Latest BOP PAUD Kemendikbud application and how to use it – In this article we will discuss about BOP PAUD application Ministry of Education and Culture, which can help you manage operational costs, see the article below until it's finished.

PAUD teaching staff or teachers need to know about the existence of this application because it is very useful in terms of record keeping and so on.

Maybe after you know that this application is only intended for PAUD teachers, but this application is very important because it can help PAUD teachers in their work.

Get to know the BOP PAUD Application

Application BOP PAUD is an application used to manage operational costs (BOP) at Early Childhood Education (PAUD) institutions.

How to Use the BOP 2022 PAUD Application

This application helps PAUD managers to record and calculate expenses related to operational costs, such as expenses for teaching and learning activities, equipment costs, employee salaries, and so on.

The BOP PAUD application can also help managers to make financial reports easier and more accurate.

By using this application, it is hoped that PAUD managers can be more effective in managing institutional finances and ensure proper and efficient use of budgets.

The educational approach in PAUD is very entertaining because it is a blend of learning and playing like a child.

So that it can help in the growth of the student's brain. After completing PAUD, students proceed to Kindergarten (Kindergarten), then to Elementary School (Elementary School).

BOP is a special implementation assistance application (BOP) provided by the Ministry of Education and Culture (Kemendikbud). Providing Operational Assistance This implementation is carried out directly by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

The purpose of this assistance is for staff and instructors at PAUD to send directly to the account of the PAUD foundation. Actually this application has been running for a long time and is operating very well until now.

Functions and Benefits of the BOP PAUD Application

As previously explained, the PAUD application is a program specifically designed for use by teachers at the PAUD level. Therefore, this application has many important functions for them, such as:

  1. Data processing
  2. The flow for disbursing BOP funds
  3. Media for financial reports
  4. Assist in the preparation of a summary of the proposal

If PAUD educators or staff have submitted a proposal, they are entitled to the operational assistance.

The BOP funds that have been received by the foundation will greatly assist the development of PAUD in the future. The benefits of BOP funds for PAUD include:

  1. Maintenance of school facilities and infrastructure
  2. Allocation of routine expenses for power and services
  3. School administration needs
  4. Payment of honorarium for educators and staff
  5. The need for acceptance of new students
  6. Implementation of multimedia tools for learning
  7. The need for professional development of teachers and other educators
  8. Implementation of assessment and evaluation of learning

After knowing the many benefits of BOP for PAUD and their teaching staff, it is clear that the application of BOP is very important for them.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you also learn about BOP PAUD. Who knows, you can help your acquaintances who work in PAUD institutions in the future.

How much BOP PAUD Funds

The Ministry of Education, Culture, Research and Technology (Kemendikbud Ristek) accelerates and increases funding for Early Childhood Education (PAUD) and Equality Education.

How to Use the BOP 2022 PAUD Application (2)

PAUD BOP Funds and Equality Education are now adjusted to regional characteristics. Previously, the value of the unit fee per student was IDR 600,000 per year. Now, the unit cost per student reaches up to IDR 1.2 million per year.

How to Download the BOP PAUD Application

To use this application, you must access the Ministry of Education and Culture's online browser.

Because Playstore or the App Store doesn't have this app. Here is a step by step guide to help you get what you need.

  1. First of all, please open a web browser on your phone.
  2. Then enter the Kemendikbud BOP application link
  3. Then please wait while the site is fully loaded and opened.
  4. You only need to open and take advantage of the BOP application for work reasons after actually opening it.

How to use the BOP PAUD application

After downloading, now you can use this application to support your work. For more depth, here is a tutorial on how to use the application.

  1. Please open the web page
  2. Then you can login to this site so you can use this application.
  3. What you have to pay attention to is try to use the application in your free time so that it is safe and does not experience an explosion of usage.
  4. Then you can press SSO, then enter your username and password so you can enter the application directly.
  5. If you want to see additional data, you need to know that this application has data report files and visual themes available.
  6. Select Data Planning and then Usage Plan by scrolling to the bottom of the page.
  7. After that, the Activity Schedule and Unit Budget will appear; please enter this data as completely as possible.
  8. After that, please save the results that you entered earlier if you want to save the data.
  9. Finally, open the BOP application and click Data Reporting.

How to Make a Plan in the BOP PAUD Application

In preparing BOP payments, each level of PAUD, namely TK, KB and SPS, is required to report BOP PAUD funds. You must complete the report online using the BOP application from the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Using this application is quite easy because there is already a guide for its use from the Ministry of Education and Culture. However, so that you understand how good it would be, below is an explanation of the instructions for using the BOP PAUD application.

  • Open the BOP Application on the Ministry of Education and Culture Website
  • As the first thing you have to do is submit the BOP application through the Ministry of Education and Culture's website
  • Then select the BOP login using SSO Dapodik which is dark green. Then enter the username and password.

BOP PAUD Application Features and Menu

After successfully logging into the application, you will see many options such as: dapodik data, planning data, and reporting data.

The number of students who meet the requirements, do not meet the criteria, and many criteria are all included in the Dapodik data. Students who meet the criteria are students who meet the requirements to obtain BOP money.

BOP PAUD Application Features and Menu

Students who fail to meet the criteria are those whose records contain inaccuracies. It is also possible that the youth is too young. Meanwhile, many students are students who are concurrently enrolled in various schools.

If you want to find out whether there are sufficient criteria or not, you can see it using the Dapodik data by scrolling down. You can also check the latest data about this student on the Vervalpd website, especially on the residue menu.

The PAUD BOP Budget Plan that you made earlier is one of the data sources used in the planning process. Report data consists of realization reports that are in accordance with the budget plan that you have prepared.

How to Make a BOP Fund Budget Plan

You must prepare RAD BOP PAUD before you can enter or fill in budget data. The Budget Plan in the BOP application must not contain inaccuracies.

When data is available, please select the planning data option and scroll down. You will see a planning menu that looks something like:

  1. The various components include implementing learning operational activities, implementing learning support activities and fulfilling educational unit administration.
  2. Depends on component type, intended use.
  3. The name of the goods/services you purchased
  4. The number of products you have purchased
  5. Price per unit
  6. The use of kinetic sand, globes, animal picture cards, and puzzles are just a few examples of materials that can be included in operational learning activities.
  7. It can also be in the form of car replicas, vehicle components, traditional clothing, traditional musical instruments, culinary equipment, food reproduction.

In addition to learning and playing related equipment and resources. One of the many learning support functions in BOP applications is to provide nutritious food, detectable tools, and an environment conducive to personal improvement.

In addition, holding meetings with parents of students, awarding honorarium. In addition, you should provide additional resources to assist children's educational and recreational endeavors.

Fulfillment of the administration of educational units for the use of goods and services consists of procuring administrative tools, medicines, hygiene or medical devices. Provide equipment to maintain buildings and infrastructure.

Also included in this case is the provision of services and electricity in the form of electricity, internet, telephone, water. As well as offering other tools related to education.

You must include all the data for each product or service component in the plan. When finished, please save the input results that you planned,

Once you have completed planning data, you must submit a BOP application report detailing how the funds were actually used. In the same way you fill in the planning menu, you also fill in the report menu.

That is, you have to input the type of component, type of usage, and so on according to the planning data that you have filled in.

How to Make a BOP Fund Budget Plan

How to Input Reports on the Use of PAUD BOP Funds

The purpose of this report is to report the use of money in the Education Unit. In fact, who received Donation Operational or BOP PAUD is an Education Unit. For more details, here are the steps:

  • As a first step, open the SIMDAK application or via the Ministry of Education and Culture's Simdak web
  • Then enter the username and password required for the dapodik account then click the login button.
  • The next option is BOP PAUD.
  • Then select BOP Absorption so you can check BOP absorption data to educational units.
  • The District Admin or Operator has filled in the BOP absorption data which will be displayed next.
  • If there are differences in receiving the amount of money, recipient student data, and the date of receipt to the account, please notify the admin. It can also be through operators in the respective city areas.
  • If you want to submit a report, please select Report on Use of Funds then wait a few seconds until the report format for Use of Funds appears.
  • After that, select Semester and press Search to start entering report data. Please wait a moment, the amount of money disbursed will appear in the Distribution column on the BOP application display table.
  • Please submit a spending report for each component by pressing the edit button or the pencil icon.
  • Once the information is complete, the following screen displays the Unit Budget Activity Plan report.

How to Verify a BOP Application Account

In order for payment disbursement to run smoothly, the BOP account must be verified. However, not a few PAUD, Kindergarten and comparable levels of education cannot validate this story.

The purpose of this verification is to find out the accuracy of the existing account numbers at Dapodik and related banks.

If there is a discrepancy in the account number at PAUD Dapodik, the BOP application will display a notification indicating that the school status has not been validated.

In this case, it is best to immediately make changes and transfer data from the latest Dapodik to the school account. Here's how to authenticate a BOP PAUD account.

1. Prepare supporting documents

There is only one document that you must prepare for this verification procedure, namely the school account book. The account book that you will use must include the name of the school. Also pay attention to the account number. Use an active account number.

If by chance the account number is no longer active, then seek help from the CS bank to immediately reactivate the account number.

2. Improve school account data in the Dapodik PAUD application

When the supporting data in the form of an account number is available, then what you have to do is enter your name and account number in the Dapodik application. Here is a step by step guide.

  • Then enter your email address or username and password in the Dapodik application
  • After that, click Login.
  • Then select the school option and then scroll down.
  • Enter the school BOP account data which includes: account number, bank name, kcp branch and account in the name.
  • Please then select “save” to complete the process.
  • After that, send the data that you have filled in by selecting the validation and synchronization option in the Dapodik application

4. Verification on the BOP or BOS application page of the Ministry of Education and Culture

When authenticating on the BOP or BOS Kemendikbud website, you only need to provide a snapshot of the school's BOP account book in JPG format. The snippet displays the school's account number and account name. After that, please adhere to the following guidelines:

Verification on the BOP or BOS Application Page of the Ministry of Education and Culture

  1. First, please access the BOP or BOS portal for the Ministry of Education and Culture at the Ministry of Education and Culture boss go id
  2. After arriving at this page, select the login type, namely school, then select the Dapodik SSO login.
  3. Please enter your username or email and password then select enter.
  4. Then enter the savings account/giro upload menu. Keep in mind that the file you are about to send cannot exceed one megabyte (MB). Snippet of account number and account name must be clearly visible.
  5. Then please enter the following menu, namely confirmation
  6. When you enter this menu, you must fill in the updated data. If there is a change in account number or an error, please fill in the bank code, account number, account name and bank branch.
  7. Please select update as your last option.

Use of BOP during a Pandemic

Many people may wonder how to take advantage of the BOP application during the epidemic, considering the current situation in recovery. Still in accordance with the technical specifications.

The answer is correct, during the pandemic the use of the BOP percentage was in accordance with the 2020 Minister of Education and Culture regulation, number 20 to be precise. The contents did not utilize the percentage as referred to in the 2020 Minister of Education and Culture regulation number 13.

Not only that, during a pandemic the use of BOP money can also be used to cover the salaries of honorary staff at schools. This is based on Permendikbud Number 13 of 2020 and Article 9 A paragraph 1.

This is to fulfill the shopping burden including the teaching system from home amid the current pandemic situation. As a result, the subject of BOP applications has emerged. I hope this clarifies things for you.


The BOP PAUD application is an application that is used to manage operational costs (BOP) in Early Childhood Education (PAUD) institutions.

This is information about the latest Kemendikbud BOP PAUD application and how to use it, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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