5 Easy and Effective Ways to Screenshot a Samsung HP

5 Easy and Effective Ways to Screenshot a Samsung HP – Samsung's screenshot steps may confuse some people. The screenshot feature on an Android phone is, of course, a pretty important requirement. One of them is for this screenshot feature to show proof of payment when you shop online.

Of course you don't want to bother using other devices to take pictures on your cellphone monitor. The screenshot feature on your cellphone makes it easier for you, so screenshots of your cellphone can be obtained quickly.

How to screenshot Samsung can be done with a combination of buttons to use the motion control feature. Besides that, using a screenshot program is a simple choice. You just have to choose a few steps that are easiest to apply.

Using Combination Keys

The first Samsung screenshot method that you can do is use the combination button. Almost all Samsung phones are provided with a screenshot method using this combination key.

Maybe many already know how to screenshot Samsung in this way, namely using a combination of the Power and Home buttons. Here's how to screenshot Samsung with the combination key:

  1. Make sure that your cellphone is active and unlocked, then open the screen you want to screenshot.
  2. Next, immediately press the Power and Home buttons simultaneously until the screen flashes and you see that you have taken a screenshot.
  3. Automatically, the screen that you want to screenshot has been successfully screenshotted. And to see the screenshot results, all you have to do is open the Gallery.

Using the Motion Control Feature

This Samsung screenshot method can also be done by simply moving your hand over the screen. The method is also easy, first you need to activate the motion control feature first.

This feature will record certain movements on the screen as commands to take screenshots. It's just that to use this feature, you must first activate it. Here's how to screenshot Samsung with the motion control feature:

  1. Please open your smartphone, then open the Settings / Settings menu.
  2. Continue with the Motion and Gesture tabs.
  3. In the Motion and Gesture menu, select or activate 'Palm Swipe To Capture'.
  4. After you activate the Palm Swipe feature. Press the back button and open the screen you want to screenshot.
  5. To take a screenshot, just slide your palm from right to left. A flash and sound will appear as if you were taking a screenshot with the combination button.

This feature is only available for Samsung S9 and S9+, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8+, Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge, Samsung Galaxy Note 5, Samsung Galaxy S6, Samsung Galaxy 5, Samsung Galaxy S4 and Samsung Galaxy S3. Also on the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, Note 3, Note 2 and Galaxy Note as well as several Samsung Galaxy that was produced above 2013.

How to Screenshot Samsung S8 and S9

Currently, there are many new Samsung smartphone models without a front home button, such as the Samsung S8 and S9.

  1. Volume and Power button combination. Open whatever you want to screenshot. Simply press and hold the Power button and Volume (-) button together until the camera shutter sound is heard and the screenshot image is displayed on the screen.
  2. Bixby. This is probably the simplest Samsung S8 and S9 screenshot method. Activate Bixby by saying 'Hey, Bixby' or with the Bixby button. Just command this virtual assistant by saying 'Take a screenshot'.

After taking the screenshot then the next options include Draw, Crop and Share which will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. There is also an option called 'Scroll Capture'. If you don't see this option after taking a screenshot, do the settings first by going to the Settings menu 'Advanced features and enabling Smart Capture'.

Scroll Capture is a very useful feature that allows users to capture screenshots of more than just what is on the screen in a single image. This feature can be used to capture an entire web page or a long list of several application.

Scroll Screenshots Apart from S8 and S9

This feature is not owned by all Samsung cellphones. Most of those who have it are those who have quite high specifications besides the Samsung S8 and S9. For example the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge.

Here's how to screenshot Samsung with Scroll Screenshot:

  1. Enter the Settings menu.
  2. Select Advanced Features.
  3. Turn on Smart Capture. So this long screenshot method on a Samsung smartphone doesn't need the help of an application.

Recommended Android Screenshot Applications

How to screenshot Samsung can also be done using the application. If you want to use additional applications to take screenshots, there are some of the most popular screenshot applications for Android, including:

  1. Screenshot Easy – Quick Capture Free
  2. Super Screenshots
  3. Touchshots
  4. Apowersoft Screenshot
  5. Capture Screenshots
  6. Ultimate Screenshots

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