How to Open the Latest Blocked Sites – You can open blocked sites using an application and without using an application, so you can do it easily, let's see the explanation below.

How to open blocked sites with or without an application is an alternative approach that you need to know, because currently it is generally blocked by the government, so you cannot enter certain sites. That must hurt, right?

With our help, you will have no trouble accessing the sites you want longer because we will provide you with a quick fix for this problem. Therefore, we ask you to pay attention to what we say.

It should be underlined that the blocking that occurred did not only target prohibited video sites that contained unwanted material, but the blocking also occurred on other sites such as "Reddit", which is indeed the largest online forum in the world.

Even though it is generally seen that various campaigns for “Healthy and Safe Internet or Humans” have long been promoted by the government, this is just an empty discourse, you know! It's easy to see that many unlawful sites continue to prey on unsuspecting internet users.

The following applications may be used as a guide or as additional insight on how to open prohibited sites on smartphones or PCs.

Here's How to Open a Blocked Site

In this article, we'll break down some of the most common methods to bypass app-based restrictions and gain access to restricted sites. On this occasion, we will discuss in full how to open banned sites on Google Chrome, PC, Smartphone and Laptop services.

Must be impatient, right? Here, we'll show you how to unblock sites without using third-party apps.

How to open blocked sites with SSH (Secure Shell)

Well, apart from VPN you can also use SSH (Secure Shell) to open restricted sites. You should be aware that SSH is a network that protects all data transmission from malware threats. We can say that SSH and VPN are on the same level in terms of power and features.

However, the “SHH Tunneling” procedure, which involves a third party, is the only thing that makes it different. You can use this strategy on your smartphone, and it's very easy to do: just follow these steps.

  1. Open the FastSSH Site on the appropriate device.
  2. Choose an Indonesian server.
  3. Next, please click on Create SSH Account Indonesia.
  4. Create an account by providing a username and password click Create Account.
  5. Keep an eye on the progress bar until it says “account created successfully”.
  6. Later you will get the SSH username along with the SSH password and host IP address.
  7. Make a note of its eventual use in the following procedure.
  8. Next, make sure you install the KPNTunnel Revolution application.
  9. Open the app on each device.
  10. Please activate SSH Tunel in the Settings menu.
  11. The syntax you observed earlier should be used to populate the Host IP field on your web server.
  12. Also activate Auto Reconnet and put it in the Pinger URL column using
  13. Custom DNS Activation is the last step.
  14. Take advantage of the app's default settings.
  15. To open using SSH, return to the main page and click the Start button.
  16. Good luck.

How to Open a Site Using the Wayback Machine

The next way to open blocked sites is to use the Wayback Machine. It is a digital archive site that stores various previous versions of the site and then serves them up to users.

You can select available versions of your favorite sites, watch videos and listen to audios that are not available now but have been saved by the Wayback Machine. Here are the steps.

  1. Open archive site.
  2. Type the blocked site address in the search field.
  3. A digital file will appear by date, month and year.
  4. Select the snapshot you want to view.
  5. The date digital file will appear and be accessible

How To Open Blocked Sites With DNS Servers

Furthermore, the "Domain Name System" or DNS server, can be used to change IP addresses into domain addresses to open prohibited sites with or without the help of applications. Amazing isn't it?

Using the “Control Panel” is all you need to achieve here. Let's see the full explanation:

  1. To open, open the Windows Control Panel on your desktop or laptop computer.
  2. After that, go to the menu Network and Internet – Network and Sharing Center and choose from there.
  3. Then select Change Adapter Settings again, which is located on the left.
  4. Please open the Properties option.
  5. Please select Properties from the context menu of the internet connection that you are currently using by right-clicking.
  6. Select Internet Protocol: Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and Click Properties
  7. Use the following DNS server addresses to enable your DNS.
  8. Fill in Preferred DNS Server: and Alternate DNS Server:
  9. If so, just click OK.
  10. If you followed the instructions above, you should now be able to access sites that were previously inaccessible.
  11. Have a try and enjoy.

How to open blocked sites with web proxies

Opening prohibited sites with or without an application using a Web Proxy because the site or application is a provider of internet access through a server from a third party. This approach sounds very easy for you to do using a browser on whatever device you have, be it a PC or Smartphone.

However, we caution you against visiting sites that contain explicit material if you are underage, and ensure that you are encouraged to use them exclusively for good causes. Please refer to the following ways to use it:

  1. Please open the ProxySite site.
  2. Go directly to a website on each device by opening the browser on that device.
  3. Go to proxysite.
  4. In the column given, please specify the server and type the site URL and click Go.
  5. Next, try to go to the site that was previously banned.
  6. Visit the site as usual you use the Mozilla or Chrome access service with the address bar available at the top.

How to Open Blocked Sites With Chrome and Firefox Add-ons

Apart from the previous methods, there are other additional routes that you can use to open banned sites without the need for hard-looking software. You can use the VPN extension already installed on your browser to get access to it from any device.

So what? Add-ons and extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox make it possible to use these services from a smartphone or PC. For you Chrome users, it can be downloaded and please use certain VPN plugins. Here are the steps to take advantage of it:

  1. The first step please visit the Chrome Web Store.
  2. Open Browsec VPN Extension – Free and Unlimited VPN to get started.
  3. Continue clicking Add to Chrome to start the installation.
  4. Next a pop up will appear for installing the Browsec VPN extension
  5. To continue, click the Add Extension button.
  6. Access Browsec VPN by clicking on the icon right above on your computer desktop.
  7. Select the server first then move the switch for the activation stage.
  8. Mozilla Firefox Add-ons

You can also use Mozilla Firefox to open restricted sites. Later, you will be able to use the free add-on. Here's how to take advantage of it:

  1. To install AnonymoX, go to the Firefox Add-ons page and click on the checkbox AnonymoX and select add to Firefox.
  2. After that, you will get a confirmation pop-up asking if you really want to install the add-on. Later, make sure you just click Add for the next step.
  3. Once installed, please access AnonymoX directly on the top right icon.
  4. Proceed by selecting the server and moving the switch to start the activation of the VPN feature.
  5. Well, apart from Smartphone devices, its utilization is also very effective on PC systems.
  6. Also keep in mind that using a web proxy is certainly not as fast as other methods. However, the answer here is that you can change the server of the web proxy used.

Also, make sure to look at the network speed, as it plays a significant influence. When you use a fast internet connection, this blocking site will open faster.

How to Open Blocked Sites on Smartphones and PCs

Apart from being able to open prohibited sites with or without an application, you can also open blocked sites by installing new sites on all devices, be it smartphones or PCs.

Here the use of additional software to open prohibited sites is the most commonly used, because it looks practical and the procedure is easy. If you are interested in using additional software so that you can access sites that have been banned again, then be sure to listen to my explanation carefully.

How to Open Blocked Sites with the Turbo VPN Application

The first approach you can take to open restricted sites is to use a VPN application. VPN itself functions to randomize IP addresses on prohibited sites. Follow these steps for more information:

  1. The first step is to make sure you download and install the Turbo VPN application using the link below.
  2. If that is the app then go ahead and install it and open it using it.
  3. To continue, click the I Agree button.
  4. To decide on possible servers, please click on the Globe Icon at the top right position.
  5. Make sure you choose one of the free servers that are given.
  6. VPN for Smartphone will directly connect to the internet.
  7. The notification bar will display the words Connected and the VPN symbol if it is already connected.
  8. After that, you can observe and track your network speed.
  9. Please use it as best you can, because it can be used for any device.

How to Open Blocked Sites with the TunnelBear VPN Application

The next banned website unlock application is Turbo VPN, with one click of a button you can directly connect to the server. Here are the steps to take advantage of it:

  1. As usual, please install the TunnelBear VPN application using the link below.
  2. If it's already installed, just open the app and press the activate VPN button at the top.
  3. Then wait for the VPN network to actually connect.
  4. If you connect directly, just open the browser to enjoy internet access.
  5. Please try and feel the sensation.

How to Open Blocked Sites with the DNS Application

For how to open a banned site with/without an application, you can then use the DNS application. According to popular belief, IP addresses can be converted to domain names using DNS applications. To unblock videos on Google Chrome, use DNS after.

DNS. was created by Cloudflare and APANIC, which is believed to have fast access with a response time of 14.8ms. This strategy also allows you to use wifi or data networks. The following descriptions provide additional information:

  1. Installing Cloudflare is as easy as downloading it from the following URL and running the setup application.
  2. If so, please continue to open the application and move the toggle button until the words Connected and the VPN symbol appear in the notification bar.
  3. That way you can open all the sites that seem to be banned by the government.

Touch VPN App – Unlimited Free

You can use the Touch VPN app to access the internet freely and its capabilities allow you to change your location to find a faster network.

Melon VPN application – Unblock Free Wifi

This app can also open restricted sites, with the caveat that only one ad impression will be served. After that you can freely access it.

VPN master application

Using VPN Master, you can open restricted sites with or without an application. It has been downloaded by up to 50 million people worldwide. This VPN has quite fast servers, more than 6700 spread over 100 places.

VPNhub App – Free VPN

Interestingly, this application for accessing prohibited sites is loaded with interesting capabilities such as local servers, IP or location masking, and military-grade encryption. In addition, have access to a secure internet connection for public outreach.

NordVPN app

Here, please download for free this NordVPN app which can easily unblock sites. The benefits it provides include a very fast connection thanks to the NordLynx VPN protocol with super tight security and being able to guarantee protection for every user.

CyberGhost VPN App

The fourth application, CyberGhost VPN, looks scary and claims to be able to open restricted sites. There are already 36 million people who use it worldwide. Of course, the benefits are extraordinary, because it can provide fast access to more than 6,000 servers spread across 90 countries.

Isn't that amazing? Do whatever it takes now so you won't worry if the site you're browsing is suddenly banned by related parties.

When you can open restricted sites both with and without the help of sophisticated applications, you have greater freedom to use the internet in the way you choose. But make sure you are careful when using it, so you don't get banned again.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Access Opening Blocked Sites

Of course all of the above actions have their own dangers, especially the pros and cons of each. If you want to open restricted sites, you need to know how to do it with and without an app. So what are the two sides? The full explanation is as follows:

Advantages of Web Proxies

  • It's easy to use because it uses widely available programs like Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.
  • Because proxies mask IP addresses and other personally identifiable information, you can be sure that your data is protected (Hide).

Disadvantages of Web Proxies

  1. The loading procedure on the internet page looks delayed.
  2. When using a web proxy, you can only view one tab at a time or the multi-tab functionality is not available.

That's some information that you can use whatever you choose about how to open prohibited sites with or without the applications we have outlined. Now you don't have to worry anymore if you get banned for an alternative approach.


How to open blocked sites with or without an application is an alternative approach that you need to know. In this article, we'll break down some of the most common methods to bypass app-based restrictions and gain access to restricted sites.

We have discussed how to open blocked sites in the article above, please read it until it's finished, I hope this information can help and make it easier for you.

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