What is NT, Viral Slang on TikTok

Rancakmedia.com – What are NTs? Lately netizens have been confused about the meaning of the word NT which is viral on TikTok, the slang that many TikTok residents use, here's an explanation for those of you who don't know it.

TikTok is a very popular social media. For young individuals, application is a place where their imaginations can run wild.

Social media is also an application that is constantly updated to spread information about current events and popular culture. Moreover, it serves as a platform for citizen education.

There are so many TikTok users from all walks of life, so cultural exchange is very possible. Netizens may have a hard time deciphering the resulting dialect mess.

What is NT on Tiktok

The word “NT” has now gone viral on Tiktok. TikTok netizens are increasingly using the abbreviation as a new language.

Therefore, it is not surprising that most netizens are looking for the meaning of NT itself. So, on TikTok, what does NT stand for? What's the right way to say this?

What is NT on TikTok

English abbreviated as NT. Meanwhile, if it is translated into Indonesian, it has a good meaning and message.

Indeed, some netizens around the world praised NT. The meaning of NT on Tiktok is also an expression of enthusiasm and expression of feelings for the person you want to reach.

You can use NT on the Tiktok app, especially on content that reveals someone's new battle. The positive meaning of NT can be seen from its (good) name.

If you go back in time, the word “NT” was first used in a mobile game called “Mobile Legend”, which is sometimes shortened to “ML”.

The abbreviation for can be found immediately after launching the game in the game application. Over time, the use of the word NT can also be found in the realm of social media, especially Tiktok.

On Tiktok, the abbreviation NT can only be found in content that includes games, such as Mobile Legend, which is also known as ML.

Although the meaning of NT has been around for a long time, its use has just gone viral on social media, including applications from China recently.

The true meaning of NT in TikTok

Based on the explanation above, the meaning of NT in Tiktok has a beneficial connotation meaning and is incorporated in complements.

When it comes to Tiktok, the meaning of “NT” can be a bit confusing. you're not the only one, of course. As a result, we will explain what NT really means on Tiktok.

NT stands for Nice Try. This abbreviation has a good meaning when translated into Indonesian, namely good luck.

If connected with the explanation above, of course it is quite logical because NT is a word that contains praise and expressions of feelings.

The effect of using NT Meanings on Tiktok

If used effectively, the abbreviation may serve you well. The advantage in question is that you will be judged as a friendly and approachable person by others around you.

As a result, it's no surprise that the word NT was coined by video games. In order for their playmates to see them as friendly and polite, this helps.

In addition, you will be judged by a slang personality and always follow current trends. The reason is, the abbreviation NT has become one of the popular terms among netizens lately.

The use of NT on Tiktok has a different beneficial impact from other Tiktok N terms. Even though the word N before Tiktok was also viral, it had a bad meaning, causing negative things.

Mostly, netizens use NT words to communicate with each other in chats or as messages in emails.

When used in chat messages, the meaning of NT stands for “good try.” So the meaning of NT in slang itself is the same as the meaning of NT in the game world, which is a good experiment.


NT stands for Nice Try. This abbreviation has a good meaning when translated into Indonesian, namely good luck. In the article above we have discussed the meaning of the word NT, not only that we also discussed the effect of using the meaning of NT on TikTok.

Thus the article about What is NT? TikTok Slang, I hope the above article can be useful and helpful for all of you.

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