Photo editing application on a free aesthetic cellphone – The presence of an aesthetic photo editing application now makes it easier for you to be creative. With this photo editing application, you only need to edit photos in one hand.

Still feel something is missing? After taking pictures using an Android or iOS smartphone? Like less stable or other less acute effects, this is often a user submitted problem. However, this difficulty can be overcome by utilizing photo editing applications.

Nowadays, everything is easily accessible. Of course it is enough to rely on internet rations only. Even without internet access, there are a number of applications that provide free services. Isn't that interesting?

List of Aesthetic Photo Editing Applications

Given the rapid development of today's technology, making all actions can be done only through the palm of the hand. Yes, the cellphone that almost everyone has is a tool that makes this easier.

This is due to the fact that smartphones have developed into multi-purpose gadgets. For example, various applications are available to help with almost every aspect of everyday life, including photography.

Someone who is fond of mobile photography will definitely be greatly helped by the presence of this application. You will be able to take more attractive pictures for your Instagram account if you do this.

Do you know what type of application is the best recommendation? If not, you should check out some evaluations of the following suggested types of apps:

List of Aesthetic Photo Editing Applications

Instasize Aesthetic Photo Editing Application

The Instasize application is the first photo editing application. This photo editor can handle editing from color correction, trim, post process to produce photo and video designs. The range of filters, text and borders is huge, making this app a complete tool.

Instasize can be used by anyone who needs a high-quality photo editing application. Because, all features are developed imaginatively by the developer.

This has other advantages too. This is because the Intersize application already has a user friendly interface system and always provides content updates every month. This means that you will find something new and fresh every month.

If you consider yourself a mobile photographer, you will find it both attractive and difficult to use. Now it's time to download the app and get to work producing.

Adobe Photoshop Express application

Included among the best recommended photo editing apps. Adobe Photoshop Express is an application that is very easy to use as a photo editor to make it look cooler.

Because, it already has a rather basic interface mechanism. This application also provides several interesting features and is very light to use. One of the main features of this software is blemish removal.

By using this tool, you can clean the image from defects that interfere with the attractiveness of the photo. Other feature options include rotate, straighten, image flip and crop which makes the photo editing procedure more realistic.

Not only that, there are also one-touch filter options that can make your adjustments even cooler. Various kinds of effects, auto fix, frames, colors can help make your pictures more attractive.

High resolution photos can be edited with the help of this app's Image Rendering Engine and Noise Reduction. Many of these advantages are available to you at absolutely no cost.

Aesthetic Grid Photo Editing Application

Any Android user will know this application. Due to the simple and simple user interface, it is very easy to use. Not surprisingly it has over 10 million downloads and has a 4.8 star rating.

Seeing relatively good user ratings, making Photo Grid is highly recommended for you to use. The reason is, besides having the features described above, the size of this application is also relatively small, which only requires 14.33 MB.

It is interesting to note that this top photo editing program allows you to create collages of up to 18 photos. There are 100+ variations of photo frame arrangements that you can use. In addition, you can crop and modify the aspect ratio to maximize text effects and the best filters when editing photos.

By utilizing the Photo Grid application, you can save and share photos on social media with excellent quality. This indicates that the image to be shared has the best image quality.

PhotoDirector application

As a fan of photography, of course you are already familiar with this recommended application. Keeping in mind, there are many beginners to professionals who use the best photo editing apps.

This app is capable of making professional photo adjustments. Not only Android, but can be used for iOS users.

Cyberlink, the company that created PhotoDirector, added new features including HSL sliders and color channels to the program.

GB and white balance. Of course, the main goal is to eliminate the need for filters in editing.

Splice application

The recommended application at this time is very suitable for use by those of you who are still beginners. Because, Splice's interface system is basic enough that it's easy to learn.

Splice allows editing of photos using square or landscape and portrait ratios. You can save movies in this application with a resolution of 540 pixels, 720 pixels, 1080 pixels or 4K.

The choice of features is also complete, just like a PC for video editing. For example, such as text, background sound, effects and voice over.

Even if you are a complete beginner, you can start video projects right away. In other words, even if you get off track in the middle, you don't need to go back and start again.

As a result, every change you make in the Bending Spoons Apps IVS application will be saved immediately. As a result, you don't have to worry about losing your past results.

Even though the size of this app is rather big at 102.4 MB, it has got 4.7 stars from all the reviews. Splice, on the other hand, is not available on Google Play.

Splice application

PicSay Aesthetic Photo Editing Application

PicSay has the ability to appeal to a wide audience, despite being relatively new to the photo editor scene. One reason is because there are two different models, each of which has unique features.

You can add titles in the form of speech bubbles and doodles over photos using this feature. Common features such as red eyes are also included in this application, so you can edit images with a variety of unique effects.

You also don't need to worry about sharing photos of your modifications on social media. Because you can immediately share photos to all your social media accounts just by touching them.

Pixlr Aesthetic Photo Editing Application

When it comes to top photo editing apps, Pixlr offers a wide range of filters ready to be applied to your photos. Pixlr, on the other hand, includes a tool that lets you mix two photos to create a new one. Like other photo editing applications, Pixlr also provides text, collage, and sharing features on social media.

Photolab application

What if none of the effects mentioned above worked for you? Don't worry, because in Photo Lab you can find more than 800 effects to enhance the appearance of your images.

These effects include fashionable photo filters, innovative artistic effects, realistic photo montages, stunning frames and photo collage features. Best of all, the app's user interface is straightforward and intuitive.

The Snapseed Aesthetic Photo Editing application

Besides the fact that it is a Google software, Snapseed is recommended for you. But because it includes Indonesian language features and training to take advantage of its features. That is, the appearance of this photo editing application is quite straightforward.

You'll find the essentials here, like cropping, resizing, rotating, brightness, curves, and brush filters. Extend Features, on the other hand, is the app's strongest setting. This functionality almost looks the same as Photoshop's content aware tool.

Snapseed itself is supported by DNG (Digital Native) files. In other words, you will always get the latest digital world support when using this application.

The YouCam Perfect app

Youcam Perfect is one of the free photo editing apps that we recommend because of its high output quality. Because it includes a lot of useful features like one-touch filters, rotation and cropping of photos hidden in it.

There are more features like vignette, HDR and pixel mosaic to produce a blur effect in the background. Interestingly, here you will find Face Reshaper, Body Slimmer, and Eye Bag Remover tools.

Aviary Photo Editor App

Still part of Adobe, Aviary Photo Editor offers an intuitive UI design. Color, vignette, sharpness, focus and exposure can all be found in this section.

“Serious photo editing” is the tagline of this app. Made for fun”, you can get this for free. The app should work on both Android and iOS devices. In general, you can change photos with just one touch.

Aviary Photo Editor App

Prism Photo Editor App

The next recommended photo editing application is Prisma. Due to the large number of filter settings, it has the ability to turn your pictures into works of art. That way, the modified photos will be cooler and more enchanting.

For a different storage purpose, you'll find Prism Feed here. Will you save it in local memory, publish it on social media or send the photo via email.

Airbrush application

Airbrush, a free photo editing app with a variety of creative filters, is our next pick. The user-friendly and attractive interface design is complemented by a stunning visual appearance which includes a blemish removal feature.

Acne can be treated with this device, as well as face and teeth. As a result, the photos you edit in this program will have a unique appearance.

VSCO Aesthetic Photo Editing Application

Included in one of the recommended photo editing applications for you. There are various camera-style photo editing features that exist with contemporary, vintage, and analog films.

The inability to find color options on Instagram led to the creation of this app. This forced Visual Supply Co's developers to issue VSCO to address and resolve this issue.

VSCO contains five basic features including Camera, Journal, Grid, Gallery and Settings. These features can be used to create excellent gloomy and old-style altered photos.

PicsArt Photo Studio application

You may already know the best photo editing application of this kind. If not, you have to recognize it immediately, so that the photo results are maximized. There are so many choices in tools, effects, and camera features!

You can also use the functions of social sites. It's interesting to note that this app has a feature called Magic Effect which is prominently displayed. This function gives a dynamic impression to the photos you modify.

All you have to do is go to the Google Play Store or Apple Software Store and download the app. Recommended because many Indonesian celebrities have used PicsArt as editing media.

FotoRus application

Of the many photo editing applications, FotoRus is the simplest to use. That is, it is very suitable for use by you as a beginner. Because the application design interface is simple.

Fotoable is the creator of the FotoRus application with a size of 115.3 MB. You don't have to worry about the better features it provides. The reason is, this application has received a 4.5 star rating from all its users.

That way, you can freely enjoy yourself through modified images on Fotoable. But unfortunately this kind of application is not easy to download on the Google Play Store.

Unfold application

Are you one of those people who like quotes with pictures? If so, you should try Unfold's photo editing app. Clean, eye-catching and eye-catching photos for stories are what you would expect as an Instagram user.

When editing images, a tool called Unfold can help you see this. The reason is, this photo editing application provides various ratios that meet the size of Instagram Stories.

Another benefit it has is that it can combine photos and movies in one collage, you know. If all photo editing applications provide a number of color choices, that's not the case with Unfold.

Because here you will only find minimalist and basic templates. Because the size is only 87.06 MB, this kind of application is relatively small.

Adobe Lightroom application

As a top photo editing app, it fits perfectly on Adobe's list of recommended products. The computer version of Adobe Lightroom is the same that is used to modify the resulting image in the program.

Adobe Lightroom application

InShot Aesthetic Photo Editing Application

This photo editing application is highly recommended because many people have tried it. Even Google's own app store, Google Play Store, supports it. Because, already equipped with a blue backdrop if the wrong size.

Inshot is packaged in a format suitable for Instagram and Youtube. Its popularity has earned a 4.9 star rating with close to 100 million downloads.

Its lightweight size is only 72.5 MB, yet it is capable of attracting the most popularity. Due to its ease of use, this app is highly recommended for those just starting out.

The only way to use it is to mix videos, add text, sound and even emoticons. You can also choose the speed of the video, whether you want it slowed down (slow motion) or sped up (fast motion) (fast motion).

FilmoraGo application

Don't ask why this application is recommended, because the Google Play Store itself promotes FilmoraGo. This is due to the fact that the application already has a complete editing function.

Also, the video button is huge, and there is no watermark on the photo change either. So that your videos are clear from the name of the FilmoraGo application.

You may notice that the audio tool in this photo editing app allows you to mix the sound with the original sound of the video. You can also offer motion and text effects in movies.

In order for you to achieve optimal editing results, we recommend using some of the apps listed above. This is because each application has its own advantages and disadvantages. Thus the discussion regarding recommendations for the best photo editing application in 2021. Hopefully there is something you can pick up from this post.


LightX, Instagram's newest photo editing app, is certainly less well-known than the others on our list. But, the features are very interesting, guys!

The features here will be immediately recognizable to those of you who have regularly used Adobe Photoshop. However, this photo editing application also offers some unique capabilities.

One of them is the ability to draw caricatures that are on par with the works of many Indonesian roadside artists.


This AfterFocus Android photo editing application only has one function, gang, different from other programs. AfterFocus, as the name suggests, lets you change the focus point of the image you've taken.

With this application, you can apply a blur or bokeh effect with DSLR camera quality directly on your cellphone. Indeed, the bokeh effect is now generally accessible on smartphones, but with this photo application, you don't have to bother placing your handsets, friends!


Those are some aesthetic photo editing applications that can be used if you are a photography lover to make your photos look attractive and cool with one grip of the applications in this article, these applications can be downloaded through the Play Store and App Store for free.

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