How to Register for My Healthy Indonesia Application, Child Immunization - You can find out how to register for my healthy Indonesia application to monitor immunizations for children, because immunizations are very important.

Immunization for toddlers is one of the actions that must/routinely be carried out by the health center/nurse for toddlers in every location.

Immunizations usually have a set schedule and month, if the child has been properly immunized then immunizations must be carried out, which usually consist of immunization, measles, polio immunization, rubella, tetanus immunization and so on.

In fact, this immunization program is also offered in locations from toddlers to schools, such as kindergartens and elementary schools. The goal is that children are always healthy and protected from various kinds of diseases that attack them.

Terkait imunisasi, aplikasi yang dimanfaatkan oleh tenaga kesehatan (Perawat) atau Bidan dalam melacak anak yang telah diimunisasi telah meluncur ke Indonesia.

Nurses throughout Indonesia can take advantage of this application, which provides a control room for immunized children and toddlers.

My Healthy Indonesia is the name of the application. It is an application developed for nurses or midwives who work in all health centers in Indonesia. The Indonesiaku Sehat application has the capacity to operate as a controller and capture child data within an application.

My Healthy Indonesia Application for Monitoring Child Immunizations

My Indonesian health application, Maybe it has just been launched, and only certain nurses use it.

Those of you who work in the medical field, especially those who provide immunizations to small children in rural and urban areas, will appreciate this application.

Therefore, if toddlers and children have been immunized, then later the data will be recorded or inputted using the Indonesiaku Sehat Application, the data entered must also be correct and in accordance with the child's NIK.

you can show every child who has been immunized in the Indonesia Sehatku application, for example anak A, has received Rubella immunization, and child B, Immunized against Tetanus and so on. With the Healthy Indonesiaku application, everything is monitored effectively.

How to Register for My Healthy Indonesia Application for Health Workers

There are several steps that you need to complete to join or register in the Indonesiaku healthy application, including the following:

  1. If you don't have the Healthy Indonesiaku application, please download it first here the size of this app is approx 6 MB or more depending on the update and Android version you are running
  2. After downloading the Healthy Indonesiaku application, you can immediately proceed to the registration form, or to the Login form if you have already registered for the Healthy Indonesiaku application
  3. Enter the "Register" menu, the menu is in the bottom corner of the Healthy Indonesia application
  4. After successfully entering the "Register" menu, the "Indonesiaku Sehat" application will ask you to fill in several types of data
  5. You can choose your job, there are 4 possible professions including Midwife, Doctor, Nurse and Others. All of these careers will always have a relationship with the immunization process for children and toddlers
  6. Then after selecting a career type, you will be directed to the Advanced Professions menu, where there will be many possibilities available. Decide what suits your situation
  7. You must first determine which health center is your responsibility and which one to use, and then double-check your data to ensure that it is accurate and free from any manipulation, before determining which health center is your responsibility
  8. If you are sure of the accuracy of the information, you can proceed by clicking Next or Next, and a verification number will be provided to your Whatsapp
  9. Note and enter the unique verification code received through the WhatsApp application, then enter it into the application after that click the "Continue" menu
  10. Your registration is successful, the 2022 Immunization Month display will appear, or for example routine immunization for young toddlers
  11. Your supervisor will keep track of the months you request a child's immunization schedule if you request a schedule when making your request

Those are some explanations about my application for healthy Indonesia, the use of the application which is intended for nurses and midwives who work in health centers to hospitals, I hope this information will benefit all of you.


Immunization for toddlers is one of the actions that must/routinely be carried out by the health center/nurse for toddlers in every location.

Thus the article about How to Register for My Healthy Indonesia Application, Child Immunization. Hopefully the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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