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Rancakmedia.com - Make sure that the best stock applications are official at the OJK before you make an investment or buy shares, let's make sure which stock applications are already at the OJK, see in this article.

Since stocks have advanced at such a fast pace, it has become essential for contemporary people to have access to smart Smartphone gadgets that make online business and stock trading easier. Nevertheless make sure you are on the top OJK stock app to reduce losses.

Application stock itself has indeed been able to drive change and influence the mindset in the current millennial era. In fact, with today's investment potential and the ease of access it provides, it seems that many investors from all over the world have been attracted to this kind of trend.

However, for those of you who are new to the world of stocks, it's only natural to encounter a few problems regarding the best, safe, and reliable stock buying and selling application. The greatest OJK stock application that no longer needs to be questioned in terms of investing or buying and selling own shares because it is under the auspices of OJK will be discussed in this explanation, so make sure you read it carefully!

The Importance of Choosing the Best OJK Stock Application

You can see for yourself that nowadays many people think that the stock market is a suitable place for investment. This is further supported by the ease of activating an account to start investing in shares directly through the stock application.

In the future, each user will only need to download the application on the Play Store from their own smartphone, register and start investing or trading from the amount of money they have. However, it is also necessary to choose an application that meets everyone's requirements and tastes.

Currently, there are many OJK stock applications that are the best, and when viewed from their functions and uses, they certainly have the same goal, it's just that each application has its own advantages, both in terms of features, tools, views, and so on.

So, what are the most important factors to consider when choosing the best stock for your application? Well, please refer to the following explanation.

List of the Best Trusted OJK Stock Applications

The need for careful and precise evaluation to identify the best OJK stock application that you will use as a tool for investing in stocks, because this brings big problems, between profit and loss. The following description will assist you in determining the subtle differences between each application.

In the following, we will review the detailed specifications for each program so that you can use it as a guide in determining which OJK stock application is right for you. Here's the full review.

List of the Best Trusted OJK Stock Applications

The Magic Stock App

The first suggestion for the top OJK stock apps is Ajaib, which is one of the perfect platforms for you to use in investing in companies where trust is no longer a problem. The circulation of this application is official and is under the auspices of the OJK (Financial Services Authority). Apart from that, you only need to get it on the device's Play Store service.

The benefit of this Magic application is that you can create a stock account, so you don't need to make a deposit transaction at the beginning of its use. An added benefit is that the buying and selling of stocks can be done with minimal money and with minimal hassle. The range itself is 0.10 percent for daily transactions under 150 million, and becomes lower as daily transactions are higher.

Seed Application

The seed of one of the stock applications pioneered by PT. Seeds Grow Together which you can use to buy and sell shares in the form of mutual funds. In addition to stock mutual funds, this application also provides offers from various alternative mutual funds, such as the money market, bonds, and others.

Seed's advantages include online application, buying and selling of mutual funds free of charge, investments that can be withdrawn at any time without penalty, and Robo Advisor. So that later you can decide on possible investment routes depending on the income and cash to be allocated.

In addition, this application can also make modifications related to investment allocation depending on the risk profile. The Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) has overseen the security of this application, so you can rest easy knowing it's safe to use.

Bareksa application

The Bareksa platform, one of the first integrated financial markets and investment media in Indonesia, offers its advice for the next best OJK stock application. In addition, the distribution is also guaranteed, because it is under the auspices of the OJK itself.

Through Bareksa you can carry out the process of buying and selling shares in the form of mutual funds, and this application is also one of the distribution partners who have won the trust of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia in the process of selling SBN in retail via virtual or online.

The benefits provided are the same as other stock applications, because you can register online and easily. Then there are also more than 150 mutual fund products, along with more than 50 investment managers, and various transaction methods to make it easy for every user.

Invest in Mutual Funds and SBN through the 13MB Bareksa Online Investment application and developed by Bareksa Investment Portal.

Bareksa application

BIONS Mobile

The second choice for the best OJK stock application is BIONS which stands for BNI Sekuritas Innovative Online Trading Systems. Considering that this application is being processed by BNI Sekuritas, it can be assumed that the name on the file is exactly the same as requested.

Features including Fingerprint Login, Orders that can be held up to 30 days (GTC), research tools, charts, news and price charts with technical analysis indicators are just a few of the many highlights. Interestingly, you can also get real-time access to true news.

There is a deposit limit if you want to register a share account, which is Rp. 1 million, and the fees for each buying and selling transaction are 0.27 percent and 0.17 percent respectively.

BCAS Mobile 2.0

According to reports, BCA Sekuritas has released the largest stock application for an application dubbed BCAS Best Mobile. Investors can take advantage of the app's superior features, such as stock play for technical analysis, smart digital to track stock changes, quick orders for quick buys and sells, and more.

If you want to start a stock account, you must deposit a minimum of IDR 3 million as a deposit. As a result, the cost of buying is 0.18 percent, and the cost of selling is 0.28 percent, when it comes to the cost per transaction in online trading procedures.

Meanwhile, if you use the services of a sales broker, the costs for each transaction are actually much higher, namely a purchase fee of 0.25 percent and a selling fee of 0.35 percent. BCAS MOBILE 2 is the name of the application. The file size is 5.1 MB and the developer is PT BCA Sekuritas.

IPOT application

The next stock application is IPOT which is also a stock platform produced by Indo Premier Sekuritas. The advantage is that any user is not subject to minimum deposit restrictions, so we highly recommend it for beginners who want to try their hand at the stock market or trade with a small fee.

Thus, the fee required for each transaction is 0.29 percent, and the fee for the acquisition of shares is 0.19 percent. Doesn't that make a lot of sense? Not only that, every user can register online without having to go to a branch office. Robo Trading capabilities make this app much more interesting.

In this method, it will automatically execute every order and buy and sell instructions on shares together with a predetermined price, so you don't need to be afraid of missing moments.

Neo HOTS Mobile

The application that we propose next is Neo Hots Mobile which is produced by PT. Mirae Asset Sekuritas Indonesia. There is no need to question this stock application, because it is very popular among traders, especially among Indonesia's millennial generation. The high frequency of transactions on the IDX clearly shows this.

This application is separated into two, namely Neo Hots (Mobile Trading System) which can be accessed via a Smartphone and HOTS (Home Online Trading System) to access PC devices. The advantage that you will get in this application is that buying and selling Mirae shares is allowed to compete, namely 0.15 percent for the purchase fee per transaction and 0.25 percent for the cost of selling each transaction.

It should also be noted that you must first set up a minimum deposit of IDR 10 million before using this application or buying shares from Mirae.

MOST Mobile Mandiri Sekuritas

The second best stock application for OJK is Most Mobile, made by Mandiri Sekuritas or Mandiri Online Stock Trading. So, for those of you who have a Bank Mandiri account, maybe you can consider this stock application properly. The difference with other stock applications is that to use the application, you must first become a client.

There is a minimum deposit available at the beginning of use when creating a stock account book which is classified into student, full service, and general.

Basic room costs around Rp. 2 million for students, Rp. 100 million for full service, and Rp. 5 million for others. However, there is a minimum fee of IDR 5,000 and a commission of 0.28 percent when selling shares and 0.18 percent when buying shares.

MOST Mobile Mandiri Sekuritas

Motion Trade

If you are looking for a long term investment that will bring you great income, consider using Motion Trade. It's important to remember that this app was originally known as MNC Trade New, so the name has evolved to reflect the current state of affairs and the demands of contemporary society.

Motion Trade is a stock app produced by MNC Sekuritas which is actually a subsidiary of the large corporate MNC group. The advantage of this application compared to others is that it can be accessed by all devices via the download link provided. The first deposit is Rp. 100, and each subsequent deposit is subject to a 0.28 percent selling fee and a 0.18 percent buying fee.

POEMS ID – Stocks & Mutual Funds Online

PT Philip Sekuritas Indonesia created the first stock media platform, Poems ID. Then for this securities company, one of the components of a collection of companies originating from Singapore with a well-known name as the Philip Capital Group.

If later you are interested in taking advantage of the stock application, please register first to become a customer. Prospective consumers must make a minimum deposit of Rp. 500 (for the public) or Rp. 100 (for students or students). The fee per transaction is 0.18 percent for purchases and 0.28 percent for sales procedures.

RTI Business

RTI Business is a stock app that's as compelling as any, and investors love it for it. Moreover, this application has been downloaded by as many as 1 million traders from various circles of traders themselves, so I hope you can also take advantage and enjoy all the advantages and interesting features in it.

In addition, the application provides stock information on capital markets, such as financial statistics and charts along with in-depth analysis and real-time price quotes.

In addition, financial reports, cash flow, profitability and income statements all provide data about the performance of the company over the previous five years.

Stockbit – Online Stock Investment

Next for the best OJK stock application, the last one is Stockbit, which we recommend for you novice traders. Since the Play Store app is present on every device, there is no need to wait to take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

There is an Online Community feature that you can use to exchange knowledge and experience with other traders, which is the biggest advantage it has. Moreover, many professional traders do the same by discussing stock advice as well as technical and fundamental research.

through the application. The Touch ID function in this stock application also allows all users to be protected from unwanted items during the transaction process, to provide security guarantees.

So, those are 12 choices of the best OJK stock applications that are proven to bring satisfaction, profit, and are truly responsible. What are you still sitting on your hands about? let's immediately download the application on the respective Play Store and immediately open a savings stock for long-term results.

Seeds from one of the stock applications pioneered by PT. Seeds Grow Together which you can use to buy and sell shares in the form of mutual funds. In addition to stock mutual funds, this application also provides offers from various alternative mutual funds, such as the money market, bonds, and others. The Indonesian Financial Services Authority (OJK) has overseen the security of this application, so you can rest easy knowing it's safe to use.


It has become essential for contemporary people to have access to smart Smartphone gadgets that make doing business online and trading stocks easier.

The application of the biggest OJK shares that no longer need to be questioned in terms of investing or buying and selling own shares has been discussed in the explanation above. You must choose an application that meets everyone's requirements and tastes, see the article above carefully, I hope the information conveyed can be useful.

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