature, JKN-KIS participants can now consult and ask questions about the possibility of Covid-19 transmission. Use this Covid-19 self-screening to check if you live in an area that has the potential to spread the Corona virus.

In addition, you can monitor the symptoms of the spread of the Corona virus to help monitor the health situation.

Those are the 21 extraordinary features in the BPJS Health application. The features are quite a lot and straightforward right? As a result, to get BPJS services, there is no need to leave the house.

How to Download and Use Mobile JKN

Accessible at the bpjs mobile app. You must first register to the Mobile JKN application in the application to use one of its features. Here's how to register for the Mobile JKN application:

For Users who have just registered for BPJS Kesehatan

If you intend to become a JKN-KIS participant, you must first register for BPJS Kesehatan through the BPJS Kesehatan application. Below are the registration steps:

  1. Install the JKN Mobile application by opening the Play Store or App Store and downloading it.
  2. To start the registration procedure, select Register and then New Participant Registration.
  3. Next, read the terms and conditions, then click "I agree".
  4. Click next after entering your NIK E-KTP and captcha code.
  5. Data will appear for you and your relatives who don't have BPJS health, click next.
  6. Fill in your personal data as requested.
  7. Prioritize your search for medical care by reducing it to a few different types of institutions.
  8. Select save after entering an active email address.
  9. You will get a verification number via the email. Please copy the verification number to Mobile JKN.
  10. Next, the registered participant data will be revealed and you will receive a Virtual Account number via email.
  11. The next step is to pay dues according to the Virtual Account number.
  12. Any of these options will work fine, including payments made at BPJS retail locations or banks or ATM machines.
    If you have made a payment, you may already be using the Mobile JKN application.

For BPJS Health Participants

If you are already a BPJS Kesehatan participant and have a JKN-KIS card. However, if you haven't registered with the Mobile JKN application, follow these steps:

  1. Install the JKN Mobile application by opening the Play Store or App Store and downloading it.
  2. Next, click on account activation.
  3. The following information is required to access the account: your NIK number, BPJS card number, your biological mother's name, email address, mobile number and PIN code (if known).
  4. It is very important that the information you provide here matches the information previously provided to BPJS Kesehatan.
  5. Open the email to see the activation code that has been issued by the Mobile JKN system.
  6. After entering the verification code, make sure the Mobile JKN application is registered, then click verify.
  7. You will be able to use the capabilities of the Mobile JKN application after completing the verification application.

Benefits of Using the JKN Mobile Application

You already know the various functions provided in the BPJS Kesehatan application. By implementing it, you will get several benefits, including:

Benefits of Using the JKN Mobile Application

  1. Make it easier for users to search for BPJS Health billing information for family members.
  2. Given the presence of premium features that can expose arrears dues.
  3. Make it easy for users to change member data taken using Mobile JKN.
  4. Email addresses, postal addresses, telephone numbers and health care facilities are examples of personal data.
  5. The BPJS Kesehatan office is no longer the only place where you can make changes.
  6. People should be allowed to register to wait online at certain health facilities whenever possible.
  7. A cell phone is all that is needed to track channel progress.
  8. Makes it easier for people to know if there are available beds in the hospital.
  9. Make it easier for customers to go to the doctor, because of the availability of consulting facilities.
  10. Patients will feel more comfortable telling their health problems to the doctor.

Many Advantages of Health BPJS

BPJS Kesehatan and the Mobile JKN application are now widely used by the public. Because of the many benefits that end consumers can enjoy. The following are the benefits of using BPJS Kesehatan:

  1. Cheap
    The cost of health services at BPJS is relatively cheap. However, despite the low cost, the participants did not get bids. Only a small monthly fee Rp. 60.000,-, Rp. 51,000, - or Rp. 25.000,- required to join class 1, class 2 or class 3.
    You will be able to afford comprehensive medical care at these low rates. Starting from examination, hospitalization, surgery, treatment and others. Participants will get reimbursement for labor and dialysis costs.
  2. Compulsory Program
    BPJS Health is an Indonesian government initiative that is needed for all Indonesian citizens. These requirements are spelled out in laws and regulations promulgated by the relevant authorities.
  3. Without Medical Check Up
    When subscribing for private health insurance, you will usually be faced with a medical examination first. Having a serious illness and being over 40 years of age increases your insurance premium even more.
    In addition, your insurance application may be rejected. BPJS, on the other hand, allows enrollment at any age and without a health check. It is possible to register a child as early as possible.
  4. Lifetime Guarantee
    BPJS benefits because it is brave enough to cover the safety of participants for life. Comparatively, life expectancy of 100 years is more common for private security agencies. However, there is no convincing evidence that private insurance protects a person for more than one hundred years.
  5. Without Exception
    In private insurance, someone who has a chronic condition may experience denial. If approved, a higher premium will be charged. Of course there are no exceptions in BPJS.
    In addition, at BPJS you can register without being asked about the disease you are suffering from. So, the technique is very simple and light for you in the treatment process.
  6. Data Changes Can Be Done Online
    The most useful part is that you can update data without having to come to the BPJS office. Because the BPJS Health application allows you to do it online.

The Mobile JKN application was made considering the increasing number of BPJS participants. Since the emergence of the Covid-19 virus forced individuals to keep their distance from other people, this has become even more important. The services provided by BPJS are thus available online.

Lack of Health BPJS

There are drawbacks in using BPJS Kesehatan, there are also benefits. BPJS Health has the following deficiencies or weaknesses:

Tiered Method

To submit a claim with BPJS Health services, you must go through a multi-step process. Outside of an emergency, you need to check your illness at a health facility 1 first. To check your disease, you should visit a local hospital or clinic.

After that, if the patient or BPJS participant must be referred to a hospital, then the patient may only seek treatment at a hospital that cooperates with BPJS. If under other insurance, you can go straight to the hospital by coordinating with the insurance.

Indeed, the procedure for going to the hospital with private insurance is simpler and faster than BPJS.

Only in Indonesia

The second problem is that BPJS health services only cover you in Indonesian territory. This is a very different story with private health insurance, which can cover patients in hospitals anywhere in the world, wherever they go.


If you seek treatment using BPJS services, you must first queue before being called for your turn. This is because almost all Indonesian people employ BPJS for rehabilitation. As a result, queuing far in advance is not uncommon.

All the information you need to start the BPJS Health application. You yourself already know the many features available. This means that you will have no trouble receiving BPJS services. Installing the JKN Mobile application is as easy as opening Google Play or the App Store and searching for “JKN.” Links to the official BPJS application can be found on the company's website.

Lack of Health BPJS

It's that easy and fast to start the BPJS Health application. Take advantage of the capabilities and services provided by the Mobile JKN application.

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The JKN Mobile application is an application from BPJS Kesehatan. This application provides easy access and convenience for JKN-KIS participants. Participants no longer need to come to the BPJS branch office with their JKN card. The JKN info function provides complete information about registration, fines, facilities, rights and obligations.

The JKN Mobile application allows you to register as a participant, change data, and pay BPJS contributions online. There are also premium features that will make it easier for you to access BPJS Health premium bills directly from PBPU and family members.

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