15 sites for downloading old Korean dramas with Indonesian subtitles

Rancakmedia.com - The following Korean drama download sites what you should know that has provided a lot of old and newest Korean dramas, those of you who like Korean dramas should know this.

However, he has a lot of entertainment and treasures. Especially for those of you who are still fascinated by everything related to Korea. We'll start with plays, skits, songs, and so on.

There's nothing wrong with completing activities to get various information about Korea because it involves each other's hobbies and interests. One of them is Korean drama which is still growing rapidly in Indonesia.

What's Interesting in Korean Drama

You can actually watch Korean dramas on television because there are TV stations that broadcast them. A direct site to website with lots of Korean dramas, on the other hand, is more interesting and entertaining.

What's Interesting in Korean Drama

If you're a fan Korean drama, you will have no trouble answering this question out loud and in great detail. Unlike others who may not really appreciate Korean dramas for whatever reason.

Actually they haven't seen the play, but have decided that it is not good to watch. Even though Korean dramas are very similar to soap operas that air on various national television networks.

In fact, there are also soap operas produced in Indonesia whose plots take or can be said to imitate one of the Korean dramas. After all, Korean dramas span multiple genres, not just romance. There are many genres including comedy, horror and family films.

It's okay to like Korean dramas for the sake of learning new things. Here are some additional ingredients for you to research:

1. The storyline

A good narrative is just as important as the actors in Korean dramas. In fact, it's the story in a good drama that makes many people want to watch it. This is not just a random or predictable drama narrative.

However, it is the plot of the drama that makes many people want to continue following the sequel to the end. Of course, the plot of every Korean drama is unique. You can choose Korean dramas with a certain narrative by reading the summary first.

2. Actor or Artist

Like Indonesian soap operas that feature many stunning actors and actresses. Likewise, Korean dramas want to attract a large audience by using many famous actors and musicians.

Korean drama fans will definitely recognize the actors and actresses who play your favorite characters. In particular, those who have a certain role to play in a play or drama. You like the artist despite the fact that you don't know him because you are from Korea.

3. Filming Locations

Filming will most likely take place in Korea, although it is possible that it will take place in a number of other locations around the country. Every city in Korea has a different landscape view. However, there may also be shooting of the Korean drama elsewhere due to narrative needs.

Shooting location

List of Korean Drama Download Sites

Next, you have to find out which Korean drama sites or websites are recommended to be explored. That way, you can watch it streaming online or offline.

If you don't want to spend your internet allowance or your monthly price goes up, you can watch it offline.

The condition is, you must first download Korean dramas on the device. After that, you can watch it anytime and anywhere on your mobile device, even when you are not connected to the internet.

Want to know where you can get the best Korean drama sites? Please read the following description which might be information.

1. Netflix

This is the first Korean drama download site that you might visit on the internet. You can find and watch many Korean dramas in it.

Guaranteed you'll enjoy watching it, there are original dramas from Metflix, but there are also non-original ones. Where Korean television networks are now showing dramas that are not typical of Korea.

That way, you won't miss the Korean drama narrative you like. It's easy to find your way around the site because the exclusive Korean drama menu is all you need to click.

After that, you can choose the title of the drama you want to watch online. There is a simple method to download Korean dramas from the site too.

But unfortunately, you need to subscribe first to be able to access all features Netflix.

2. VIU

This is another site where you should consider downloading Korean dramas. One of the most popular sites among Korean drama lovers.


Including everywhere in Indonesia too. The reason is, there are many choices of Korean dramas in it that can be watched. Not just old titles.

However, VIU provides access to Korean dramas that are being aired or recently aired in their country of origin.

Therefore, it's not surprising that this site is considered up to date in publishing selected Korean dramas that can be viewed and downloaded. To be able to download it, you don't have to subscribe first.

Only the new titles you're currently streaming require a subscription before you can download them. Visit the site today if you are interested in learning more.

3. Wiki.com

On this site, you can stream Korean dramas on your mobile device. It turns out that not only Korean dramas are on the viki.com site. You can also watch dramas or soap operas from other Asian countries, such as Japan, China and Taiwan.

The more options you have for watching dramas, the better. But unfortunately, the selection of Korean dramas posted is not very complete.

In addition, Indonesian subtitles are only provided for a small number of Korean programs. Mostly English subtitles.

4. Dramaindo

Korean drama download sites that provide many choice titles for all of you. The Korean drama collection on this site is complete and up to date, so you can not only find classic dramas but also new releases currently airing in Korea.

One Korean drama can be downloaded in its entirety and watched whenever you want. That way, you can watch it as much as you want on your device offline.

The negatives of this site, especially the pop up ads that often appear on web pages and are very unpleasant.

5. Kshow ID

You should also check this site for Korean drama downloads. There are quite a lot of Korean dramas and variety programs out there for you to choose and watch as you please.

For those of you who are not familiar with English or Korean, maybe you can choose dramas that have Indonesian subtitles.

That way, you can watch it in peace because you can follow the plot. However, not all dramas feature Indonesian subtitles.

Therefore, you have to be selective in choosing it. The site design is straightforward and easy to understand. Apart from that, there aren't too many pop up ads on this site, so you won't be disturbed while watching Korean dramas.

6. Kshow ID

One more site to get Korean dramas that you can browse and access on it.

Of course, there are tons of Korean dramas to watch and download on the site. The collection is quite large, so this site is really one that is recommended.

Kshow ID

Not only the entire collection, but also many Korean dramas with Indonesian subtitles.

That way, you can choose the title of the drama you want to watch according to your wishes. Not content with viewing it online, you can download it.

To be able to download Korean dramas, you don't need to subscribe and pay certain fees.

The Korean drama you want is available for download. It's still there for ad serving, but less intrusive.

7. Drakorindo

From the name of the site, of course you already know that there are lots of Korean dramas or dramas that you can watch to your heart's content. If you are interested in watching or downloading Korean dramas, this is a great resource.

Download Korean dramas that you want to watch later or watch online by streaming.

It is a clean and tidy site with easy site navigation, so people navigate it easier.

Apart from Korean dramas, there are also Japanese dramas that are no less entertaining to watch. Now there are more choices for good drama dramas to watch!

Moreover, some of the drama compilations contain Indonesian subtitles. This is probably to satisfy those of you who want to see it.


Various kinds of Korean dramas can be found on this site. Like other Korean drama download sites, the catalog of drama titles is quite large and can be viewed online.

You can also download selected Korean dramas easily and for free. So, you don't need to subscribe first by paying a certain nominal.

But sadly, the visual quality in this film is limited so things aren't very clear. Quite a number of them were broken. Watching the situation unfold was undoubtedly upsetting.

Apart from that, the ads that pop up on the screen are a huge annoyance. those of you who are not used to seeing internet streaming will definitely feel annoyed. If so, you'll obviously need to download it for offline viewing.

Korean dramas with Indonesian subtitles are available for streaming or download on this page. This site is one that is recommended, although it has certain limitations.

9. iQIYI

The name of this Korean drama download site is definitely a bit strange, but don't underestimate it. This is because of the large number of Korean dramas available. Not only Korean dramas, but also Chinese dramas are available.


The appearance of this site is quite basic and the navigation is easy to use, so those of you who visit it will have no trouble. Some Korean dramas are also available for offline viewing via download.

However, a VIP member account is required before you can use the site more freely. In other words, you have to subscribe first. Therefore, you need to check it first before choosing this site.

10. DramaQu

DramaQu is highly recommended as a new source for downloading Korean dramas. Only Korean dramas are uploaded on this site, but the collection is definitely complete. You can choose Korean drama titles to watch streaming online.

Starting from the genre of romantic drama, comedy, school atmosphere, fantasy, horror, and so on. Since the navigation of the site is simple, you can download any Korean drama you want if you are not satisfied with the streaming experience.

Don't be surprised when you watch streaming because there are lots of pop up ads that appear on your device screen. This is only natural because this site is very well known among Korean drama lovers, so there are also many advertisements.

11. youWatch

A site where you can download Korean dramas for free whenever you want. You can pick and choose from a wide variety of Korean dramas, all of which are available for live streaming on the site. For those of you who don't want to spend pocket money, you can also download selected Korean dramas.

How to download it is also quite easy because there are features on the internet page. Guaranteed all downloads are free and you don't need to subscribe first.

However, the procedure may take longer because it is not impossible that many people both want to download Korean dramas on the youWatch site. Apart from that, the frequent display of pop-up ads on the site will irritate you.

12. SmallEncode

As with other Korean drama download online sites, the difference lies in the appearance of the site and the substance of the uploaded drama.


The reason is because there are not only Korean dramas but also Japanese dramas and variety shows from Korea, all of which are equally entertaining.

But unfortunately, you can't immediately see Korean dramas with Indonesian subtitles because you have to download them one by one. Downloading subtitles on the same site, but looks difficult and cumbersome.

Unless you are used to using Korean or English, of course you don't need Indonesian subtitles, maybe that's the only visible weakness.

You don't need to be a member to subscribe first to be able to download Korean dramas on our site.

13. Omberbagi.net

Once upon a time, there was a Korean drama download site like this. As a result, this is a great site for anyone looking to stream or download their favorite Korean dramas. There are so many choices of Korean drama titles to choose from.

It's not just the drama on the site, but there are many other forms of viewing possibilities that are no less exciting and fun. For example Korean films, games made in Korea, and other knick-knacks.

For those of you who want to download Korean dramas, it's also not too difficult because the navigation is simple. However, don't be surprised if pop up ads often appear on your device screen. There are many such things on Korean drama sites.

14. Kdramaindo

You should also check this site for Korean drama downloads. Everything from Korean dramas to various programs can be found here, and you can watch them online or download them to your computer.

As a Korean drama fan, there are many options available. Neither site hesitate to stop by. Free Korean dramas are readily available for download.

Those of you who are visiting this site for the first time may have to wait longer due to server issues. As a result, it takes a long time for websites or individual pages to load.

There are many sources for finding and downloading Korean dramas available online. You can choose one of them or want to unlock all of them one by one.

It's up to you, the important thing is to enjoy watching Korean dramas. Have a good time.

15. KorDramas

Apart from that, there is the KorDramas site which can be an alternative choice for those of you who want to download the latest Korean dramas and films.


You can also download Korean films with Indo sub 360p or higher because there are several resolution options.

Not much different from previous sites to watch Korean dramas, on this site you can find thousands of the newest and most popular Korean dramas in Indonesia.

You can make this Kordrama site an option if the old site is inaccessible or full.

Here some Korean dramas support HD video quality. So for those of you who don't like watching bad Korean dramas, this site can be an option.


Actually you can watch Korean dramas on television, there are several TV stations showing some interesting Korean dramas. However, the drama that is broadcast is not necessarily what you want, so this site is very useful for you to take advantage of.

This is information about download sites for old Korean dramas with Indonesian subtitles, I hope the article above can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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