How to enter WiFi via cellphone with an application without root – Here's a way to still be able to enter the wifi network without the hassle of just using an application, let's look at the information in the following article.

Low quota or weak internet connection might be enough of a problem, especially if you have a lot of online activities to do. For emergency scenarios, many internet users are now looking for methods to sneak into WiFi using their smartphones to receive free internet.

Internet users who want free access to the internet usually use a neighbor's WiFi connection in addition to the free WiFi available in public locations. Those in need application WiFi hacking has many options to choose from.

How to Enter Wifi on an Android Phone Using an Application

There are several WiFi hotspots around your house, but none of them are easy to access. The WiFi is protected by a password which only people who own the WiFi network can access, which is one of the reasons.

How to Enter Wifi on an Android Phone Using an Application

As a solution, there are currently a variety of apps to try for internet users looking for simple and practical techniques to sneak into WiFi with a smartphone. As additional information, below are several applications that can be used to hack WiFi via HP devices.

WPS Connect

The first application that can be used to hack WiFi is WPS Connect. To use this application, you must first root your cellphone. Also, this program can only be used with WiFi routers that support WPS (WiFi Protected Setup).

Pros of WPS Connect

  1. WiFi networks in the nearest environment can be detected accurately with this tool.
  2. Can work well to break into WPS WiFi networks.

Disadvantages of WPS Connect:

  1. Can only be used on rooted phones or other devices.
  2. Currently, WPS networks are rarely used and have been replaced by WPA WiFi Protected Access (WPA) (WPA).

The approach to hacking WiFi with a smartphone with the WPS Connect application is as follows:

  1. If the application has been successfully downloaded, it can be opened or run immediately.
  2. On the application page, click Scan to start scanning.
  3. If the WiFi network has appeared then simply click on the appropriate network.
  4. Next, many alternative pins will appear and please select the PIN as you wish.
  5. If your Android phone is rooted, you can click on the Use Root Method option, but if not, leave it blank.
  6. Click the Try option to monitor passwords on the WiFi network.
  7. If there is a Warning message, please select the Allow option.
  8. Wait a bit for the tracing procedure to complete, generally 10-20 seconds.
  9. Next, the password for the specified WiFi network will be displayed.
  10. For cellphones that have been rooted, the password will appear on the cellphone screen, while those that have not been rooted, the password will not be accessible. However, a compromised WiFi network may still automatically connect to both.

How to Enter WiFi with zANTI

How to hack WiFI with a cell phone can then take advantage of the zANTI application produced by Zimperium. The main use of this application is basically to verify the security of WiFI networks.

Nevertheless, it is often used to crack Wifi passwords. This application also provides very complete functionality and provides detailed WiFi network information.

Unfortunately this application has a somewhat difficult UI because it is specifically for individuals who are already professionals. Other than that, this app is only useful for logging in to low security WiFIs.

How to Login WiFi with Wi-Fi WPS WPA

The WiFI WPS WPA Tester Sangiorgi Sri application can be used to break into WiFi networks using a smartphone. This application was developed to assess the security of the WiFi network from the router used.


  1. Can learn everything about WiFi network security features.
  2. Can find out all the passwords of the WiFi networks that have joined the device.


  1. Currently WPS networks are rarely used and replaced by WPA technology.
  2. If you want to take advantage of any of its capabilities, you will need to root your device and install the BusyBox application.

The way to enter WiFi with a smartphone using this application is quite easy, the procedure is as follows:

  1. After the application has been successfully installed on the HP device, you can launch the application.
  2. Open a WiFi network to see if there is WiFi around you.
  3. Please enter the setting symbol in the form of three dots above.
  4. Press Scan for WiFi and then Check WPA click.
  5. Please be patient while the app tries to find some nearby WiFi hotspots.
  6. The green symbol indicates a WiFi network that can be connected.
  7. Select a network and click Connect auto pin.
  8. Wait for the application to display the WiFi network password you want.

WiFi Map

One approach to hacking WiFi with a smartphone that can be done next is to use the WiFi Map application. This application will be very useful when users are on the go and want free WiFi connectivity.

The way this program actually works is by finding and recognizing open WiFi networks in the vicinity. One of the advantages of this application is that it does not require root on an HP device, making it more practical.

In densely populated areas where there are a large number of open WiFi networks, this software may be quite useful for finding existing WiFi networks. Even so, this application also has drawbacks, namely it cannot be 100 percent effective because it retrieves information from other users.

In addition, to use the WiFI Map application, GPS access is required so that it will greatly drain quota and energy on HP devices.

The WiFi Map app can be used to gain access to WiFi networks by following these steps:

  1. Initially, the application must be downloaded first. If it has been successfully downloaded, you can immediately launch the application.
  2. Please click the I Accept button when you see the Terms of Use option.
  3. If a page explaining the benefits and features of WiFi Map appears, simply press the Next button to continue.
  4. The next step is to activate the GPS capability on the HP device.
  5. The application will automatically search and find accessible WiFI networks around it.
  6. Please swipe the screen up and find the WiFi network you want to target.
  7. Select the Unlock Password option of the WiFi network you want to connect to.
  8. Next, the password from the WiFi will be displayed and please copy and join it to the WiFi network.

How to Enter WiFi with WiFi Analyzer

How to enter a WiFi network using this cellphone might be used to steal WiFi network credentials on the ZTE Indihome modem. Instead of breaking into WiFI networks, you can use this Farproc application.

How to Enter WiFi with WiFi Analyzer

This application has various features, including being able to reveal specifically about WiFi quality such as latency, speed, to traffic capacity. What this app lacks is its battery-consuming GPS usage and poor update frequency.

In order to gain access to a WiFi network, the following procedure must be completed:

  1. First please download Wi-Fi Analyzer application on smartphone devices.
  2. If the application has been successfully installed, the next step is to open the application.
  3. Then press the WiFi name, for example ZTE-e09210, until three alternatives appear
  4. Please select the Copy option.
  5. After that, all you have to do is use the HP device's WiFi network.
  6. Connect to the ZTE-e09210 WiFi network and paste the code you copied earlier.
  7. Then remove the last 4 digits or characters in the code, including the colon (:). (:).
  8. Tap the Connect option to be able to connect to a WiFi network.
  9. The WiFi network will be connected immediately if the procedure is successful.

How to Enter WiFi with WiFi Spoofer

WiFi Spoofer is the next app which can be used to hack Wifi passwords. It is possible to see the quality of the WiFi network in detail using the application created by Saad Alareqi.

This application may not work with all HP devices. Because this application can only be used on rooted mobile devices.

How to Enter WiFi with WiFI Warden

Using the WiFi Warden application might be used as a means to hack WiFi using a smartphone which is considered successful. The accuracy shown to be able to identify WiFi networks makes this Nuconcepts application quite popular.

Because the WiFi Warden application requires rooting, HP devices cannot just take advantage of it. And to be able to take advantage of the application, below are certain procedures that need to be carried out.

  1. First, please download the application first on the Google Play Store via the following link:
  3. The next step is to launch the app if it downloads successfully.
  4. A page with a list of nearby WiFi networks will then appear.
  5. Please select a WiFi network to crack, it is highly recommended to use a WPS network because the success rate is relatively high.
  6. Next, the Enhance Security and Connect menu will appear, please select the Connect option.
  7. However, you can use the Enhance Security option to further secure your chosen WiFi network.
  8. If you have selected the Connect option, then you can select Connect Using Passphrase and Connect Using WPS.
  9. Then please select the Pin Count option.
  10. Later there will be many alternative pins that can be used, please try one by one.
  11. If all goes well, the pin code will appear in the app.
  12. The next step is to directly copy the password code or you can even create a new password by selecting New Password.
  13. You can try another pin if this doesn't work.
  14. Even though it is unlikely, the WiFi network that will be breached has a very high level of protection.

How to Enter WiFi with iOS Using Applications

For iOS cellphone users, there are various applications that can be used to hack WiFi, including the following:

How to Enter WiFi with iOS Using Applications

iWep Pro application

WiFi network passwords can be cracked using this application without the need to jailbreak your iPhone. Here are some steps that need to be done:

  1. First, please download the application and install it on your iPhone.
  2. Turn on WiFi signal and Location.
  3. Please launch the app and scan for accessible WiFi networks.
  4. Select the desired hotspot network, and the app will start the password cracking procedure.
  5. If successful, it will be displayed.
  6. The password to your WiFi network is displayed on the iPhone screen.
  7. Just connect to the destination WiFi and free internet can be accessed.

Aircrack-ng app

This app can be used on jailbroken iPhone devices. This application is often used to break into WiFi because it is considered very effective and able to penetrate WiFi security in a short time.

WiFi Audit Pro

This app for hacking WiFi can be used on iOS 7 devices and is very successful for hacking WiFi that has not been set up or is still using the default password. To get a free internet connection, here's how you can do it:

  1. On getting started, simply download the app to your iPhone and then install it.
  2. If you can immediately open and activate iOS WiFi.
  3. Select the Scan option and the app will automatically track nearby WiFi hotspots.
  4. This application will also display information about WiFi networks such as MAC, IP Address and location.
  5. Next, open the Kygen drop-down menu.
  6. Then select the appropriate WiFi network.
  7. The password will be cracked successfully in a few seconds.

Install Bradge WiFi Password

This application might be an option for hacking Wifi when the internet quota is running out. With a very large network, this app only supports iOS 9 or above devices. So make sure the iPhone gadget you have is suitable.

How to enter WiFi without an application

To make it more practical, besides the methods described above, WiFi access can also be done without using an application. To gain access to a WiFi network, such as, the steps listed below must be followed.

  1. Connect to Network
    To get started, simply join the network on your mobile device and click Connect. Then you can select the Change Network Configuration option.
  2. Setting IP Address
    If so, an IP address such as will be displayed. The IP address can be adjusted to, then Save.
  3. Login Modem Settings Page
    The next step is to log into Google Chrome and enter the IP address, then log in. If yes, please enter your login and password by entering ADMIN and USER password.
  4. Know Password
    To identify the appropriate WiFi username and password, open the Settings menu or Settings and then enter WiFi Networks. Specify an SSID name and SSID passphrase that you will remember.

If all goes well, users will not need the app to remember their mobile device's WiFi login credentials.

How to enter WiFi without an application

How to enter a WiFi network using a smartphone is considered very practical because it can reach the required WiFi and get free internet access. Even so, you should use it wisely and only as needed. Asking Wifi owner permission is definitely preferable.


WiFi is protected by a password which can only be accessed by people who own the WiFi network. There are several applications that can be used to hack WiFi via HP devices.

To use WPS Connect, you must first root your phone. How to hack WiFI with a cell phone can then take advantage of the zANTI application produced by Zimperium. The main use of this application is basically to verify the security of WiFI networks.

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